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  1. We went out to revs on monday night (EST), was immediately greeted by Hydra with about 15-20, so we massed up, and told each other worlds to meet, and fought Hydra 3-4 times at the caves. One fight was crashed by Purge, which were swiftly cleared! Purge later returned with less ops and were cleared again. Supremacy logged into us with about 5-10 while we were holding down a world, and were dispatched quickly. We later on scouted Foe out with 10-15, and decided to go fight them (we had around 18-20), and managed to clear them from the caves! io was out all night with 20-30 and didn't run into anyone that could stop us from bullying pvmers! Here's the aftermath video!
  2. We had massed up for a typical thursday pk trip, we got offered a PKRI from a midweek rev team "DPS" We took a little bit to gear up due to client issues, and DPS canceled the PKRI as we tele'd out to fally SF Scout was there so we prepared and SF logged into us, to get cleared for a solid 30 minutes Halfway through the fight, "DPS" showed up to 1item rag/claw spec us all Regardless, here's the aftermath vid:
  3. mouse never stops moving damn
  4. clans should more commonly accept cwars fights in pkri gear. that way teleing out wouldnt be an option, and it keeps sunday wars safe from crashers having the ability to tele out
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