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  1. gf fi, was very close
  2. Ham

    The End

  3. Ham

    Legacy vs Supremacy F2P Mini [2-1]

    f2p is a shit server and its for losers lol...
  4. Ham

    cwa MASSIVE 50v50+ BEST OF 200 WAR, WOW!!!

  5. kyle didnt get admin? wtf is this biasbrew
  6. Ham

    GMT/(Fuhlex) re-intro

    welcome to the brew check out Supremacy if ur looking for a clan, tonnes of rd guys in there :D
  7. cp, doom, ub, dmk, lowriders, mf, eop, stfu
  8. hello youtube this is just a quick guide on how to display country flags for each individual on teamspeak as an icon so first things first I'll just show you how teamspeak looks on default so this is the number one pure clans teamspeak and as you can see you can't see any flags in the icons now if you want to know where someone's from you basically have to click on their name so for instance let's take 3at for example, obviously he's from the United States ok so now I'm just going to quickly show you how to display these country flags so first things first what you want to do is you want to click on settings at the top here then click on options then click on design and then scoot over to where it says display country flag on clients and you want to just tick that box you want to press apply and ok and now if we just look through the teamspeak you can see that all these flags have appeared on the right hand side here so there you have it there's my quick guide and I hope you'd enjoyed it I hope it helps if you're looking to join the number 1 runescape pure clan look to the description there's a link there our runescape clan chat is supremacy space RS I look forward to seeing you