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    pure clans app

    whats done is done dude. i already showed you the messages, you'll get whats yours no worries
  2. ZULU Warrior

    pure clans app

    sometimes you gotta hit the fuck it button and test their honesty. i just hope i shed some light on dishonest people
  3. ZULU Warrior

    pure clans app

    haha when did i make my user for sharkbrew though? I was use to purewarfare. i'm dumb but i'm not retarded.
  4. ZULU Warrior

    pure clans app

    haha we all gotta make our idiot choices at some point. I'm just better at doing them on games
  5. ZULU Warrior

    pure clans app

    The pure community has its good and bad of the community, i just wanted to expose something that recently happened to me attempting to join Supremacy. i first attempted to join supremacy back june i was active in the site but had no intentions on joining a clan until i trained more. in October making a comeback into rs and clanning i made my app and the ranks were quick to invite me to their weekend trip. when I showed up, while we were massing i was kicked from from the clan chat and I was upset as i could of been doing something else for the day. asked why? there was no answer. I told them im going to hop off of runescape for while and to please delete my app. fast forward to november I became active again ran into Alkerr at the Ge and he asked me to come mid week pk with them, i came and enjoyed it. i remade my app and tried to show up to another weekend trip i made it 30mins in before being kicked again and my app got declined. i asked Alkerr why i was declined he said "i'll get back to you" never did I just thought it might of been my app was wrong so i made a more detailed app. while i was mid week pking with sup one day my app got declined banned from ts and banned from the site. "message Clear" I wasn't welcome. at this point Fatality would of been the next clan i would join i was still in contact with a couple people from Sup as i had made some new friends i thought. when I told Edgi (chainmace) I was planning on joining FI he told me he would help me get into SUP of course im going to change my mind and try to join again like a fool. he told me the rest of the ranks were suspicious of me and if i could prove im not a spy. chainmace told me to go to the bank and send a pic of my net worth after i sent him this pic he told me if i would trust trade him because this is a way of proving i wasn't a spy at first i was hesitant and eventually just went through with the trade because i've known him for a couple weeks (not long enough) and thought he was a trusted rank. he told me to go train and he would talk to me after. at this point i had a feeling my money was gone for good.. I messaged the ranks of Supremacy for 2 days asking for answers as to why. The main rank (Alkerr) refused to respond to me, other ranks helped a little but otherwise didn't really care and sent me to another rank. pretty much just sending me in circles never getting an answer and definitely not getting my bank at. I'm frustrated with myself for going back to Sup thinking they would let me in and trading my whole bank just to join a clan. As well frustrated with the ranks of SUP for Allowing this event, and (Edgi) Chainmace for doing this. but we all have to have our humbling moments.. trust can be you're biggest downfall. I was attempting to get back into the pure clan scene since pre eoc, but got scammed in return. I hope someone who is reading this and is looking for a clan does not do the same thing I did..
  6. just sad bringing mains though
  7. ZULU Warrior

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment? (ans) the fall of Clanning is that there is not enough preps or full out wars anymore. no clans working together its more or less claning trying to close one another... What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem? (ans) Promotionals to pure clanning, more full outs, big pure events, best pure clan full outs once a year like the superbowl. more preps and more unity within the community How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for? (ans) vote on events, work together to promote pure warfare and pure clanning.
  8. ZULU Warrior

    cwa GMT vs EST pure event

    this would be badass
  9. I would have to say 20 def era with summoning monsters and dungenering items
  10. ZULU Warrior

    Jon Jones knockouts Cormier {hype sh!t}

    Jones is just a Monster TBH
  11. ZULU Warrior


    Sad thing to see pure clanning dead. but the community seems a little bigger than what it was when osrs first came out.
  12. ZULU Warrior


    What is your real life name? Jordan What are your hobbies? Picking up girls at starbucks is my main hobby Do A little investing irl been in it for 3 years. surfing, havn't really been able to surf for awhile tied up with work and picking up girls from starbucks golfing, probably one of my favorite things to do. What is your RuneScape history? been playing since i was 8 years old im now 22 years old wtf, dont judge me. quit for a couple years after eoc came out. I tried to make a comeback on osrs but got tired of making new accounts so i quit again... couple friends from work got me back into this damn game. i can already feel my outside life being taken away by runescape and now that rs mobile is coming out i think i might get back into it! i've been a pure from the time i started rs. its just something about this community i really like. first clan i was ever in. MG massing in the center of the GE until we pulled up on anyone in the wildy. moved to EOP i think i was with them for a year or so. till i got hacked made a new account and went to NME loved this community it had good leadership and strong people. Once NME closed I went to FI until eoc came out. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? right now i want to get my cashpile up and then start working on my combat stats and passive skills. I think im going to stay to myself until i feel i have enough time for a clan I dont want to burden anyone with inactivity. I like a strong clan that knows how to fight together and work good with eachother. so if i do join that is what i'll be looking for. What clan are you in? nope Anything else: I'm Glad to have stepped foot inside the SharkBrew i went to purewarfare site but last recent post i saw was in 2013. How is the pure community doing in osrs?