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  1. ev killer

    midweek Purge Vs DT - Ft Salty DT Audio

    didnt realize you can have heavy ballistas and black dhide at 1 def
  2. ev killer

    Vendetta Loc?

    l0000000000l this clan vendetta trash on both servers
  3. ev killer

    Envy loc?

    damn vendetta just got smoked lmfao
  4. ev killer

    Envy loc?

    vendetta is shook cant mass during their peak time?
  5. ev killer

    Envy loc?

    god damn @Fat Boy im pking waiting for yall to mass
  6. ev killer

    Envy loc?

    loc? where you at we been pking
  7. ev killer

    Who wins this "rivalry"

    l0000000l control pker is closing your clan now
  8. ev killer

    Who wins this "rivalry"

    you only have 1 time zone in your clan awkward
  9. ev killer

    Who wins this "rivalry"

    lmfao you can have fun in revs after 11pm est we pk 10 hours a day and yall refuse to mass up our time. also who gets bullied on sundays? i didnt see vendetta fight us once all weekend without 2 clans crashing at same time
  10. ev killer

    Need help finding something....

    @Lankzwhy you kicking members with soo much dirt on your clan lmfao. rookie move.
  11. lmfao vendetta pulled 28 today they werent even on the radar
  12. im sorry but how do 2 clans have the exact same topic title and not say they teaming lmfao
  13. l0l do you watch your own vids before you post them. you posted yourself getting smoked at ports
  14. ev killer

    Hey @Vendetta

    l00000l fs is tight they only pulled 12 mains and got smoked by envy
  15. l000000000000l constant bullying when yall closing vendetta?