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  1. still waiting on OG prep record lemme know
  2. io won a prep in each server Whats OG prep record? Exodus won a prep also once again, og prep record?
  3. AFTER we all already left? During the time you got "special guested" in exo disc Your clan will never achieve anything and my 2 shitshow attempts at leading a clan have achieved more than you ever will know your place trash
  4. Today was a good day to be Exodus pulling just under 50 for our scheduled event with Zenith, Foe and Apex! Had some fun backwards and forwards fights all over GDZ, only had to catch a couple quick regroups (in the same world). Had some solid returns and kept the fight going for quite a while before Zenith dipped due to multiple main clans showing up We also decided to call it a day and headed home~ GF's Zenith + Foe + Apex ty for action~ Clan POV:
  5. Today was a good day to be Exodus pulling just over 60 to a midweek in EST timezone! Zenith matched our pull as we were massing and hit us up for some action so we headed up to the wilderness~ Had some fights at revs to start off, logging in as they were in NW cubby at caves. Dragged north east, took the fight into drag pit, and got a nice gwas on some members trying to rotate east of drag pit! The fight was going strong before a Med clan came in from the west and crashed the fight. We dipped quickly and caught a regroup We proceeded to try again, fighting at rev caves, fight once again ended up in drag pit, with the Med clan showing up ONCE AGAIN. We tried fighting for a bit, but Zenith weren't returning and we ended up getting wiped by the meds. We decided to set up a 50v50+ PKRI at CA Pretty much a repeat of rev caves fights, solid 2-3 mins of action before meds came rushing in! GF's Zenith ty for action Clan POV:
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