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Found 21 results

  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday September 20th; Fatality massed up 136 pure elites to once again battle against Zenith unfortunately Zenith would mass up their clan today to just get outsmarted by us and shown just how scared of a clan they are to fight us cleanly 1 versus 1. Zenith would spend all of today attempting to get us to fight them at GDZ where all of their mains could hit us but we would not follow, we spread at fog where we fought Zenith last sunday mind you, but this time they would not come. Since Zenith would refuse to come and fight us we spent the day killing their allies Apex whenever they stepped foot into the wilderness as well as hitting other clusters. Seeing as Zenith did not want to partake in any pure vs pure action and fight us at fog, we decided to go hit other clans that were fighting in the wilderness. We first off hit a fight between Legacy, Blunt purez, and Apex at boneyard and cleared that up. Heard there was action going on at corp this time round so we once again rushed it and caught Supremacy at the tele spot killing them, and then proceeded to move north and clear up the Blunt Purez left and then Special Forces who attempted to hit us. After our clear at CA, Zenith thought it was a wise idea to send their 30 meds to hit us before they would log in. We pulled sw of CA and caught freezes on all of the mains that would run inside us trying to kill us. With Zenith petrified of rushing us with their pures we had an easy time clearing up the mains that were sent to hit us. After we killed their mains Zenith chose to end their trip without having any action. After we ended our rivals we chose to tele back up into the wilderness to feast on more of the fights. We hit corp where we went and cleared up a cluster between Legacy, Special Forces, Blunt Purez, and Apex.
  2. INFO: CC = BP Pub BP#1219 on discord to become a part of our gmt walhalla Sunday September 20th; Blunt Purez massed up 65 strong vikings to bully Special Forces for the 2nd week in a row. After them piping up last week and completely getting demoralized, we were hoping they came out stronger this week. Unfortunate they were hiding the whole trip untill the last fight where they called 30 mains to help them at GDZ. Broken already after one week... k9k To all the other pure clans, thank you for clean action ! Fights Seeing as Special Forces were still massing at GE trying pull 35, we decided to hit a fight between Terror and Onslaught at bandits. We rushed from the east quickly cleaned the whole map. Then we setup a fight with legacy at boneyard. They called 10 AAO pures to distract us at the beginning and quickly hit us after. Both sides still pretty even 45v45, Fatality came and we both tellied out. One hour into trip Special Forces finally hit 38 in game and had the courage to enter OUR wilderness. They setup a fight with Terror at sperm and we quickly tellied up to CA and took a sprint to hunt them down. I don't think I've ever seen pures teleport that fast from a beatdown. Luckly Terror stayed being outnumbered (respect) and fought back. After Terror being almost cleared Zenith crashed and we dipped. For our 4th fight we setup a clean war vs Apex at boneyard. Being up 15 we took a fast lead and after a few minutes Special Forces tried to crash it doing 0 damage. Fatality came right after and everyone dipped. For out last fight at the end of the trip Special Forces finally had the balls to fight us. We already knew it wasn't going to be a clean fight. First they tried to lure us while Fatality was waiting on us and then they tried to bait us at GDZ pretending they were fighting mains. Unlike Special Forces we aren't scared being outnumbered and we logged on top of them hunting them down from the west side of GDZ all the way to new gate while being attacked by 30 mains. At one point the mains were killing our stragglers and Special Retards had all the time to regroup. We took the fight from new gate all the way to the north side of Rev caves still being under fire by mains and Special Forces. They were not able to fully clear us and we quickly took the lead back again dropping purple capes like flies. At one point, still being under attack by mains, both clans moved to singles where the fight ended up in a NH war. Already being in their timezone we still managed to push them all the way to lvl 8 where our strong NHER's were not able to attack them anymore. Thank you Special Forces once again..
  3. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After a successful opening F2p trip, we massed up and peaked at ~41 Wolves for our first official P2p Sunday. We got a lot better action than expected, as we were consistently in multi fighting throughout the entire length of the trip. During the hour and a half, we were able to get some action against just about every clan in the community. Thank you everyone for the clean action. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Onslaught On our first fight of the afternoon, we set up a fight vs OG as we defended east of bandits. As they rushed, we caught some big clumps right off the bat and continuously hit them before getting crashed us from our east side. Solid way to start off the trip and get our fingers warm. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Special Forces / Onslaught The next hit, we paid a visit to SF as they were teleporting into bandits. We gwas'd them for a bit before getting rushed by OG from the west. Pulling north to avoid the 1 v 2, this became a good cluster, as we switched off between both clans and came out on top before a couple more clans crashed the fight. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Legacy / Apex / Blunt Purez / Onslaught Hearing about a cluster at boneyard, we quickly made our up there and attacked anything we saw. We first hit LY, then BP and Apex before FI came in. We tele'd out satisfied with the damage we've done in a short span of time. We then rushed OG southeast of Corp hill and got some good piles off the start. After going up a decent amount on the cape counter, the fight was hit by the likes of BP, LY, and SF. We held our ground momentarily, but then decided to dip and get ready for our next hit. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Supremacy / Special Forces Rushing the end of a Supremacy fight just north of ghost hut, we quickly cleared them off the map before SF came and focused us. Always on our toes, we were ready and struck them south and got some very quick kills. They decided to leave after a couple clans crashed, so we took the victory and did the same. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Apex / Final Ownage Elite Logging in east of CA trees, we started off by hitting Apex before Foe quickly rushed us from the north side. We exchanged kills with both clans before dipping to avoid the sandwich. We got back up there and got some good kills on a variety of clans before getting ready for our last hit of the day. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Special Forces / Onslaught The last fight of the day started with us logging into SF and OG east of bandits. Catching SF off-guard, we cleared them up and then made our way over to OG. After we went up by some opts, SF teleported back in after a regroup to ignite a brief cluster before Zenith hit the fight. We got out of there ending the trip on a high note. Once again, huge shoutout to all the clans involved for this action-packed Sunday. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Videos ✯ WHIP ✯ ✯ DREAMZ ✯ PM 'Lord Ex#4485' or 'Elmo Tickles#4325' if you would like to set up an event with Terror! ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
  4. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan. Yesterday the pure community watched a 15 year old clan whom pulled 140+ end after 1 fight against Mother Zenith and logout. Despite the wishes of Fatality Leadership Jamz choose to ignore his fellow ranks and end his clans trip after 45 minutes, While being walked to singles by Zenith. Fatality's Leadership channel exploded after the trip with several ranks severely upset in Jamz choices this past week (Doxing Zenith Members & Lying about his sister). After a motivational talk by Anime Pokemon Couck however, Fatality was once again ready to be slaughtered by Zenith. Zenith on the other hand had a extremely successful F2P Saturday, Taking turns clearing both of our rivals at the same time resulting in Legacy's trip being the "worst in months" as explained by Elite Member Zero. We were completely ready for P2P Sunday knowing that Legacy is scared of us in P2P and Fatality is several levels below us we were excited for the first time in 4 Months we would have some competition. We massed up 100 Zenith Members eventually peaking at 120 Mountain Men to hold our throne as the #1 P2P & F2P Wilderness Clan. We waited for Fatality to spread in the wilderness, They decided to sit at edge and spam with +20. We teleported to GDZ and defended east and waited for our rivals. We waited for over 30+ minutes at GDZ for them to muster up enough meat-shields to feel comfortable fighting us past level 7 wilderness. Fatality cordinated with alliance clans as we snooped in on their joint conversation. The plan was to have Rage & Legacy fight while Fatality AC'd. Once Legacy teleported out we ran south from GDZ and rushed boneyard to hit fatality. Jamz screamed to pull south and teleport to edge, Our ts3 exploded and we cleared up the stragglers and teleported to edgeville and laughed at them. We watched our rivals be scared as fuck and avoid us at any costs, We heard Blunt Pures, Supremacy, Onslaught were all in a pvp world. We took the opportunity to hit everyone and make them blame Fatality. We started barraging north of sperm and instantly banged out everyone who was there. We cleared everything up and pushed back southwest. We found Hydra and some others south and started barraging through them. We cleared everyone up and teleported to edgeville while fatality sat at FOG. We heard Rage logged in west of chaos altar, We decided to log in on top of them and barraged through them while they tried to run southwest. We cleared them up and than went northeast on Onslaught who rushed. Than west on Blunt Pures who rushed. We cleared up both clans and waited for Hydra to rush once they rushed we pushed them far northwest and cleared them up. Legacy tried to rush us after all the clans were cleared and got completely blown up north of CA. We caught sam running into us and gwas his entire clan. We cleared them up and teleported to edgeville to laugh at them.
  5. NaN got word that Zenith nonces would be attempting to pk in the wilderness. Shortly after, NaN also got notified that Apex would be hosting a main weekend trip. Knowing that Apex mains would not last long, NaN quickly disposed of them and ended their trip with ease. After ending Apex's main trip and seeing them hide at ditch, NaN decided to target Zenith nonces.
  6. Today Onslaught set out into the land of own with a peak of 50 helmet wearing retards, ready to unleash ultimate own upon our foe's. As the newly opened Terror had similar opts to us, the majority of our action today included them with a special feature of SF randomly suiciding their clan into us at times. Pixel Started off the day fighting terror east of bandits and put in work until BP crashed with more than us. Once Terror teleported out, so did we. Heard Terror was fighting SF, decided to join in. Immediately erased SF from the map and then switched targets to Terror. SF would attempt at least three times to regroup and re-rush only to be choke slammed back into edgeville bank. This went on until Apex logged in and we all dipped. Set up another fight against Terror, started off strong and kept control of the fight until the entire community logged in at east graves prompting us to teleport out and leave them dissatisfied. Logged into hit a cluster, found Hydra. We rolled them over and dipped when Zenith rushed. Logged into a cluster and began laying the smackdown on BP. SF tried their luck for the 5th time this trip and were immediately put in a box, spared only by Zenith logging in and giving them an excuse to teleport out. SF attempted to redeem themselves after the last 6 beatdowns they got. To keep things short, this was just more of the same resulting in many camelot tabs breaking until Zenith logged in.
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, September 19th, 2020; Fatality massed up 140 pure elites to once again battle against Zenith and their alliance once more on this Saturday. After a while of waiting Zenith finally grew the sack to rush us at hills hut. Unfortunately their member quality is so bad it didn't matter what outside forces tried to help them today, as we solely focused on killing every Zenith pure that was in game, and we did just that. We bullied the fuck out of their pures forcing them to AFK by the masses in edge and ferox. You cannot hang with us Zenith, Accept the fullout, your wildy fullouts aren't working for you either. Shoutout to the 100 abdullahs today, what is gone may never be forgotten, mashallah. ~ Tyen ~ ~ Schweden ~ ~ Tanqe ~ ~ skeez ~ To start the day off we once again fought Zenith this time at Hills hut. Even though we would be down due to Supremacy as well as tons of mains aiding them we were not afraid. We would push Zenith multiple times north of the gap of Hills hut. No matter how many accounts they afk on it will not help you. We would then chase them all the way from hills hut to sperm, to then pushing their remaining 40 pures and declining to then run to CA. While we were 100 pures strong ingame, we just moved back to sperm and hopped out with our dub. Fatality Starting: 120 Pures Zenith Starting: 110 Pures Fatality Ending: 100 Pures Zenith Ending: 65 Pures
  8. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After 5 months of dominating the xLPC scene, we decided that it was time to step up to the big leagues. A few weeks into doing unofficial events, we thought it was time for our first official F2p Saturday. On our opening trip we peaked at ~50 Wolves , ready for whatever action that comes our way. Overall, really proud of our guys for putting in the work in training their accounts from level 60s in such a short span of time. This marks the first of many official trips for the Wolves, and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow in P2p. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Rage & Apex We started off the day hitting the first fight that occurred in multi. We found Rage and Apex exchanging blows around CA, with both of them pulling south when we initially rushed. We picked off the stragglers from each clan until we eventually made our way down to just north of ditch. All 3 clans exchanged kills as we attacked whoever we could at low level wildy. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Apex Feigning for some better action, we decided to pull it north of fog and Apex pursued with mostly pures. We quickly dropped their numbers and reduced them to just 16 pures in-game as we pushed them towards CA. They were able to get some quick returns and bring it back momentarily as we continued the fight North of CA. After we went up by some opts, Apex pulled north for a bit to catch a quick regroup and re-rushed us east of CA trees. We quickly went up by 20 in-game and pushed them west and dipped when a bunch of mains appeared. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Apex ft. Rage & Mains We found Apex on top of 18 ports and rushed them 47 v 41 . We quickly dropped 6-7 of them while maintaining 45+ the entire time before a plethora of mains rushed us at corp hill. Pulling the fight south, Rage rushed as well and we all tussled east of watchtower briefly until we decided to call it and successfully concluded our first official trip. Thanks for the fights Apex and Rage. Videos ✯ PINOYZ ✯ ✯ VINNY ✯ (first fight POV) PM 'Lord Ex#4485' or 'Elmo Tickles#4325' if you would like to set up an event with Terror! ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
  9. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan. https://zenith-rs.com/community/ One week ago Zenith exploded Fatality on back to back weekend trips, Breaking them in a 6 Hour P2P Uncapped Fight. Fatality's Leadership mainly Warlord Jamz AKA Ease has taken it upon himself to lie about his sisters irl being leaked by a Zenith Rank for hype in his clan. He's instead resulted to leaking irls of several zenith members later apologizing once the damage was done. Mother Zenith was not pleased, Despite Fatality's pitiful attempts to shame our clan and our community we have risen above the NH tactics displayed by Fatality. However due to Jamz shameful decisions to lie and leak irls for hype in the 5th clan he's called home, This is war. Mother Zenith sounded the alarm on the morning of September 9th 2020 to summon 105 Certified Fatality Slaughters and later peaked at 110+ Zenith Mountain Men for the third consecutive week of Fatality being demolished in the wilderness. Mother Zenith would like to congratulate Critical Damage on their reunion trip and dicking FI all day long lmfao. 115 Zenith vs 130 Fatality + 80 Legacy + 50 Mains. We waited for our rivals for over 40 minutes in chaos alter waiting for them to coordinate with the #Anti-Zenith Alliance. Legacy Leadership contemplated hopping into Fatality's cape so they could complete with Mother Zenith. Fatality with 20 more than us in game would not move past level 10 wilderness. We spammed them and laughed at them and Jamz was completely silent on teamspeak, Not saying more than "great pull" "all fi to fog". Eventually after 40+ Minutes of waiting for a clan with +20 to rush us, We rushed them at hillz hut and the fight started. Fatality rushed us with their mains and had 50+ in game at one point. This didn't matter. We started demolishing through Fatality and sent them running around like rats. Legacy joined in to aid their alliance clan and started directly teaming with Fatality. We took turns smoking through Fatality & Legacy with we pushed both of them around hills hut. After fighting for about 30 minutes Fatality decided to give up and logged out on top of Spem Hill. After getting the first spams LEGASHIT decided to show up realised they fucked up as they got walked ditch soon after. We demoralized Fatality + LEGASHIT which resulted in them ending after sitting in Ferox for 15 more minutes. ZENITH ON TOP BABY - Uploading - - Uploading -
  10. Who? CD vs FI What? F2P Fullout When? 19 Sept. 2020 02:00 PM, EST Where? CA/Corp/GDZ. You pick location Why? You’re all idiots and god hates you especially @Tyendinaga This is a non negotiable offer, I have given you the 5 W’s.
  11. INFO: CC = BP Pub BP#1219 on discord to become a part of our gmt walhalla On this beautiful sunday we went out unofficial with 40+ Hungry Vikings later peaking at 44! On this trip we clashed a few times against Special Forces and Onslaught both clans matched our pulls so we tussled at Fog, GDZ and CA. Despite their effort we let SF look like the Special Faggots clan, OG tried too but our Big Dicky was too tough for both clans. TY4 funding our VIKINGS Float Faggots Fight 1 We set up a fight versus Onslaught Gamers at Fog, we attacked, in 40 seconds we took em out convincingly, following by the clan world crashing the fight. GF! Fight 2 Again we set up against the Onslaught gamers, this time at CA. Even though they were down a few ops they put up a good fight. After we cleared OG, SF crashed the fight while alot of us were low on supply. SF tried really hard but we catched them in huge clumps (2:02) resulting in wiping them off the map. GF! Fight 3 We flew to annakarl to take create a cluster with FI and Z, after some back and forth we managed to take huge control at gloryhill were we fought Rage, SF and Apex. We mainly focused on the south side were we after 5 minutes took the upperhand and send the 1 def clan to singles. EAZY for our strong vikings Fight 4 We had word that OG and Apex were tussling at west of GDZ, we joined in on the fun. LY joined too and it went from west of GDZ to gloryhill where Apex and LY went thru New Gate but not without getting in massive clumps (6:15). Few minutes later OG rushed us from the west, Us defending the high ground they stood no chance, even though they were even on cape counter they ran back to GDZ. Fight 5 This time we defended west of GDZ were SF rushed us for a clean 1v1. This fight went on with heavy returning for both sides. After we showed SF all naughty spots of GDZ we fully cleared them. VIDEOS: @JensPOV @MalluPOV Gallery:
  12. Massed up 43 for our official P2P Sunday Had some great fights against BP/OG Loot: Clan Chat: SF RS Uniform: Team 10 and pink hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw Intrested in joining? We do not allow sharkbrew recruits, only fresh blood.
  13. │ September 12th, 2020: Apex massed up 40 Buff Sharks for another action packed Saturday PK trip. We decided to start off our trip with a PKRI vs Supremacy. The fight started with almost even opts. However, after a short period of time, we were able to take a decisive lead. As swords were clashing and arrows were flying, we got word that Fatality was sending a horde of mains to crash. Reacting quickly, we positioned ourselves to intercept the Fatality 20 mains. Caught off guard by our superior chess moves, the Fatality main unit got outmaneuvered and outsmarted. A complete slaughter then proceeded the next few minutes. 20 Fatality victims dived in and 20 Fatality victims died. Very unfortunate! To return the favor, we crashed Fatality fight vs Zenith at CA. Over the course of 1 hour, we farmed over 1000 Fatality/Rage victims. I would say it was hard to be humble but it wasn't. It was very easy. As things started calming down at Chaos Altar, we had an untouched fight with Supremacy. Again, we were able to take a pretty dominant lead throughout the fight. Supremacy did well returning and put up a good fight! After this fight was over, we decided to visit the alliance of Fatality/Rage as they were 1v2ing Zenith at 26 Hill. In the matter of 10 minutes, Apex got over 100 victim kills. I really dont know what they were doing. Their cape counter dropped to 20. And then to 0 on 26 Hill. And with that Apex walked away with their victory.
  14. │ │ Sunday September 13th, 2020: Today we headed out with 51 Godkings for our P2P Saturday Trip. We started off the day by hitting a fight between Supremacy and Blunt Purez at Fog. We took over the fight with little to no resistance, and then started targeting mains inside of us wearing our capes, and Fatality capes. After completely purging our minimap of white dots, we headed out with the W. Up next we went and sandwiched Fatality at Gap, dropping them to a mere 20 in game. They were trapped between Apex and Zenith in a 20-man box. After deleting Fatality, we headed back towards GDZ and fought Rage. They had a lot of mains in their capes, but we persevered. In a mere 20 minutes, after walking them back and forth from GDZ to New Gate, we finally cleared them. After handling Rage, we went and pulled a 300iq move on Legacy by New Gate. We switched worlds, went north of New Gate, and hopped back in. In the process, we caught Legacy in a massive 30-man box at the gate. We then pushed on top of them, and cleared them off the map. Afterwords we went and sat Boneyard, with a high-IQ plan in action. After intentionally baiting the enemies, the mains we were expecting to see logged in. A 15-man main snipe-team wearing Apex capes logged in on top of us, and we smoked them instantly. This was a distraction so Rage could rush, but we have eyes everywhere and we knew their plan. As soon as Rage rushed, they realized they were outnumbered. They knew it was a fight they had started, but could not finish. Even though Rage called mains to hit us before rushing, they still got perfected and outsmarted. We told them at Edge Bank that we were more than happy to meet them GDZ, but they declined as expected. To end our fantastic trip, we had a clean 1v1 vs. Legacy at Corp Hill. We started the fight down 15, and at first Legacy took a big lead. At one point, we were down 48-17. We never fucking break, and we returned fast and hard. Slowly but surely we evened out the capes in game, and eventually we took the lead. After a little farm sesh, Zenith crashed and the fight came to an end. Thanks for 30m+ worth of donations @Fatality, and Grats Apex!
  15. Most Active - Best Community - https://zenith-rs.com/community/ Yesterday the Pure Community stood witness to the beginning of the end for Fatality, Fatality's Leadership has began to use the same tactics our previous rivals have ending with the same results. Fake Hype Topics, Using Mains, Teaming with Alliance Clans. None of these tactics have worked before and none of them will begin to work against Zenith. Mother Zenith called all Members and for 3 hours Zenith deleted Fatality from the F2P Wilderness while #Anti-Zenith tried to aid the fallen Legacy Clan. Today we knew there was not a force on Runescape that would stop us, After Pulling 130 Zenith Members to F2P and Perfecting Fatality 3-0 in our F2P Wilderness Full-out. There was never a chance for Fatality to do anything, The minute Sunday rolled around they were completely fucked. We massed up 120 Zenith Members and peaked at 135 Zenith Mountain Men to once again destroy the Pure Community and send Fatality back into another 6 Year Slump. 130 Zenith vs 110 Fatality + 70 Rage + 80 Legacy + 30 Mains. [1-0] We waited for 25 Minutes for Fatality to come out into the wilderness, They hid from us and would move every time we came close. We waited for them at GDZ and eventually rushed them from the north while they were at black knights fortress. We started instantly barraging through Fatality and smoking through them. We pushed them far northeast to GAP. Once at GAP we started barraging through them as we caught them in a massive barrage clump at GAP. We cleared them up and ran east and went north to GDZ and hit Fatalitys return squad from the east and started pushing them northwest towards the gate. We caught them in more massive clumps and started clearing them up. Rage & Apex & Supremacy & Legacy all joined in the fight however this didn't phase us, We stayed on Fatality and pushed them all around GDZ. Rage would be the first clan to 2V1 us with Fatality, We cleared them up northeast of GDZ and than turned around back on Fatality. We pushed Fatality all around the wilderness for the next 20 minutes before Legacy regrouped and came to hit us from the north. We quickly turned on them and started smoking through them and within minutes cleared them up. We pushed Fatality far west on top of Spider Hill and than fully west into singles. Once they were at singles we pulled east with 100 Zenith Members and laughed at Fatality and logged out as the Kings of P2P. First Clan In, Last Clan Out. [2-0] We hopped to Fatality's world at Edge as they regrouped and lost 30 people after our first fight. We waited for them to go multi but of course they sat in singles. We waited for them spread at FOG and eventually they came from the east. Within seconds FI got in massive clumps around the lava and started getting blown up. Rage and Final Ownage Elites crashed but this didnt phase us. We stayed on Fatality and cleared them up north. Fatality teleported out and we cleared up FOE who was hitting us from the south near the teleport spot. We cleared them up than focused north on Rage. We started blowing up Rage and cleared them up. We spread at FOG and laughed at Fatality who vanished as quickly as it took them to come out. Kings of CA. Legends of P2P. [3-0] We hopped to Fatality's world and they would run from us when we started rushing them. We decided to let 5 of us teleport to CA so we could GWAS them from both sides. We baited them and they fell for it. We caught them in massive clumps north of CA and started GWASing the fuck out of them. As we learned yesterday Fatality's plan was to always have a clan on standby. Rage and Legacy both rushed us while we dominated Fatality at CA. We pushed FI far east and started clearing them up and pushing them north to corp once at corp we started focusing Legacy and cleared them up. We than turned around on Fatality and started barraging through them at pond. We pushed them back south and started clearing them up from there on. Fatality tried every tactic in Jamz playbook. 1. Use mains. (Didn't work) 2. Mass Returns (Didn't work) 3. Calling Clans (Didn't work). For the next 30 minutes we farmed Fatality as Jamz would awkwardly call movements while Fatality members would complain on teamspeak. Fatality dropped to no items, and 30 returning after 1 hour of fighting. Someone even resorted to mass ddosing our teamspeak and members, We never broke. After awhile it was only FI Leadership + Rage Leadership + Legacy Leadership + FOE Leadership in Fatality's Cape mass teleporting up. At the 4 hour mark every pure clan left Fatality, It was only Zenith vs Fatality inside Chaos Altar. We started farming through them and barraging them mass returning after they got blown up. We spammed them and flamed and farmed them. We continued to barrage the fuck out of them and continued to clear them inside CA. Jamz isn't built for this.... neither is Fatality....If the pure community knows one thing its that Jamz hype is temporary, He has cancelled,left,closed every time when the going got tough. Today the going went tough, After 4 hours he broke and stopped returning on his pure. Just like every other clan Jamz has been apart of he brought his loser weak mentality on Fatality. After 5 Hours Fatality had 10 Returners left. From 110 their biggest pull in over 7 years and within 5 Hours there was only 10 Fatality returners (Jamz Era BTW). We fully cleared Fatality X10. We waited after clearing them and they didn't come back up we caught a spam and teleported to Edgeville ending with 100 Zenith. - Uploading -
  16. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday September 13th; Fatality massed up peaking at 126 Pure Elites ready to completely overtake the P2P wilderness today, and we did just that. We had an amazing GDZ return fight where we walked Zenith all over the upper part of the wilderness pushing them all the way from GDZ to Rune Rocks, eventually forcing them to logout where they tried to claim some sort of win (https://i.imgur.com/zqrB8hI.png) LMFAO, had a disgusting clear on them at Fog, and then went on to dominate them at CA all the way until it went into a NS war which we ended up breaking them and their several allies in. Even with the aid of Supremacy, Apex, and all those fucking mains in your cape could not save you today Zenith and to even top it all off, when it became an NS you were still the first to break. You can continue to beg and beg more people to try and come in your cape to aid you against us, but you will never be able to match our mentality. You will also break to us, you pathetic victim of a clan. How disgraceful must it be to pull the highest and then have to beg other clans to come in your cape to try to compete against us. MOST GLORIOUS POV ~ SPEAK THE FUCK UP ZENITH LOC ON YOUR VIDEO? [13:46] Ease: im still waiting [13:46] Ease: https://i.imgur.com/GsWSJyK.png [13:46] Ease: is this gna be it [13:46] Ease: ? [13:46] Ease: l0l [13:46] cookies: Prob gunna be uploaded later today Shoutouts: I'd like to give a huge shoutout to both of our pure clanning victims - Apex & Supremacy. From before we got into this rivalry, I would like to thank both of your clans, because you are the reason we are here right now, challenging for #1. Had you not teamed on us every single weekend after KG. The mentality this clan has wouldn't have been this strong without the 1v2's we dealt with so convincingly that it had forced you BOTH to go from pulling 70's to barely being able to pull 30's and 40's to trip. Now please, continue to hide behind Zenith. Everyone in the scene has acknowledged what we did to you and you yourselves know that there is no way back into being able to fight us with your cape ever again. I'd like to also give a shout out to the following pure clans: Apex, Supremacy & Final Ownage. We forced all three of your clans to stop wearing your own team capes, the team capes you use in order to distnguish yourselves from the rest of the pure community. In all my years I have never seen anything this shameless. SHOUT OUT TO BLUNT FUCKING PUREZ ALSO!!! I get it @K2P, you are distraught that the following members left your clan for Fi: Chief Ar u there Giggs Samz Shugs Safe Brian mikki Collin Niels Tamer Dozuk But to downright help a clan who made an attempt to close your clan (alongside Revenant) is disgraceful. 13 FOE members strong with Zenith. Respect to the ones who didn't participate in such a thing. Disgusting. For the first fight of the day we were finally able to get Zenith to fight us somewhere that wasnt CA. We were spread by spiders when they chose to rush us from the north. We were quick to start our wrap and start to throttle them. As we were making quick work of them here, Supremacy logged in behind us to start a sandwich: North west of this area Zenith also co-ordinated a sandwich with Apex: Shameless. We did this to you. When are you both closing/merging into Z? The fight would then pull north onto GDZ where we would continue to catch Zenith is fat clumps and showing just how dominant we are with moving around GDZ. No matter where Zenith ran off to we would chase and kill them like the dogs they are. They would start to run all the way west north of mossies, where we would continue to slaughter them. The Supremacy in their cape pulled south to single, while the actual Zenith members dispersed like rats and scattered trying to get quick logouts. For our second massacre of the day we got Zenith to rush us again except this time at fog in a pvp world. Right off the bat it was the start of a slaughter. We wrapped around them and just destroyed every Zenith member that was in sight. They would attempt to run north but it was to no avail as we would clear them off the map and force the remaining to quickly teleport out. Last but not least came the fight at chaos altar vs Zenith . We started this off by catching them in a big ol clump at CA tele spot. We then proceeded to murder them the entire duration of the fight, whether it be on top of CA, 18 ports, Corp hill, inside CA. Even with the aid of Apex trying to hit us from behind, and Zenith having a disgusting amount of mains, it never once made us waver in destroying this clan in a return fight here. Eventually the fight would turn into a NS where the likes of Apex, Supremacy, Fo, Mains, and many others put on Zenith capes in an attempt to outlast us at Chaos altar, which they of course could not do either. Zenith would be the first to break once again before us.
  17. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today September 13th, Legacy massed up for our weekly Sunday P2P Pk Trip and dominated each fight with a force. Peaked at around ~ 75 ingame and took control of all our fights throughout the wilderness starting around boneyard, and working out way up to GDZ. Huge shoutout to the core of Legacy dominating all our clusters today. Latino
  18. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Today the mighty Bears started the trip with 58 later peaking at: Once again the pull were pretty dissimilar compared to other clans, but that wont stop the bears from fighting any clan (including mains). We started our trip by setting up a fight vs Legacy at boneyard, despite being down 10 we quickly managed to dominate the fight and within 5 minutes we were up 20. Foe decided to crash the fight but they ended up teleing out as soon as they noticed Legacy teled out and they were left in a cage with Rage, their last option was to tele out from the fight and leaving rage with a very convincing victory. After a quick regroup we received intel that Apex was hiding at Greater demons trying to snipe returners. Tl;dr , we fucked them and stole a few +1s Soon after fully beating up Apex and friends, we heard a new team called 'Elite zerks' decided to pay us a visit. Despite their poor attempts at trying to fight Rage. We really appreciate EZ having the balls to even attempt to fight us, you guys did better than Apex i must admit. Better luck next time! After EZ and Apex were nowhere, we were getting bored and decided to crash Zenith vs Fatality at CA. Surprisingly EZ finally finished spraying their fake tan and came to CA aswell to get cleared again.. Heres a clip of their leader.. Unfortunately Anti-Rage didn't get the ending results they wanted, but we really appreciate the efforts! Thanks to all the Bears that showed up, our Saturday trips are always action packed and this is reflected in our constant 15 min povs.
  19. Hello pure world I’m here on behalf of your favorite legacy clan; fatality. their ranks forgot their aftermath, most of you know what happened so I’ll keep it short. fatality massed up 100 gamers after a rough Saturday trip in hopes to make up for the embarrassing F2p trip. although it took Fi an extra 30 mins to mass they were able to finally step into the wilderness. The beginning of the trip was not looking so bright for the green clan getting fully cleared multiple times by a big mountain clan. The trip started to look bright after foe ly and rage ended and decided to put on fi capes to help their favorite legacy clan. the remaining 6 hours fatality directed the pure community to teleport into certain death until the mountain drained every return set the legacy clan could afford. @Tyendinagathis topic was on the house, next week it’s gonna cost ya bucko.
  20. Imagine losing a return fight then going back to the fight location to take a picture and the only capes on the ground are your own LMFAO Esp when the fight looked like this how do you coordinate with 3 clans and still lose so badly? and spamming "most independent clan" when the minimap looks like that LMFAO
  21. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan Zenith Members for the past 4 weeks have felt disappointed, Disappointed that our previous rivals Legashit couldn't muster up anything to fight back against us for months. Fast forward to the beginning of the Final Ownage Elite's Rivalry, Zenith figured a 15 Year Legacy clan would supply good clean competition. The exact opposite is reality however, Legacy & Final Ownage Elites have held hands the past midweeks & weekends consistently for more than 2 weeks now. We have risen to the occasion and overcome every obstacle in our way, Dominating both clans for the previous month forcing FOE's Leadership to crumble further. Today, For the second consecutive weekend we massed up as the Number One Pure Clan in oldschool runescape. We massed up 90 Member's and peaked at over 95 Zenith Reapers for our First F2P Trip of September. We approached Rage for a fight and rushed them at corp. We started pushing rage north and eventually west, We continued to apply the pressure and started pushing them to boneyard. Once at boneyard we heard Fatality was coming late to crash. We positioned north of Rage and once FI came followed Rage into singles and thanked them for the fight. We heard Legashit was fighting Apex at bandits, We quickly came from the south and ran past Apex and started bashing in the heads of LY members. Supremacy with 15ish uncapped were scattered around so we hit them as well. We heard Rage was logging in northwest so we quickly got on top of them and started pushing them south. We caught amazing binds and continued to push rage south and then finally west all the way into singles. Fatality rushed us while we were defending Chaos Altar. Anyone who knows Zenith knows we will never lose a fight at CA. We instantly got aggressive on Fatality and within minutes were completing laps in the Fatality Daytona 500. We chased them all around CA and surrounding areas, We caught binds and snares on everything in a green cape and eventually pushed them to CA and finally west into Ferrox. Supremacy & Apex eventually started fighting and We fully cleared Fatality up in game and walked to Ferrox. Fatality logged in on us at corp hill with even opts, We instantly dropped scims and started taking advantage in game. We started pushing them to CA and than east to ghost hut, Than to sperm, Than Fatality had a mass return group at GDZ. We started fighting back after they got a full regroup after only having 20 in game. We started pulling south and Fatality ran northeast into singles. Once in singles they decided to log while Rage rushed us. We turned around on Rage and pushed them far west. We caught a fall in and congratulated FI on #2. We heard Rage was logging in north of us, So we waited for them south and turned around at CA and started fighting back. Legashit rushed us and we instantly turned around on them and pushed them into singles. Once LY was gone we turned around on Rage and pushed them to corp hill. Once on corp hill we started cycling back and forth and started clearing them up. Final Ownage Elites logged in north and we turned around on them and quickly sent them into singles. We pushed back on Rage and cleared them up west, Once they were cleared up we followed them to Ferrox and ended our trip.
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