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Found 114 results

  1. Supremacy-rs CC / www.Supremacy-rs.com / Supremacy.verygames.net Sup ya fuckin faggos, its ya fucking boys in the gold capes back with another banger of an aftermath. Let me just start off by saying this very accurate, 100% confirmed and fact-checked statement that has been backed by the house committee for validity: Terror Has Officially Hit Rock Bottom Ft. Banning 4 more members For the 8th weekend in a row since 2021 began, Supremacy has outpulled, out-preformed, and out-classed the shittiest and dirtiest bitch made runescape pure clan to exist, terr-ible. We headed out with 44 Tigers today with high hopes after reading the shitty disgusting banter these terror retards try post in sharkbrew lmfao. Today was a great day for us, considering we showed up to terr-ible's mass at castle wars (their 3rd mass spot of the month) and spammed them for a good 15 minutes with them not saying a SINGLE FUCKING THING BACK. Talk about being broken lmfao their ranks told their 24 members on ts3 to not respond and ignore supremacy spams. We knew they were a bunch of pussies but jesus christ this just proved it to the 44 hitters that showed up today. Todays trip consisted of us camping terror 99% of the trip (except this) both in singles and multi, hitting their new pathetic BC mains butt buddies as well as the extra chromosome double logs. We hit them with 49 at east bandits, sending them into a quick teleport after they spent 50 minutes at mass, and then re-hit them west bandits when they thought they could try to fight hydra without asking daddy supremacy for permission. We then hit them again at SE Corner of ruins (49v47 with their doubles), killed maybe 10 in singles, and then Gwassed the rest of the retards in blue who tried to run into multi (whose fucking dumb ass idea was that HAHAHAHHA). We hit a few clusters between OG/BP/Hydra/LY/Fi around the wild and pvp fally areas before calling it a day. Nate POV Phil POV
  2. Today Clan Rage peaked at 55 Bears to terrorize shit clans in F2P. We had our sights set on fo today. With more of their ranks breaking each week it only gets easier from here on out. Despite fo trying to mimic us, their meds are simply too low quality along with their lack of multi log skills. We completely dominated them today and only 30 minutes into the trip they were scared to fight us toe to toe. Forced to hug singles for 1.5 hours straight, we were eventually in multi for 5+ minutes straight without them even attempting to hit us. BLNT Pictures
  3. Supremacy-rs CC / www.Supremacy-rs.com / Supremacy.verygames.net Hello to all the fucking losers who aren't in Supremacy, we back with straight 8 weeks of face fucking dumb terror dogs Ima keep this one real short since you non sup clanners know damn well what the fuck happened today in the wilderness (gold fucked you). Today was a special day because the punching bags we even consider our dog shit "rivals" terror didnt even have a fucking trip today. Instead, they chose 2 fight in clan wars for their action the entire day LOL. This left the 48 big dick hitters of Supremacy to do whatever the fuck we wanted today. We took this opportunity to get a decent 1v1 vs Zenith that was crashed, a 1v1 vs Apex on the west side, a cluster that started with Rage rushing us with 35 pures and then Foe/LY/Zenith/Apex/dog main clans crashing and the entire scene being in 1 area. While this was going on, we spent maybe 30 minutes killing the fuck out of the most shittiest pure main clan to exist, camping rage pures, mains, and even vennies, until they were fully cleared off the minimap by Foe. From there, we hit Zenith + Rev around the corners until we found retarded rage pures once more and killed them again. We also ran into Ly doing fuck all by the return spot and rushed them, with Apex later joining and pushing them from 60 to 30 into singles. Ended our trip and then got pm'd by Zenith for a ft100 which we accepted for a 38v38 PKRI that we convincingly won with close to a 20 man kill lead. Btw terror didnt have a trip today lmfao they tried to go out after clan wars and put on rage capes straight away l0000000000l fucking broken faggots Nate POV Phil POV Noel POV
  4. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Another Saturday, another successful trip for 70 SPARTANS. We started off the trip by crashing a short scuffle with Supremacy and 30 sardine single team clearing them from their fight at Bandit Camp and pushed into singles. Then saw zenith and gave them a quick skullfuck. We then rushed into Black Knight Castle where there was a cluster of a clusterfuck. After we saw the 30 sardine single team thinking they'd be allowed to snipe fights, we chased them up and down ladders until they finally stopped because there was no light at the end of the tunnel. We then saw Supremacy and cleared them up quickly after that too. The next fight was against Fatality who gave us our fight of the day. We pushed them around every corner of the castle until they finally dipped out the front. Thanks to all the Spartans who attended.
  5. https://zenith-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/6104-thursday-4-hour-loot-feast-ft-smoking-venom-blunt-pures/ Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Zenith Shooters for our daily PK Trip, We caught Venom slacking and cleared them up, We cleared up Blunt Pures when we found them. We spend the next 3 hours running a train through randoms in bank loot. Post pics.
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 64 green men peaking at 73. Fatality set up a fight at BY, Fatality pushes on top of Legacy from the north speccing out Legacy baby mages. Fatality dropping HUGE dds specs for free loots until FO rushes from the east. Fatality teles to corp to catch FO with their pants down to bully FO out of their team capes. Was so easy btw. Fatality saw Supremacy & Terror setting up west of bandits. Fatality logged on top of Supremacy and instaclapped half their pures, the other half hopped to Terror's world so Fatality crashed the party to smoke Fatality's old rivals. Fatality set up a fight vs Legacy in falador, Fatality pushed west toward Legacy and caught giant clumps forcing Legacy to move away north toward Taverly. Fatality moved north to clear Legacy, however Legacy had a mass return and pushed back. Fatality teleported to center of Falador to catch Legacy in huge clumps outside of the Falador gate. When Fatality got 400+ xp drops Legacy teleported behind Fatality in Falador center to attempt a gwas, this was thwarted by Fatality teleported to Fally Park to counter. Legacy tried to change course by moving through the northwest entrance of Fally Park where Legacy got GWAS'd in a 20+ man box. Fatality was chillin east of GDZ, Fatality hopped worlds into Hydra making them shit their pants, fastest clear the pure community has ever seen. Fatality saw Supremacy getting smacked by Terror so Fatality decided to make the job easier by logging on Supremacy forcing Apex to try to save Supremacy. Apex witnessed the might of Mother Fatality rushing so Apex turned around and sprinted the fuck out of there. Apex cleared without casting a single barrage. Fo tried to crash Fatality's ownage but were met with Fatality standing ground at the vents. Fo was confused so Fatality pushed ontop of them bullying them back to GDZ. FoM made a oopsie and ran straight into Rage and got fucked up. Fatality laughed at FoM and left with their +1's. @Jon @ALEX @Stonecold @Justin @Stella
  7. On this glorious Wednesday, Onslaught set out with a peak of 44 homies for our PKRI vs Terror. With our intel network lighting up that this would be crashed, we prepared ahead of time to take down whatever attempt came at us. After basically everything was cleared and it was just main clans ns'ing, we took our W and left the mains to their rag war.
  8. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Zenith Shooters for our daily PK Trip, We eventually peaked at 25 Zenith Members after we heard Legashit was trying to PK at lava dragons, We logged into their world and completely blew them up, They attempted to run east and flee and we caught them and fully cleared them up. After that we spent the next 5 hours clearing everything from the wilderness repeatedly. POV UPLOADING....
  9. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc Today the Wolves massed up 30 shooters for our scheduled p2p pkri vs OG. We had been tipped off that the anti terror alliance would be crashing, alongside BP+40 meds that were planning to hit OG. The fight started west of GDZ and was almost instantly crashed by FOE/BU. OG & Terror hopped into BMW cc and prepared for a team on crash. Soon enough almost every pure clan in the scene was at the fight, alongside several main clans. Shouts out to the apes (& Zenashit for absolutely farming BP) for duking it out with us and holding it down. The next 2 hours was an absolute farm of BP/FOE/BU/SUP/APEX/ZENITH/SV shitters until everyone but Apeg had left, leaving them in GDZ hut to get spawn killed for the next 7 hours by clan Terror. After a humiliating loss to the Wolfpack (2-1 F2P Prep) yesterday they couldn't stomach another loss today and thought they'd be able to end us in a rag war. After 9 hours of suiciding Nox stopped returning - and as we all know Apeg live and die by Nox. Once he was gone, his minions quickly dispersed and were reduced to one med returning on a bot script LOL. GF shitters and think again before you crash us, we're gonna end you every time l0l0l0l. https://gyazo.com/f476e65210c71353b44007551b08c4fe https://gyazo.com/d32aeb0b6b24164fb2a02b68c69431ef
  10. Feb. 21st, Onslaught set out with a peak of 65 absolute fucking autists, ready to again continue our one-sided smackdown on the dogshit leak infested masser clan known as BP. When this rivalry began, BP outpulled Onslaught by around 10-15, not including their five-clan alliance and even going so far as to send Dizzy back to Damage Control just to close them into BP as a means of trying to save them from us. Despite everything we've had to overcome during this rivalry, it was Onslaught who outpulled BP by 15 and humiliated them. Flower Pixel Wintercharma Pkeru Andrew To kick things off, we set our sights on a fight between LY/Fi, We joined in, owned everything in our path and then dipped when FO ran in with their meds. Next up, BP had decided to set up a fight against Apex - this was immediately crashed by Onslaught. BP were all but vaporized in the beginning and anything that remained got run over by a horde of mains. Next, we found ourselves in what may as well be the closest thing to a 1v1 we'll ever get against BP. They were attempting to hit a fight and as per usual we were right behind them - only this time they made the mistake of staying. Yes, indeed BP did attempt to fight back, only to find themselves in a legit 25-man box that was annihilated & soon after put to 10 people in singles before we took our W. After getting our inventories sorted at the bank, we noticed BP were re-hitting the previous fight now we were gone. This was a mistake: We rolled up on BP vs Apex and as quick as we came, they were all gone. Our next hit of the day was Supremacy vs Terror. Not sure who we hit first but both were wiped out. Next on the list was some fun at GDZ. Our performance here basically embodied everything we spent the past year building, wiping out Hydra, Terror & Apex quickly before running off to beat up BP. BP had decided they would be brave enough to come above 15 wild - picture will tell the rest of the story: For our last fight of the night, we got into it with BP and LY. While our primary target was BP, LY seemed to enjoy being in between us so they got it too. Eventually Terror rolled up, got rolled and that was all for the night with BP broken into pieces.
  11. berserk.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/hBjRgJFhwq | 'Berserk Pub' cc We keep repeating ourself but we do it with a pleasure, Berserk massed up about 20 Samurai's at the start of the trip with the intention on having clean pure vs pure action. Our intel apartment looked at the opts of the other clans and their locs and made a gameplan. And the gameplan is every week the same actually Set up PKRI's vs CLANS and compete. Berserk vs Atlas Ft. Demo & Stinky mains + vision Well we tried to actually setup fights but either they ignore or clans cba to setup fights, so even tho the trip started slow we decided to pay clans a visit. Our little birds told us Atlas was walking towards the Ditch in W308 and we decided to pay them a surprise visit. So we tussled and pushed them into the save zone to regroup, meanwhile the fight Demolition was setting themselfs up to crash this fight. Which we saw comming and moved North, because we werent ready to bank yet. And surprise surprise as soon as Demo started hitting us, Atlas rehit us and try to sandwhich us. While avoiding the sandwhich from Atlas by running West we managed to kill alot of Demo on the northern side before we dipped into singlle because I saw on my little laptop that the Stinky mains and at the same time Vision was trying to crash us. Berserk vs Demolition PKRI 1 ft. Stinky mains + vision ( U guys see a pattern yet?) So we got some refreshments and headed out again to fight Demolition. We started off and was basicly even when we saw clans starting to log in to crash. Seeing that the Stinky mains was one of them and our philosophy is not to entertain mains in the pure scene we just dip out of the fight when not agreed on team on crash. But we didnt leave demo out high and dry and managed to snipe some dum dum stinky mains from single and send em to the lobby. Berserk vs Demolition PKRI 2 Even tho our first fight got crashed pretty quick but gave it the benifit of the doubt and moved the fighting location to East bandits. While walking towards our defending spot we actually ran in to Demo already and started fighting. Our callers were definitely on something I think because Demolitions members started dropping like flys and were fully cleared pretty quick I must say. But hey the fight was clean and we both had fun, dearly appreciated for the fight Boys! Berserk vs Demolition PKRI 3 ft. Stinky mains & Vision (Still no pattern?) Demolition didn't give up! And wanted to setup another PKRI which we gladly accepted ofcourse and changed the fighting spot to Corp Hill this time. Fast as we are we were waiting a while in one of the popular fighting spots so it wasnt hard for scouts to find us after, Demolition triggered the other clans Worldtrackers when they hopped over. But its fine right? We can just make this into a big Pure cluster right? RIGHT??? But surprise surprise when we heard clans were logging and rushing us it were Vision and KP together AGAIN. Which forced the fight to end immidiately and both clans ran east to singles. Berserk vs Atlas Pkri ft. How team on crash is done PERFECTLY & BU Even tho Atlas their opts was a bit lower they accepted a PKRI. Because we barely touched our food udring the pkri vs DEMO we decided to defend at corp hill again, and almost at the same time got hit by some random mains, which we farmed pretty easy along side Atlas. When they crashed we split of North and Atlas went South. We dealt with our mains and farmed them pretty fast after that we were gonna check up on Atlas and helped them finish the last ones. When BU decided to come hit Atlas from the East which forced Atlas to run south and gave us the oppurtunity to hit them from the North. But birds told us the stinky mains were on the way again and without giving them any chance we Dipped and Ended ANOTHER SUCCESFULL trip AAO NICK POV @Treehugger28
  12. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | WAR POV Date: February 21st 2021 We were able to organize fights vs Venom, Special Forces & Terror this weekend out. The Sunday was lit with non-stop action. All fights got crashed as f*** setting the wilderness a blaze on the Sunday . We also got caught in a super cluster in GDZ at one point during a team-on-crash. Thank you for the action guys!! Video Pov:
  13. Venom massed up 31 glorious men for P2P PKing Trip and ended with 26. We had decent amount of action throughout the trip and forcing our shit rivals to merge trips to compete vs us. Keep it up you'll be merging trips every weekend from now lmfao Fight 1: West Bandits We rushed Hydra at west bandits and almost instantly they've dropped a lot of numbers. The fight was then crashed by sf/js(poop). we moved west and continued to barrage the fuck out of them since all they do is clump, eventually the pure scene turned up so we banked for the next fight. Fight 2: East Bandits We rushed Hydra at east bandits and caught them into a 7 man of the rip, moments after sf+js(poop) rushes in. We tele'd straight to bandits and hit them east, From there the fight turned into a 3 way return fight until BP crashed. Fight 3: East Bandits Got word Hydra and sf+js(poop) was battling at east bandits, We rushed in and made shit forces tele away. We continued vs hydra until poop came back. We then gwassed them at the telespot and laughed at them. Eventually sf+js(poop) tapped out so we tele'd away and flamed them in edge. Muay
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We mnassed up 15 Shooters and eventually peaked at 22 Zenith Members to destroy the wilderness, We ended up Pking for 4 hours and had a couple fights against Venom & Elite Zerks. We made bank loot, Thanks everyone who showed up. Post Pictures.
  15. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, February 20th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 75+ Elites for F2P ready to demolish the Anti-FOE alliance. Unfortunately for the alliance, their pulls have been steadily dropping more and more. They don't even have enough to fight back anymore. Every single time we crashed, they instantly ran. All that talk this week FI lmfao. Nice fights you fucking pushovers. ~PND ~Brian
  16. my friends at fo asked me to make a quick topic for them they decided to camp rot today and offed rage begging for forgiveness look at the pictures of us killing rot!
  17. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After an action-packed week full of W's in CLW Preps, Pkri's, Minis, and a dominant Saturday trip, Terror peaked at 44 WOLVERINE PURES ready to finish off the week strong on this P2P Sunday. We were slightly disappointed to hear that soup only pulled 26 pures (LOL) but as they regrouped with their alliance of BU/PH meds/mains, we hoped they had enough total accounts to have the courage to fight us. Turns out that still wasn't enough as they couldn't muster over 32 accounts on cape counter with the alliance plus their own mains logged in, SAD! The entire trip consisted of Terror getting constant clean action, with soup clan tele'ing out instantly every time we log into their fights. We were able to catch a clean hit on them to start when we logged on top of BU mains at east bandit, which prompted soup clan no choice but to rush us and help save their allies. Bad idea! The alliance got in massive clumps as they dropped one by one until we were up 20 on the cape counter. This lead to them calling a tele-out, and we dipped without losing a SINGLE person. OG crashed shortly after so we followed soup to bank and flamed them as they logged out into random worlds. Pure Perfection. After a few more hits on soup at bandits consisting of them panicking and logging out, we baited sup up to GDZ, a place where they can't teleport away from. This entire fight was on 1 inventory, and it started with us fighting OG and Hydra, with soup calling their alliance to hit us first before they decide to tele up - and just as expected we were focused by Apex, and a no cape clan- possibly Zenith? That's when they finally decided to tele up after sitting at Draynor for 15 minutes while clean action was across the board. Being down opts to start due to us being on the same inventory after tussling with 4 clans, they felt confident for just a few minutes before we brought the fight back and out-returned them south of gap- eventually overwhelming and forcing these rats to call a log out as we chased them all the way down to the 30 line. Openly teaming with Apex and hitting us 15 minutes into a fight is not gonna work! We got back up to the cluster at GDZ/New Gate to get more action. After another 10 minutes regrouping at Draynor soup decided to suicide into us just south of New gate to end their trip, not realizing we already cleared their allies just minutes before! We laughed as we sent our doggies to bed, and pk'd for another 45 minutes after they ended. Rest of the trip consisted of clean action against LY, BP, OG, Hydra making this another exciting and action-packed trip for Terror. 2021 doesn't seem to be your year soup, maybe next year!
  18. Imagine posting a 24 second video for Sunday trip because this is the only thing that doesn’t show you getting cleared by OG all Sunday. bless your souls
  19. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After Slamming clans yesterday, Today we massed up 45 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 50 Zenith Mountain Men to absolutely destroy Small Villages of Rage Vennies and Revenant Members. We knew Revenant couldn't last, Their alliance showed this yesterday not only at our F2P Saturday by later on in P2P aswell. They cannot last against better gamers and that showed today. Revenant and their alliance got brutalized all over the wilderness, Their plan of Venezuelans carrying their weak ass member's failed since no one can help mentally retarded clanners like Kattri and Fel. This was the easiest Sunday in awhile, Step up your game #Anti-Zenith. First Clans in the wilderness were Blunt Pures and Apex, We heard they were East of Chaos Alter so we came from the west of them and started barraging them on the water. We continued pushing far east and started transitioning through them, The majority of them teleported out and we turned around on Apex. We fought for some time before crashers came and we teleported to edgeville and caught a bank. We decided to go bomb the village of vennies located near corp, We came from the east and started smoking through all the bank loot mongoloids sticking out like george's ass. We continued to blow them up as Rage went south, Revenant logged in singles. We quickly started hitting them in singles northwest of corp. We continued fighting for some time absolutely destroying their weak members in singles. We started to push them south near graves where they tried to put up their final fight. We started smoking them in 1v1's. When they decided to pull east and we caught them in a massive GWAS. We cleared them up and spammed them ingame, We waited for them to come back but they never would return. We teleported to edgeville and flamed the 10 Remaining broken members of Revenant. We heard Terror was going to GDZ, So we followed them there. We logged in south of GAP and within 20 seconds of loggin, Revenant tried to log in behind us. We qucikly caught them in a 20 Man GWAS and began to blow them up. We pulled north through the GAP and started barraging them south. They got fully cleared again in 1080P, We continued to push north towards GDZ and began to farm through Terror. We pushed them far east towards newgate and eventually through the Gate. Revenant logged in west and they once again got clumped in massive clumps ontop of the hill and thru the gate. They got cleared within minutes and it was back to farming through Terror. Once Terror was cleared we moved back to GDZ and started fighting Revenant round 3. Round 3 of our fights started similar to the way Round 2 ended, 10 Desperate Revenant members attempting to do anything other than suicide barrage and die to us at GDZ. Members slowly broke further as their gear and spams decreased to almost non existent numbers. Revenant was desperately trying to save face after biting off more than they could chew, Since Rage left them and wouldn't help them anymore, Revenant began to get farmed for over 30 minutes. Every time Revenant Leadership would teleport up they would be instantly frozen and killed. We speared them into clumps and continously banged them out while smiting them. Eventually there was 5, Yes only 5 Revenant members returning trying to save face. Revanant fully shocked and embarrassed realized they would not be defeating a Pure clan they entirety of their Sunday trip. After awhile they ran far east, Our teamspeak exploded while we caught them with freezes and killed them. We went back west to GDZ and caught a spam and went to edgeville victorious. 3-0 \
  20. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The boys in T9 massed up 47 bears today, peaking at 50 later during the trip. We were prepared for another smoke session, expecting (and hoping) for rob to show up with their minion snipe teams. However once again, rob was nowhere to be seen and let their minions get farmed by bears. What happened instead was a complete slaughter. After quickly ending some smaller fights from the likes of Sup and Apeg, we moved towards corp to start our farming session. Once again fo was bullied into going out on weekends without team-capes, while having the likes of elite jerks and shitV at their side. This of course had 0 impact resulting in all of them getting fully cleared. After clearing them so easily, fo started avoiding and instead went to fight clans like FI. Our informants at GDZ, the greater demons gave word that fo was fighting up there so the boys quickly tele'd up before fo could dip. To our surprise we found more than fo and FI, and cleared everything up until it was just a fo farming session. After farming fo for about 15 minutes and getting full clears, elite jerks and shitV finally showed up only to get the biggest ass beating of 2021 so far. This continued for about 2 hours, after which our trusted informant the greater demon told us rob was finally planning to show up. As rob once again misses out on action, we decided to call it there and enjoy our winning trip with the boys. @Royce  
  21. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Yet another dominant & prominent P2P trip for the unchallenged undisputed monarchs of the wilderness We set off with 85 later peaking at 94 SPARTANS as we hunted down every clan on every front physically and mentally leaving individuals scarred for life after witnessing the tsunami of blue Spartans approaching their direction Had a lot of clean pure v pure action ending the trip with a 40 min+ return fight with 3/4 clans never leaving multi once all in 1 inventory massacring everyone that wasn't in a T-27 cape. Gf everyone that participated today in the clean action. @Sikkoh @Edgi Latino 100K PICS IN SPOILER
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Paige Still thinks Legacy doesn't have a problem, For the past week I have abused her PK Trips every single day. Today was no exception, I patiently waited for LY to gather more than 10 Members for a PK Trip. We massed up 20 Zenith Members to go end them Once they were out i logged into their world and TBed my target, From there we smited him for his Staff of The Dead and waited for them to regroup. We hit them 3 more times after we waited over 30 minutes for them to regroup at edge and come back out. We cleared up Vetion and Lavas in that time and made absolutely bank loot killing skulled revs. While we were waiting for Legashit to regroup we setup a fight against Apex at GDZ. We contacted them for a 20v20 and they quickly accepted. They defended GDZ and we logged into their world and the fight began. We started west of GDZ and with amazing tanking and calling, We began to push Apex east and started to transition through them. We had plenty of magers so Apex was frozen constantly, We used this to our advantage transitioning from one to another to another. After the cap was over we pulled east and thanked Apex for the clean action. Legashit For Staff of the Dead.
  23. Supremacy-rs CC / www.Supremacy-rs.com / Supremacy.verygames.net Week 7 Baby Going to keep it short and sweet, and let the pictures and video's do the talking for us. Supremacy massed up 41 Tigers today and literally watched our dog shit rivals terror, LIVE, mass up at al-karid and pull sub 30 for the 7th weekend in a row. Surprisingly, their incompetent ranks managed to reach out to probably the worst lavadrag, facebook pking group to exist, and put them in their capes to push their counter past 40 for the first time in 2 months. Today was a special day where Supremacy was not only given the opportunity to step on the necks of terror again, but also take their new main allies 420 to the grave with them. Todays trip consisted of fully clearing terror rats+420 slaves at GDZ to GAP to Dwarves, literally losing less than 5 people in the 6-7 minute fight, a fight vs Apex east bandits where failed main clan rage crashed, another pkri vs Apex where BP crashed, rushed a cluster between OG and Apex, shit stomped and face fucked terror+420 at east bandits, and hit a few more clusters between Hydra/shitty main clans/randoms by gdz. Jimmy Pov Wessel Pov Noel Pov
  24. Today Clan Rage massed up 60 Bears to go battle it out in the F2P server. We knew rot and their lap dogs were planning on making a return today after their 1 month break and we were glad to finally have some competition. We started our trip off by putting Supremacy and Apex in their place. Our informant at the Wizards Tower, Mizgog, relayed their fight location to us and we swiftly arrived and ended the fight! Both clans sat in singles for 5-10 minutes trying to put up some sort of fight, but seeing as how we had more than them combined they decided to book it to the bank. Up next we intercepted fo at east bandits as they attempted to crash a fight. We instantly started to beat the shit out of them as we waited for rot to log in. We chased fo around for a bit until deciding to stay put at tele spot to begin our farming session. Throughout the 1 hour return fight, rot took one of their traditional beatings with unimpressive help from their doggies today. As 200 T-9 capes transitioned through their DD's, Zenith planted themselves to the west, fo to the north, and Apex to the east, in an attempt to snipe us. Unfortunately their minimal involvement did not put a dent in our damage and we completed the whole hour in dominating fashion. Tomorrow we go again.
  25. 75 Fierce SPARTANS marched into the wilderness earlier today, taking it by storm. Our blades clanged loudly across the forest while cutting down our enemies with ease. Any and every clan that approached us was swiftly taken down and shoved face first into submission. Thank you and GF Fi for the clean action. LATINO: OP: EDGI:
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