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  1. White Page


    Sick Fight! ! Ty for the action EOP !
  2. MISFITS VS EOP 30 MIN RETURN FIGHT AT CA [AFTERMATH] Misfits and EOP talked to each other and managed to coordinate a 30 minute fight at CA. So the hive massed up 35 bee's to fight! The fight went head to head but was dominated by Misfits for the most of it. Thank-you EOP for the Action! We hope to do more of these fights in the future! @Oi_VC White Page POV (Black bars cuz rendering fked)
  3. White Page

    midweek Misfits Vs Hydra 2x pkri

    Gf! Ty for the fights Hydra
  4. White Page

    GG WaR - former WaR officer

    You guys got what you deserved. Shoulda piped down. We warned you. Get Fucked
  5. White Page

    Misfits VS Fatality 12VS12 2-0

    Ez for bee gang ! !
  6. Ez for Bee Gang @Elve Get smoked retard
  7. White Page

    weekend 90 MISFITS IN THE WILD | 30 war IN CLAN WARS

    @Havoc @WaR Bromlello Take notes dogs , or ull end up closing like FI. Piped up to the wrong clan
  8. White Page

    Penguins Vs Misfits 15v15 P2P Miniwar 2-0 In Sets

    Wasn't able to attend, but gf penguins!
  9. White Page

    Misfits 2-1 Fatality In sets 9 vs 9

    Misfits 2-1 Fatality in sets 9 versus 9 Setup a 9 vs 9 Mini VS Fatality. Both sides came out strong, but misfits in the end took the W. Thanks Fatality for the Mini. We hope to do more in the future! @White Page @BackWoodsL @Danrics
  10. OOF @Havoc Big Yikes better sort that out lmfaooooooooooooo
  11. Yes they did , have you checked out their losing topic? looks like a 12 yr old made it