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  1. Land Of Timber

    weekend Immortal steamrolls NRG & their tanks

    You hate to see clans resort to scummy tactics and still lose!! Do better nrg! IMT #1
  2. Land Of Timber

    PVP Return fight Vs Imt

    Why did nrg have so many 1 itemers and mains? Looks like imt demoralized you into scummy tactics
  3. Looks like IMT smoked some divinity kush puff puff
  4. Seemed like a walk in the park for IMT. Must feel bad being divinity on a 2 loss streak yikes
  5. They say only the greatest clans get teamed on. Feels good being #1
  6. Looks like it's IMT vs the world Feels good being #1
  7. Land Of Timber

    Immortal obliterates Divine in F2P Clan Wars (3-0)

    Sounds like you got the imt dick bro
  8. Land Of Timber

    Immortal obliterates Divine in F2P Clan Wars (3-0)

    Divine loses whenever there's no nrg confirmed?
  9. Land Of Timber

    weekend Energy a "Walk In The Park" Sunday

    Looks like u were sniping IMT from single all day? What kinda trip is that?
  10. Land Of Timber


    IMT vs rng+Divine puff puff feels good being #1
  11. IMT vs RNG+Divine puff puff Feels good being #1 #IMT
  12. Land Of Timber

    weekend [IMT] Immortal Sunday Domination - Ft. Energy

    Yo puff puff rng maybe next time #IMT