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  1. Its never been looking good for jaja
  2. Another day in a "rivalry" with jaja another day full of uncontested loot/action. Easy for Sv
  3. Looks like another ballista trip and losing topic. You know the topics fake when jaja says "quality over quantity" you guys suck lol
  4. Another win for Sv another loss for jaja, things are looking bad over at jaja headquarters
  5. I would hate to be jaja

  6. Video not cutting out; check Ending picture in the same world; check This is what a real topic looks like dumb ass @Joy
  7. l0l0l0l0l0 why does the video end what happened to Rot showing up and Sv teleing out? l0l jaja loses again
  8. Don't see any pictures Rot showed up.. the video cuts out too. Looks like jaja loses onces again hahahaha
  9. Nah having no ending picture at all, or hopping worlds to take "ending" is worse, both of which you have showcased in your last two topics 😂😂😂😂😂
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