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  1. yikes OP and FS... what happen today? yikes yikes yikes

    1. NiggV


      op got carroted LOL

  2. On a real note, you gotta/know your brown sticky stuff if you wear the capes of the supposedly clan you reopen to just close them but wear their capes? Idfk what's in fearlose rank team heads. 

    Outburst always wins

  3. Lmao. Fearlose takes so many Ls  I forgot the last time they won a matched fite. Lost down 7. Gets clear match and even loses a prep. Yikes man. Fearlose get your brown sticky stuff together

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    2. M00


      haha u mad xd. don't need a mic to kill ur clan buddy

    3. Pker4life


      Lmao. @M00 Yeah hide that scratchy girly voice of yours. Yikes. And the only thing your killing is your ded clan

    4. M00


      dam I got u triggered ez :~P plz calm down b4 ur blood pressure raise 2 high. 37yrs old and getting worked up over rs is not good for health brodar

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  4. Scary clans today but thanks for the action ya tomatoes 

  5. Yikes, eop resorting to mains 100+ with one itemers nice return fight lmfao nothing new there. apexwinsagain. 


    Btw fs ded nice multi logging in lmfao

    1. Moun
    2. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      60 on ts vs your 30 man pull and one of the first to end? Yikes..


  6. See you noobs tomorrow bring your A game. 


    Outburst baby

  7. All bullbrown sticky stuff aside, ty 4 action clans. See you 5pm est today

  8. Lmao. Fearless aka fearlose did ft50 with ascent lmfaooooo ded clan

    1. `Prod


      You look obsessed bro , take a breather bud 

    2. DilL



  9. Damnnn. Someone in SB please rescue fearlose. They're flatlining so dead smh. Lmao mass poke eom ts but didn't have enough to pull yikes. 2 days in row ded clan

    1. King Kinse

      King Kinse

      yeah u definitely logged/ended with 17 as we sat waiting in multi for any clan to hit us lmao yikes go play with ur kids

    2. Fudog


      You have some really dumb leaks tbh

    3. exzrts


      @Fudog no you are not dumb stop it!

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  10. want some casual active XLPC clan? want to 2 clan server pk?


    great community, events all week, active pking! 

    1. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      What is "2 clan server pking?"

      I didn't know you could player kill a server.

    2. Pauna


      Broken already

  11. ouch, op ended when OB came out... oh well thanks Doom for pkri 

  12. lmfaoooooo OB ended Fearlose, Ended with 12. nice pull tomatos.

    1. spy4hire


      where is your sunday topic?

  13. My name says it all ^^easy

    1. spy4hire


      you gonna go back to pop when it re-opens lol

    2. Pauna


      Just for me to close them again

    3. Lankz


      While you’re trying hard to close op, fs is closing u lmfao

  14. Smh OP. You're losing the CD rivalry 

    1. Brutal


      How about you focus on your own rivalry? You’re losing

    2. Lankz


      1 hour ago, Brutal said:

      How about you focus on your own rivalry? You’re losing

      He already knows he’s lost, inb4 he leaves ob and joins CD

  15. www.outburst-rs.com


    4 a way out.

    active midweeks, active weekends, great community. join today

  16. Yikes, someone rescue fearlose. Their so ded.

    1. loud


      looking forward for outburst topic! 

    2. King Kinse

      King Kinse

      how are u 30 and still mixing up your their/they're lmfao

    3. Kunoo


      2 hours ago, King Kinse said:

      how are u 30 and still mixing up your their/they're lmfao


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  17. good action yahhhh 

    1. Fs Blood

      Fs Blood

      looks like u didn't have action for a long long time ..that u call getting cleared in a cluster action

  18. Outburst has beat every clan once in preps. Even fs. Doom can you do it with all this hype? I bet your scared to prep fs

    1. Mercy


      You also asked me to come in ts and ask me to starve fs now you’re telling me to prep them because you lost to us twice? Chill bro

    2. Indi


      Woah is the doomburst romance coming to an end?

    3. N uts ack

      N uts ack

      LOL pipe down loser

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  19. Www.outburst-rs.com 


    1# matched xlpc. Join today 

  20. Just dropping by to tell you guys that CD is winning VS OP

    OB is winning VS FS

    tyvm have a good day :) 

    www.outburst-rs.com  for a great clan <3

    1. Lankz


      And your kids will be winning when doxs comes n takes them lmfao

  21. Just dropping by to say OP is legit dogbrown sticky stuff.


    Www.outburst-rs.com 4 a way out. App open for ded clans.

  22. Gl doom tomorrow. You'll going to need it LMAO

  23. @Public Relations Pig fs ded like yo love life virgin boy

    1. Moun


      You are crying about irl and post like this?


      lmfao go feed your kids 30 year old reject.

    2. Fudog


      alex baby is crying

    3. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      Man, pkeru is ez trigger.

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