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  1. It's elve using the account to flame. he's retarded just ignore
  2. Went out for a random rev trip, pulling 35 Wolves, peaking at 37 Cleared Resistance on our first tele up (huge coincidence), then found Onslaught and LY. Set up a couple of cluster PKRI's with RS and LY, with Zenith crashing the second PKRI GF's everyone 🙂 Fun friendly action~ Aftermath Video Timestamps for those that aren't gonna watch the whole thing: 0:00-1:22 (Rev clears on RS, OG, SF) 1:23-end (PKRI fally followed by PKRI Al Kharid Vs LY + RS)
  3. Zenith started calling themselves "Mountain Climbers" in their topics so this was created [email protected] Risenfor creating this masterpiece
  4. Went back out again to Sunday P2P and pulled 50, later peaking at 55 Camped SF the entire trip, and had a fun little scrap with Sup/OG Aftermath Videos
  5. L000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000l
  6. Went back out again to Sunday P2P as we hadn't gone in a while and pulled 68 nice and early, peaking at 70 Puppers during the trip Had fun fights with all clans and everyone managed to keep it friendly as possible also! (except SF camping me with meds) Managed to get 3x gwas on SF that was "camping" us. Before winning a 3-0 prep on them also~ GFs to FOE + Zenith + BP + OG + DC + LY + Sup weeb clan too strong Aftermath Video
  7. After gwassing SF multiple times in wildy (Vid soon), we offered them a prep (we would sit to their opts) to see if they could redeem themselves First round: False start by SF, they forfeited and rechall'd Second Round: Starting 32, ending 17 Third round: Starting 32, ending 12 Flame aside, TY SF for finally accepting a fight~ Video: Shoutout to me barraging in chaps btw
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