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  1. Imagine joining a cc, making an intro on forums and pretending you're relevant atall. get back in your box.
  2. i mean.. to sound "shook" would mean to sound scared. what part of me sounds scared? back in your hole.
  3. what you on about vet? i was a member rank. id been back in cd a week. "ty for members" note- They were all your members- they left you to make LAST STAND-LS to attempt to close purge. Bitcoins joined CD , Blake turned up twice. 22:19]Bitco1ns: naaa mate blake wont leak, and blake doesnt like ace at all [22:19]Bitco1ns:remo is such a rat, thinks i can be sold out like that [22:20]Bitco1ns:you can tell him i dont sell anyone out, he might...but i defo won't mate [22:20]Bitco1ns:what a lizard, he's going down in expectations...first going back to purge now trying to slander people 21:21]AstrooXP: Remo Rejoins purge after making a new clan to close purge l [21:22]LS LS LS: so sad 😛 [21:22]LS LS LS: unbelivebel[21:22] LS LS LS:hating on ace[21:22]LS LS LS:all day[21:22]LS LS LS: for a month[2122]LS LS LS: then kissing his ass 20:04]AstrooXP:LS Remo has been seen today pking with purge lmfaooooooooooooo 20:05]LS LS LS:lol??????,, [20:05]LS LS LS:you joking? [21:07]AstrooXP:nope not atall [21:07]AstrooXP:he was legit pking with ace lmfaooooo [21:09]LS LS LS:woooooooow [21:09]LS LS LS:thats so fukd up lol 21:09]LS LS LS:gone al my respect for remo 21:09]LS LS LS:what a cunt loooooool [21:09]LS LS LS:i need a name change asap lmao You mean these members? the ones that dont even like you?
  4. well done mate. just wanted to pk with my mates ... should of knew your just a bellend. what ever gets your kicks..
  5. https://gyazo.com/ea7c522d55e12d1768b47c9b9214f889
  6. lmfaoooooooooo £10, are times really that hard?
  7. Imagine 20 seconds into the audio leak your caller says " theirs to many T7s" Get SQUASHED.. Nice video, shame you had to put music over it to cover your Teamspeak Audio. 3-0 everytime. You attempted a Pkri, you got pushed into the Single to multi line scared to leave singles. LS Burnt you CD Burried you
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