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  1. Maqix

    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    I need clan history for common rs knowledge? wut? By the way 3 brews = 1 restore. No one made me fam, outclass you in every way.
  2. Maqix

    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    Marcsaw PK? More like Marcsaw Pked. Should know how to PK before actually trying to lead.
  3. Maqix

    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    50M? Try 15M (which was your bank, but properly my money for my services) cause you clean yourself each day from staking, and use your crack money to feed your addiction. Then once you've run out of drug money, you run to members in the community for a loan in return sets, but really you staked all that. So, realistically I took my 15M from what you owed me for doing all your quests then whatever other money you end up getting should be for the 10+ members you got loans from which is equal to 400m+. But hey, all you've done is lie to everyone and kept everyone in the dark. Retard. LOL Also, shit wasn't friendly far before that. Again, retard.
  4. Maqix

    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    Do me a favor @Massing don't act like shit was friendly LOL take down that second image cause you're some other type of stupid. Everyone listed on there that isn't Ryan or yourself left you guys and that's why this posts exists. Still a snake. Agreed.
  5. Squashed like the bugs they are. Ez.
  6. Good action, guys. Was fun indeed.
  7. Maqix

    weekend "We Are Ruthless" P2P Sunday

    Hell of a day, good shit boys.
  8. Maqix

    Who won today?

    "EnVy" needed 30 Hydra and 10 Pixel whoever to even pull the same amount as every other clan, and dismiss it like they wasn't wearing different hats.. Vendetta dicked 'em down good.
  9. Delusional envy members, your alliance members: Your leader also got 1 banged before any action came about. You also kept avoiding constantly when asking for a war 50v60. But okay.
  10. Good looks guys, good shit on your guys' trips man.
  11. You obviously didn't see their summary for Sunday then, lol... Delusional.
  12. Probably because you tried attacking 2 different clans? are you delusional?