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  1. You the F2P king fellow steamer. Don't forget it.
  2. Chicago

    C0ld World Pure NH Vid 8.5

    Sara brew cold strikes again
  3. Apex on my chest suuuuu wooooooo big dick clan y’all niggas swimming with sharks fuck you thought it was
  4. Chicago

    Eruption of Pures vs Apex [3-0]

    Imagine EOP really hyped over 1 mini. Big yikes
  5. Ty 4 prep IR lads was a riot
  6. Chicago

    clan wars Apex vs IR | F2P Prep 36v36 | 3-0

    Apex in the cut that's a scary sight
  7. Chicago

    27/11/2018 Saturday Rankings

    Yikes apex smoked eop... this is fake news
  8. Thanks EOP! We had a lot of fun! #APEXcuh

  9. Y’all 1 ticked me rd 3 before pray was up and before we sat 1 more... yikes but ty for fight
  10. Chicago

    clan wars Apex vs FOE | P2P PREP 32v32 | 2-1

    Good work my ninjas