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  1. Land Of Timber

    cwa Immortal 3-0's Power Hunters in a prep

    IMT the last xlpc standing, the scene was too easy.
  2. I don't think anybody cares dude l000l you take this too seriously
  3. Feels good being #1 Doesn't matter if it's 1v2 1v3 1v5 etc IMT will always come out on top in the long run.
  4. Land Of Timber

    To all the brainwashed IMT members looking for some hope...

    Operation sodapop = your clan closed LOL @Scims
  5. Land Of Timber

    The real reason why Divine Closed..

    LOL if you actually think you'll be relevant in lpc.. all your members will hate their lives being lead by such retarded leadership LOL. If you can't compete in xlpc what makes you think you'll compete in lpc. Suck the ring reject.
  6. 659d819e63d5f045671b4dab330c6203.png

    3-0 cotm btw

    reply if mad

  7. Land Of Timber

    To all the brainwashed IMT members looking for some hope...

    Why is divinity trying so hard.. it's just cringe at this point. 3-0 Cotm btw
  8. Cotm btw.. try not to pull 30 with a 5 clan merger next time, divinity's closure coming soon.
  9. This is a terrible attempt at propaganda man... you pulled 20 less than IMT and 30 less than Rage, who do you think you're fooling LOL.
  10. Land Of Timber

    Looking To Join An xLPC Clan

    IMT 100%
  11. Pretty clear to see IMT is easily the most knowledgeable/dominant clan in wildy.. all these other clans are obsessed with IMT for a reason.