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Found 53 results

  1. Massed up 19 gorillas to keep fucking BP, we found there small group of 5 at gdz cleared them and then ended there hired main clans trip. You really paid 500m for 2 Sundays for this main team?? At this rate its cheaper to pay for off!
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday November 22nd; Fatality massed up for P2P Sunday, peaking 120 Pure Elites. As we routinely do, we would spend our trip bullying the Anti-Fatality alliance while sending Pigeons on a marathon all throughout the wilderness. On the off chance they stuck around, they would get fully cleared off the map in devastating fashion. Class is in session Fo, take notes. ~ Fatality vs Cluster ft. Legacy / Rage / Terror ~ Setting out, our first action would commence at bone yard where a little cluster was going on. We would rush in and quickly clear out the majority of the fight, dipping shortly after as we turned our attention to our low tier rivals for a bully session. ~ Fatality vs final ownage ~ After 400iq'ng FO, we proceeded to chase them all over the runescape map, over and over again until they ended their trip. They event went as far as hitting our Warlord offline to try gain some momentum as they thought our leadership was inexperienced, but in the end the result was nothing short of failure for them. Gf, better luck again this week. @Tanqe @Stella @Auz @JustinF
  3. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord An even poorer trip for the dead mountaineers zenith that continued on from yesterdays trip on this unrelenting gruelling affliction that the Spartans just keep giving the lowest point non stop. After yesterdays horror trip from zenith we massed up 105 Spartans and raised hell in the wilderness today as clans tried to team on us but heavily backlashed as we fought off 7-8 clans in 1 inventory at some stages without banking starting action and withdrawing last from the battlefield after clearing everything off the map. We gave zenith no breathing room today as we already had more than double their opts at mass and spammed these rats at their mass for 5 minutes making them logout without even getting 1 spam against us as we continued massing in their home world. All trip they kept getting fully cleared with 40 man pull by every single clan they fought. We had their loc every single second camping them to lvl 1 or making them logout/tele before they could even react as we gwased them in a 25 man dd at the end of their trip before they ended to top the cherry on the cake to one of the most gruesome bloodshed weekends that has existed. Latino Fenrieth Toxine 100k pics in spoiler gl
  4. Tonight, Onslaught set out into the P2P wilderness with a peak of 55 gorillas, intent on putting BP into their coffin. Todays trip consisted of Onslaught taking on the combined effort of BP + Green Army (A clan that BP paid 500m over the past 2 weekends to help them). And it went completely in Onslaughts favor clearing BP from singles twice, exploding them three times in multi and having many other clusters along the way. @Rosa you spent 250m to sit at draynor bank for 18 minutes trying to find the leak, then sat at east bandits to do the same thing just to walk to graves and have no action for almost 45 minutes l0l. What a shit fucking trip for Blunt Purez yet again! ~Flower POV Rendering... ~Pixel POV Rendering... ~PkerU POV ~Andrew POV 1-0 Saw BP sitting at west bandits in singles looking lost as fuck. We decided to stroll in and laugh at these kids and fight them in singles. Even with their 34 mains they paid for it was not enough for BP. They teleported out after realizing their kids were getting out performed by our superior members. Laughed at them at edge bank while they logged the fuck out l0l. Thank you Sl33py PP for some free looties! Food is on bubba! 2-0 BP decided to switch it up and go to East Bandits. We followed and hit them again in singles. After 5 minutes of BP getting fucked they teleported out again. We went to the bank laughing at them while they hopped worlds. Get fucked you dumb dutch dogs l0l. ty for a toxic staff this time too l00l 3-0 Saw these dogs go back to East Bandits knowing they were going to try to hit a cluster. We saw this and instantly got up there and got a north to south spread. Within seconds of them hitting it we logged in and hit them. They instantly teleported out and eventually the main scene showed up. We teleported out and laughed at BP in the bank l0l. 4-0 Blunt Purez decided to rehit it from the west. Not a smart move at all for them by any means. We instantly came in behind them and fucking railed them at the teleport spot. Eventually Zenith came from the north and we started fighting with them before they got hit by mains we got out of there and laughed at BP at the bank. 5-0 Saw bp making their way to 18 ports. We followed them and logged in just west of pond. Got a quick wrap on them from the north and they teleported out within seconds. Not much else to say there as their mains were not able to make it there on time to save them. Fought Legacy for a bit until the mains hit. Teleported out and laughed at BP in the bank. Onslaught vs Cluster With BP spending the last 45 minutes bouncing between Draynor bank and east bandits and NE graves. We decided to go get clean action as these dogs will just teleport out on sight for the sixth time. We hit the Venom, Special Forces and Swarm (welcome to the scene boys!) We logged in just below the castle in al kharid and cleared out SF and Swarm. SF made their way to the castle and we followed. Eventually Swarm rehit and so did Venom. It was just an overall cluster in the castle. Eventually 30 or so mains came in and we teleported out. A good 30 minutes of action while BP was lost in the fucking sauce l0l.
  5. Website ~ Teamspeak ~ Discord Venom massed up 34 glorious men for our P2P PK trip, we maintained full opts throughout the trip and ended with 30. We had non stop action the entire trip, very long fights vs other clans. Appreciate all the fights and look forward to more next week 🙂 Welcome Swarm To P2P Sunday We started of the trip by rushing Swarm at bandits, as we rushed in we dropped numerous bodies right of the bat. We caught them into massive clumps while Legacy logs in and joins the fight. Swarm tele'd away whilst we ran to singles and hit them south, as we moved through multi we caught legacy into huge clumps until Blunt Pures rushed from the west. We Moved back east into singles and hit them back west, Fatality logs in and we tele'd away. We got word Zenith was battling it out at chaos temple, we rushed from the north and instantly took control of the fight. After a few minutes of battling Zenith the only thing left was Legacy and mains. we decided to tele to edgeville and restock for the next fights. After killing zenith, it appears they was salty for us crashing them. They decided to rush us in single thinking we would break and not last, They was instantly broken and there own leader rage quitted after a embarrassing performance. Do something scims LMFAO We set up a clean 1v1 v Swarm at bandits, Evidently we took full control right off the bat and focused mainly 1 Defs. After a few minutes SF entered the battle, we held it down as usual and took control of the fight while making Swarm tele away and run all the way south into singles. SF was now left alone and I must say.. They got COMPLETELY FARMED. BP then crashed so we tele'd away. We got word SF was at gdz, we decided to pull up and hit everything. We completely murdered them until Swarm logged in. We took on the 2v1 and pretty much smoked them both LMFAO. Legacy decided to log in and pretty much clean everything. We dipped west and regrouped. We got word all the smaller clans was fighting at Alkharid PVP. we logged in from the east and caught everyone in one big blob L0L, this lasted a very long time until Elite Zerks pulled up. we dipped from there and ended our action packed trip! Malo Unu
  6. On 19/11/2020 Swarm massed up 22 Scarabs later peaking at 27 and proceeded to send Pures, Meds & Mains to the afterlife. We hit Chins, Lavas, GDZ and Chaos Ele. #
  7. On 11/22/2020 Swarm massed up to 43 Scarabs and swarmed the scene. Started off with a fight against SF, which was crashed by Zenith and they were promptly crashed by mains. We then ran into Venom at Bandit camp which turned into a cluster and had some great action. Continued to fight SF at Bandit Camp & successfully swarmed SF catching massive 7-10 man clumps. Swarm then prepared to fight SF at GDZ, Venom showed up and very quickly died one by one as we made our way to SF through Venoms corpses. This was cut short before we could clear SF after being crashed by LY/Mains. Reached out to Apex for a clean 40V40 which then was crashed by LY with 90+ opts.. tsk tsk fight some clans in your own bracket boys We brought the fight to a new location in Al-Kharid & it quickly turned into a cluster of SF, OG & Swarm, we quickly banked after clearing SF and returned to the fight the cluster in Al-Kharid Castle. We then fought SF one last time at Bandit Camp, completely clearing them, ending our trip with 30 champions. Respect to all clans we fought, looking forward to MANY more Sundays!
  8. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday November 21st; with zero prep Fatality massed up for F2P Saturday, peaking 105 Pure Elites. Today we would have our usual dominant trip, obliterating everything in our path with little to no resistance. Unmatchable, unshakeable, spectacular & unbreakable. This is the way, our family is stronger than ever and while the rest of these clans type away we continue our stretch of excellence in the community / scene handling those who appose us without fail. Make no mistake about it, we are looking for a challenge. ~ Fatality vs zenith ~ To begin our Saturday we would log into PVP W417 and rush Zenith at barbarian village. To quote our friend @Zenith BTW "stupid and unintelligent" used back to back in a sentence with claims of superior brain power. Just, lol. The result: ~ Fatality vs supremacy(x2) ft. zenith / apex / Terror ~ Next we would log into a cluster going on at Corporal Beast featuring Supremacy, Terror and OG. We would focus yellow caped tiger clan and within seconds pushed them to single followed by dipping east leaving them to Terror to continue clapping their cheeks. Shortly after, Supremacy, Apex and Zenith were fighting at the Ferox lookout. They would climb every ladder, floor to floor but we all know who's really on top. Killing them one by one, we eventually cleared them / forced them to Ferox enclave. ~ Fatality vs Anti-Fatality ( SUPRISE! ) ~ While chilling at Enclave, we got intel of a fight going on a Barbarian village. With the trend of Anti-Fatality pure clans running on the sight of the gangsters in Team-37, we removed our capes and logged in to hit. The following would ensue ~ Fatality vs full of excuses ~ Let me make this brutally fucking clear, you are no legacy clan. You are a fucking joke, and a bad one at that. Having killed so many Pigeons the last few weeks you might be able to guess what poultry we will be serving for Thanksgiving. Rumor has it pigeons are still flying east. We present another ego driven clan, that represent nothing of substance or quality like their respectable leadership intended of times past. Watch as the 🐐 KYP's this pigeon clan with utter fucking ease. Let me also remind any pigeon stan, if you believe otherwise - Full Out, Prep, Wilderness is all on the table in any server to your leadership should they choose to accept, sadly they don't believe in you and decline / avoid. Ponder that while you type GREEN WALL SENDS FOE PACKING Gobble on this, lmfao. @Tyendinaga @alextality @Destin @Tanqe @Jon @Quode @Lee @Stella
  9. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net November 22nd, 2020 After the show Terror attempted to put on Saturday we went into the day hoping for another good fight. Sadly, I was mistaken. Terror started their trip with a respectable 52 Wolves, but after 2 and a half hours were only left with 18. What could have happened during this time period to make them drop nearly 30 opts? Supremacy left mass today with 46 opts later peaking at 52, and had one of the best p2p trips of the past year. We took every opportunity we had to sit on top of these Terror shitheads and teach them a lesson. They went singles? We went singles. They went multi? We went multi. Their new recruit went to GE to buy back the d scim Mickey smited him for? We went there too. This isn't a rivalry, this is a fucking joke. I told you last week you had one week to pm me to sort things out Lord Ex. Your time was up at 2:29 today, and you got absolutely fucking demolished your entire trip today. There's no offing. There's no second chances. There's just Supremacy sitting on top of your shit clan until you close and farming your LEADERS for free gp. This is just the beginning. Pov: @Ur Glory Plz @WesselPOV
  10. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The Rage lads gathered 55 Bears for our Sunday P2P PK Trip Knowing we were one of the middle pulling clans, there was tons of action to be had today. However our focus wasn't on pure clans, oh no.. our focus was on a Elite Zerks who pulled a whopping 15 pkers as they continue their failing attempt at embargoing Clan Rage. All trip we baited them out and all trip they got cleared. They only seemed to want to rush us with Apex at their side, but sadly for them 15 EZ and 35 Apex wasn't enough to put up a fight against 55 Bears. When we weren't embarrassing Elite Zerks, we would crash clusters and hit every clan in the scene with no bias whatsoever - and having our eyes on every clan via join.me allowed us to see that we were getting the most action out of everyone... Sup and Terror spent their fight battling in singles, as did BP and Onslaught, Fo and Fi played cat and mouse and barely fought whilst Zenith spent their trip in lobby. It truly was another momentous, action packed trip for Clan Rage Thanks to Elite Zerks for making this so god damn easy for us and Thanks to all the Bears that continue to show up week in week out. Have a scroll through the pics and vids, I'm sure you'll all enjoy! 
  11. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 10 good men and went out in the wilderness, We found Supremacy and cleared them up at the wildy slayer cave and eventually south at 26 hill. We peaked at 20 Zenith Mountain men and went to lavas. We bombed through Supremacy again and smoked them. We than found Legacy at GDZ and cleared them in a 1v1 after they massed for us. BLNT Shitters. Edited 2 minutes ago by Elve
  12. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net 11/21/2020 November 21: Supremacy, massed up 65 STRONG TIGERS prepared to stomp on our joke of a rival Terror. From a successful week of constant recruiting and winning preps we were ready to take on whatever no honor tactics our rivals were preparing. To no surprise, Terror lord ex and his rank team dumped hundreds of mills into a snipe team and a main clan to come boost their cape counter. Our rivals left mass with 50 pures, a 15 man fall in of their snipe team, and a 50 man fall in full of some main clan called "KP" whom they wasted their IRL money for. Supremacy, maintained 60 tigers all trip and deleted our rivals several times off the map. We first started off with a fight east of Ferox Enclave where we baited their useless mains and went up the ladder and cleared them off the map. At this point terrors mains were running around like headless chickens looking for their 20 pures they had in game. After constantly fucking our rivals at 13 ports, Corp Cave, and Ferox we had one last clean fight VS Apex, where we dominated the whole fight until main clans rushed and we were able to escape back to Ferox where we ended with 55 pures still on TeamSpeak, whereas our rivals ended with 38 members on TeamSpeak! Terror, let this be known as a warning for your dog shit clan, we will continue to make your useless rank team waste hundreds of mills on us because that's what we want:). Also, this is not IR, your members will break in a heartbeat when they stop believing the lies you are feeding them. , This is an example of what you did to Terror. Congratulations Supremacy, you're already winning this rivalry and its only a matter of time before the cookie crumbles over in Terror headquarters. @JimmyWoo @PhiliPhil
  13. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC Saturday, November 21st, 2020: During the last few weekends, supremacy have launched a fake main campaign against "Terror Mains". The fact of the matter is, we do not use mains during the weekend. In fact, this blatant lie was used by sup's leadership to justify bringing their own mains to match our rising pure pulls. With the intention to forgive and forget, the Terror rank team reached out to several sup ranks to suspend their campaign. The result? They wouldn't have any of it. In short, our efforts were met in futility. With one week to prepare, we readied our campaign to retaliate accordingly. Everyone knows Terror as a respectable pure clan, who'll give pure action to ANYONE. The last thing we'd want to do is get into a full blown, grimy main war. However, supremacy didn't leave us any choice. We will do anything to defend ourselves. ANYTHING. We've demonstrated this in xlpc and now it appears we're going to have to do it in lpc. We had a total of three notable fights against supremacy, all of which were convincingly won. Fight #1: Our first fight began just north east of graves against supremacy. Within 30 secs, it was crashed by Legacy, who appeared to be aiding supremacy. Our positioning and quick movements helped us maneuver through both clans until more clans joined the fray, leaving sup alone and isolated. We took this opportunity and punished them until they ran to singles, where they received another beating by some infamous reptiles. Fight #2: Our second fight took place at the watchtower just southeast of Enclave. This fight was particularly funny because sup went up and down the ladders, leaving their multi-logged accounts to be devoured by the wolves. Several other clans joined the tussle, including Legacy, who again, appeared to be aiding sup. Nonetheless we stuck to sup like glue until they ran to singles, where they were attacked an unknown main team. Fight #3: This fight was certainly the most action-packed and my personal favorite of the day. We rushed sup at sperm. One mini-map to the east sat Legacy, who rushed the fight within seconds. We stuck to supremacy, walking them down to hills hut. Unfortunately for sup, Legacy did not follow. We took this opportunity to beat them to a pulp and devour them. The few remaining sup members ran into singles. Unlucky! sup rank buying a shitty med to use against Terror, lmfao ✯ Edgi [SUP Audio Leak #1] ✯ ✯ Pinoyz [Sup Audio Leak #2] ✯ ✯ Dreamz✯ ✯ Frontlinerz✯
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today Zenith was unmitigatedly fixated to their resting places as Legacy had predetermined everything a week prior before this weekend finding out their 20 iq not so secret plans for this weekend pking on 1 def lvl 80 accounts that undeviatinly failed so abysmally that we actually felt sorry for their innocent members that attended todays trip which was a monumental catastrophe and a fuck fest as this has to be one of the top 5 worst pure weekend trips in rs clanning history it was that bad even as an ally you would've have felt sorry for the lowest point mountaineers. Our main fight at fog which then procceeded to lvl 1 ditch saw half of zenith on the ditch literally not in combat at lvl 1 west varrock south of lumberyard as their ranks watched their shitters die for 40 minutes without getting a single spam up & just accepted their fate & members getting spam bullied for 40+ mins straight absolutely demoralized as they hopped ditch with 20 in game to LY's 160 and left the beating of the century that rs has ever witnessed. https://i.gyazo.com/514e0f76ac2612dc12dedc61337234a3 Fenrieth Latino https://i.gyazo.com/514e0f76ac2612dc12dedc61337234a3.mp4
  15. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The Rage lads gathered 50 Bears for our Saturday F2P PK Trip, the trip consisted of the following: Defeating Zenith and Apex in the Barbarian village Smoking ROD's meds in a clean 1v1 Farming Apex for around an hour at Bandits So there we have it boys, another Saturday and another victorious, action packed trip for Clan Rage. Thanks to Apex for being so horribly awful at this game and making it so easy for the boys in T9. Have a scroll through the pics and vids, I'm sure you'll all enjoy!
  16. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan The past week saw us completely dominate both wilderness & clan wars. Earlier in the week we dominated the Wildy and ended up victorious in several PKRI's, Later in the week we picked up a couple clan wars wins and big minis. Today we decided to welcome Revenant officially to the Pure Scene, We massed up 65 1 Defence Pures and eventually peaked at 70 Zenith Mountain Men for our F2P Saturday. We hit up numerous clusters and had fights with Supremacy & Rage. We cleared up Revenant numerous times at barb village and we crowned the kings of barb. We cleared up Onslaught Arab's & Demolished Legashit and forced them to flee from us every time we got near them.
  17. Another great f2p Saturday for Onslaught to say the least. We set out with 33 gorillas later peaking at 36. For us being the lowest pulling pure clan we had so much fun with the situation of how the f2p scene is right now. Getting some good hits vs pretty much every pure clan. Unfortunately for our rivals blunt purez they had to cancel their f2p trip due to nobody wanting to show up to their shit events, and had to go with supremacy l0l. Good fucking luck BP. Know Your Fucking Place Dogs ~Pixel POV [TS AUDIO INCLUDED]
  18. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc November 18th, 2020: Today 37 wolves ventured into the wilderness for our planned PKRI vs Venom. While waiting for Venom to mass a few more, Zenith approached us for a quick PKRI. We gladly accepted and dominated them, diminishing their numbers before Rage crashed. Shortly after the crash by rage, both meds and mains crashed as well. Overall Terror had the most KDR and least amount of regroups whereas other clans teleported on multiple occassions. Although we did not expect today to be one giant cluster, that's what it ended up becoming. Later, Apex, Supremacy (mostly 1 item), BP, OG, and others would join in on the action for one big eventful Wednesday. Thanks for the action. ✯ Crown ✯ ✯ Vinny ✯
  19. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The Rage lads were pking with around 20 men when we ran into BP, we cleared them initially at 26 hill then they teled back up and waited for us at ca. We moved to Ca and pretty much cleared them up before moving to corp to wait for them to return, they held ca as we held corp; us trying to drag them north so we could hit their 80s and them trying to hold south so we couldn't.. After a while we got bored and just went south and cleared them off the map Thanks for the fight BP  
  20. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc Today, Terror pure clan amassed ~50 strong wolves ready to absolutely demolish shitpremacy for the second day in a row. Whenever shitpremacy stepped into multi, we made sure that we were there to humiliate them and send them back to edgeville. Due to that, they managed to spend over half their trip either bank-standing or sitting in singles. Whenever they were sitting in singles or hiding in edgeville, we went out and got clean action against any other pure clans we managed to find. Whenever they took the risk of going into multi, we rushed almost immediately, specing out half their clan and catching them in 12 man boxes while the rest tellied out. After shitpremacy avoided 1v1ing us all trip, we decided to end our trip by sitting on them in their new-found home of singles for over 2 hours until every last one of their members broke. Better luck next week fellas. MEDIA ~Pkr 4 S H 0 ~Vinny ~Crown
  21. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After banning soupremacy from the wilderness throughout the week, the governing board of Terror decided to extend that ban into the weekend. After gathering intel that they will attempt to compete with mains, we massed up 56 pures peaking at ~60 Wolves. While they hid in singles even with their mains throughout the length of their trip, we got clean cluster action throughout and bullied them every time they stepped into multi. Photos like these summarizes the entire trip: ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs soup Pisser yellow cape clan did not leave their Yanille house until 2:57pm EST, 27 minutes late! We patiently waited in multi and defended on top of Corp Hill for 15+ minutes until they finally organized all of their mains at southeast graves and rushed us. Slaughtering a bunch of them off the bat, we quickly gained a huge number advantage to go up 10+ pures when Zenith crashed. Thinking they are in the clear, we continued to chase soup all around the map until they finally decided to pull west into singles. We dipped with our rune loot as a couple other clans crashed. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs soup / Zenith / Foe / LY While waiting another 10+ minutes in multi, we watched soup in singles telling their members that Terror is not in multi. So we hopped into them just east of enclave, spooking their members. As the superior clan, we moved east into multi while they cautiously followed. Regardless of hearing *clink* on every other yellow cape we click, and our low levels being sniped by others, we crushed every soup pure until getting crashed by Zenith, Foe, LY and started an eventful cluster. Inferior yellow cape clan then attempts to hit us in singles, but tapped out just 5 minutes in! Ty for the rune. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs soup We logged into pisser yellow capes trying to avoid us east of sperm hill. We dominated the fight, dropping their pures like flies, punishing them with our scims on top of the hill without losing a single opt until Zenith crashed. soup pulled into singles so we walked them down until they ended up in random worlds. This was the last time victim clan was in multi for more than 5 seconds all Saturday, as it was just the beginning for us. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Rage / 2 seconds of soup We rushed Rage on top of Corp hill, going kill for kill for a few seconds and as anticipated, pisser yellow cape clan finally came out of singles after sitting there for the past 20 minutes. They didn't expect us to shift our focus onto them while we were already in a tussle. Knowing they can't sustain their opts while multi-logged onto mains, they decided to immediately dip to singles while we resumed our fight with Rage until it got crashed by mains. We found soup hiding in a p2p world at enclave, and to no surprise, -20 opts without their mains bonded. The clock did not even hit 4:00PM EST yet as they logged out, ending their trip demoralized ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Foe / Rage Foe logged in inside of bandit camp, although knowing we were down 20 opts, we scimmed on top of them anyways getting some kills off the bat. The fight shifted a bit east as Rage hit from the north. Eventually we ended up west of bandits returning hard against a number advantage as a few different clans hit, we decided to dip. Impressive performance by our members despite being down. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Terror vs Rage The last fight of the day started with us rushing Rage just south of castle. Being down a few opts off the bat, we evened it quickly until RoT crashed the fight. We moved onto the bridge, then into the castle, killing anyone sticking out. This continued for another 15-20 minutes, sniping anyone who stood out, providing the action to our members that soup doesn't by sitting in singles. Satisfied with our overall performance today, we decided to call it and left the other two to continue their fight. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Media ✯ CROWN ✯ ✯ VINNY ✯ ✯ DREAMZ ✯ UPLOADING PM 'Lord Ex#4485' or 'Elmo#3249' to appeal your Perm-Ban from the wildy soup!
  22. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan. On this wednesday midweek trip, Zenith massed up 30 shooters later peaking at 35 after we heard multiple pure clans were going out today. We had multiple clean fights against Terror, Rage, and BP. Majority of our fights today were ended with us being the victors and having multiple cluster wins. Legashit unfortunately were hiding from us and decided to cancel their hit while 5 other clans had great action.. YIKES LOL.
  23. CC: BP Pub Today we heard that Terror and Venom had a pkri setup and a few other clans such as Rage and Zenith were going to crash. so we decided to run an est trip with our growing est squad we peaked at 22 having a 2 hour trip whilst Onslaught sat at inners missing the clusters. We started off hitting a cluster Where we would pull north of dwarves and fight venom until Terror came with a big opt advantage so both us and Venom had to dip. We then set Up a Clean main free pkri with Venom as we had the same opts, where we managed to get the full clear on them. nice to see clean pkris can still happen without any mains. ty for fight Venom. After our Pkri we heard there was a cluster at CA Between Terror, Rage, Zenith so we hit it from the east getting multiple kills the fight then dragged to ghost hut where a load of mains would join the fight as seen in vid so we decided to tele out. After 2 hours of inners missing all the action trying to train the untrainable At Clan wars Onslaught ranks decided they would try to join the action. Very poor leadership got Onslaught in a 10 man clump trying to rush their Rivals in singles from multi l0l. we took them down to 15 in game from one clump once the remainder got into singles and they brought mains to singles we dipped losing nobody to onslaught yet again. We Then set up a fight with Venom at ca where it would only last a small time before Terror crashed once venom pulled north of the fight we were left with terror and a big opt advantage so we decided to call it there. Again no sign of Onslaught in multi. Onslaught You're gonna have to do a lot more than 3 pictures in singles and no vid for your midweek topic to show you're "winning" this "rivalry" that was another very poor attempt of propaganda by Onslaught Ranks. Povs: @sickko
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