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  1. @@Kanicus make sure u feel disgusted by this loss, eat ur vomit for breakfast & make sure you understand for ur next prep that runescape isnt a joke or should be taken for a joke. Do better & eat ur crisps
  2. How does it feel dedicating ur life to a fanboy page with a bunch of overgrown losers who cant seem to get off a justin beiber game? Also how does it feel knowing you have to TAKE ACTION & BAN people on a 3rd party fanboy forums page? u have a meeting on teamspeak to JUSTIFY if a FANBOY FORUMS BAN was the appropriate action lma0
  3. Will @don crawl back to the doors of cd? We'll find out on the next episode of dragonballz
  4. U must have runescape on ur mind 24/7 to make brown sticky stuff topics all the time
  5. Imagine taking orders from a potato masher male
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