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  1. Best Wilderness Clan: (rage, foe) Best Cwa Clan: (apex, outrage) Best overall clan: (apex, rage) Most active clan: (apex, rage) Most favorite clan rivalry: (apex/foe, ir/sup) Most improved clan: (rage, sup) Most honorable clan: (apex, og) Most likely to use mains in 2020: (rs, clan2) Most likely to cancel weekend events in 2020: (sup, ub) Upcoming clan of 2020: (apex, rage) ----- Individual awards Best F2P Caller: (nox, tyen) Best P2P Caller: (nox, jamz) Biggest one bang: (erase, wizzyg) Best leader: (nox, nerdy) Worse leader: (jamz, titans) Funniest Sharkbrew member: (person1, person2) Sharkbrew member with the worse banter: (person1, person2) Most hated Sharkbrew mod: (crygun, person2) Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: (moni, slush)
  2. they pulled low but it was still a week notice scheduled prep so :shrug: ty for fight boyz
  3. why did you switch to ancient staff wat happened to ur toxic lol
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