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  1. IO Midweek Aftermath Saw some Ex-IO members were piping up to us, so we called a mass, and pulled a consistent 30+ wolves to come take out the trash Went to caves and evicted UB swiftly, with their new lv60 and lv70 recruits. Found a fight DC and Rage were having in caves, (both with around 20) and decided to show up for some fun. GF Rage good to see more EST trips from them! Aftermath Video:
  2. Best Wilderness Clan: (Rage, Foe) Best Cwa Clan: (Apex, Foe) Best overall clan: (Rage, Foe) Most active clan: (DC, IO) Most favorite clan rivalry: (DC vs IO, RS vs FI) Most improved clan: (DC, OG) Most honorable clan: (OG, Hydra) Most likely to use mains in 2020: (Rage, LY) Most likely to cancel weekend events in 2020: (SF, UB) Most likely to be an edgeville clan in 2020: (SF, LY) Upcoming clan of 2020: (OG, BP) ----- Individual awards Best F2P Caller: (Tyen, Nawe) Best P2P Caller: (Nox, Whoever calls for rage) Biggest one bang: (h88, fopper) Best leader: (Anyone but control pker) Worst leader: (Control pker, Control pker) Funniest Sharkbrew member: (Brother cole, flower) Sharkbrew member with the worse banter: (lalo, ha own3d) Most hated Sharkbrew mod: (dill, kye) Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: (dill, flower)
  3. UwU vs Apex If you like miniwars and hentai, pm @H88
  4. cxntrxl

    UwU vs UB

    UwU vs UB (POV by Fopper) If you like miniwars and hentai, pm @H88
  5. if you want a non toxic clan add Control#6787 on discord~
  6. io gonna pull 70 midweek to revs and meme the scene

  7. IO went back out today on the last p2p sunday of 2019. Massed 55 wolves in voice, peaking at 57! Went out to fight BP, had a good start of a fight and got crashed quickly. A lot of our guys were new so we missed a couple hits, but found RW + FOE at GDZ, and had a little fight there. Found a cluster in w92 Bandit camp, had fights with BP, UB, RS, OG, and FI Here's the Aftermath pics/vid:
  8. We heard in CC DC was out at Revs with about 15 Quickly massed up a solid 25 to go look for them, ended up finding FI which were handled with quickly, as they only had about 10... Continued massing up to a total of 45 in voice! *was busy moving channels into separate and forgot to screenshot at the 45 mark* Heard DC and RS were fighting in caves, showed up, and swiftly cleared both. DC got upset there was a Zerk in our 45 man mass, so they proceeded to bring 15 meds/mains to hit us in caves. We offered them a PKRI at fally, which SF attempted (badly) to crash. Fight went on for about 30-45mins full of solid returns by all 3 clans at the fight (credit given where credit is due) IO was last team standing in Fally and had 33 on cape counter when everyone had ended! Aftermath Vid: Pics: (FI being swiftly handled at caves) (33 on cape counter after SF/DC stopped coming back) io soon coming to a weekend near you~
  9. cxntrxl

    invite only UwU

    ty for support uwu will rise
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