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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord October 23, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 45 members for our weekly F2P Trip. Being the kings of F2P we once again dominated the wilderness this evening decimating anyone crossing our paths. Bored of getting cleared every weekend or being forced to attend trips on mains whilst being a pure clan? Join Fatality for a way out! Starting off this beautiful Saturday we set up our first fight vs Rage at Sperm. Rushing to Sperm and logging in right on top of Rage. Clean action pure v pure till some Terror & Apeg show up in 1 cape Merging to eventually get fully cleared by Fatality. After Clearing the Terror & Apeg Alliance, We found out 3 clan's joined 1 CC because all 3 clan's under pulled. These Clan's will eventually close because the direction these leaders have led there clan's in will lead to there demise. Apeg, Sup, Fo The bottom of the barrel. You cant compete alone. You cant fight alone. Fatality stands in solitude. We don't need help. We we will kill all 3 of you with only Fatality Members! Those of you in the CC below are scum of the community. Zenith pulled so low they canceled trip or maybe It is Halloween time we know Elve is buying a lot of Candy for kids. Cherry on the cake was seeing the capes these clans used. Lets use the Leader of Fo as an example. The "Leader" of once a Legacy clan. His clan is so dead this man K2p Refused to even wear his own cape. This is one of many examples today that will be shown in the picture section. Bored of getting cleared every weekend or being forced to attend trips on mains whilst being a pure clan? Join Fatality for a way out! @Paige
  2. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc On this fine Saturday we set out with 40ish bears, peaking around 45, to own. And owning, yes we did. A gif of Zenith, Apex, Sup, Fo and a few Rot. Very embarassing performance lad. Keep it up. Who cashed out? Ross#3406 or Grey#6614 to discuss your gambling addiction. - Zenith struggled to hit double digits and cancelled. - Apex struggled to pull and had no aid of their superiors today so they brought 3 cape switches for their 14 man rag trip (audio of this soon on clan-rage.com) - Sup had a meagre 20 and joined a merged CC but got walked to singles every time -FO pulled 12 and tried to get into our opponents capes every time to be of some sort of impact, but they were not.. WHAT DID WE DO TO THESE CLANS! Recap: Fighting FI Fighting Legacy Cluster with FI, TR. Victim pure clans coming with cape switches and they were swiftly killed The trip basically consisted of us kyping the fuck out of anti-Rage as well as getting nice action vs FI/TR/LY. Ill just let the POVs speak words rather than pics. Grey: Miala: Ross: 
  3. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN We massed up for our daily PK Trip and massed up 12 Zenith Members eventually peaked at 20 Zenith Members, We hopped around our usual pk spots before we went hunting Heros at Callisto, We logged into their world and started hitting them baiting them for the rest to login. We logged in collectively and started one hitting them and pushing them east, We eventually cleared them up fully and waited for them to regroup they rushed GDZ like the dumb vennys they are and took our 1 person bait. We logged in on top of them and started farming killing through them pushing them around like the doggies they are. We continuously smited them as we pushed them far east into singles X3. Once they were cleared up we took a ending at GDZ and hopped worlds and continued Pking. Edited just now by Elve
  4. Massed up 94 strong buckets ready to kill the entire minion alliance - turns out Zenshit pulled 15 and refused to step into the wilderness at all. The first 45 minutes of the trip we AC'd (Free of charge) a bunch of fights between Rage/Terror/Fi/Ly which consisted of clean pure action with 0 signs of the slave alliance. At about 8:45, the slave alliance (Fo/Sup/Apeg/Sv2) all massed up and decided to join the cc "Shark Fins" due to their small sub 20 man pulls. Even with multiple slaves, multilogging accounts, they still failed to fill the CC (Yikes). Even with the hopes of teaming up in an open cc + wearing their enemies TeamCapes they were refused access to the wilderness and sent to the bank multiple times.
  5. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Saturday 23rd of October, Legacy massed up for our Weekly Mandatory F2P Saturday trip peaking at 35+ Spartans. We spent the duration of our trip fighting Fatality, Rage and Terror, thanks for the action guys. Huge shout-out to Zenith massing up 10 people and cancelling their weekend trip 24 hours after me dropping their TS Audio. Roofis POV Johns POV
  6. what the fuck is up u nerds Onslaught and Rage set up our weekly pkri (obviously went un crashed because our rivals are too pussy to actually pull up LMFAO) we set out with 25 gamers later peaking at 27 and had a un crashed one hour pkri. While this was happening our “rivals” were up at Gdz getting farmed by the clogs and Spartans. Thank you to the very handsome bears for the clean action! Sucks 2 suck rotzenpex u fucking losers lmfao!!!!! sick and tired of getting told to get into 1 item because ur clan sucks? teal#0420 • Quode#5503 ~ Quode POV ~ Brian POV ~ Flower POV That boy sleep rn lmfaoooo
  7. Discord: https://discord.gg/GzMZcJf4B4| 'Wolves Den' CC Saturday, October 16th 2021 | F2P Saturday PK Trip Today we embarked into the wilderness with the intention to get the most action possible. We kicked it off with a 1v1 vs Legacy at NE bandits and took control of the fight quickly. We had a couple more rematches vs LY, dominating each and every fight, all while being ragged by braindead zombie clan FS. We farmed and harvested FS for KD the entire trip, eventually ending their low ambition trip. It's only a matter of time before sweaty Lalo finds a new edate (or a job outside of home depot) and abandons FS, again. When we weren't fighting LY, we had short skrims w/ Sup, Fi, Fo, & Rage. Thanks to all the pure clans who were in attendance today. It was a pleasure fighting y'all. On a side note, check out our impressive wins vs the most competitive pure clans on OSRS's first PCL. Interested in joining the most competitive f2p pure clan?: Shawn#7777 ~Bruhzil
  8. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Today we were hungry for some lootations so our fearless GMT Pk trip leader assembled the shooters and we eventually peaked at over 15 Zenith Mountain Men to destroy the wilderness, We cleared up all the regular locations and even asked our rivals for a PKRI to which they didn't reply.... UNLUCKY SCOTTY BOY.
  9. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage massed approx. 25 bears to fight Onslaught in P2P. We fought for well over an hour and had the best clean pure action. As main clans Zen-Pex spent their time ragging LY vs BP at Annakarl, we had a lot of fun. We ended the fight when we reached our cap and called it a night. Yaz: Edgi: Rune: Grey:
  10. Zenith vs - LEGASHIT As usual Zenith had to partake in our daily Wilderness Cleansing. We massed up 15 shooters, eventually peaking to 20 to destroy everything in sight. We hit the usual multi spots, and cleared several teams. Eventually we got word that 7 LEGASHIT members were attempting their usual pathetic PK trip. We went to Lava Dragons, logged in on LEGASHIT... and within 35 seconds they were fully cleared. OFF = NFS Edited just now by Elve
  11. Zenith vs - LEGASHIT Another day, another PK Trip for Zenith... word was out that LEGASHIT was attempting another pathetic PK Trip. Anyday LEGASHIT tries to PK in Zeniths wild, it always ends very very badly for them. We massed up 15 shooters eventually peaking up to 20 to FARM LEGASHIT every single place they'd attempt to PK at. Their first attempt would be Lava Dragons, we sent one of our shooters right into their world WHILE HE WAS ON MOBILE he tanked out 8 LEGASHITTERS... We logged in and cleared them within 45 seconds. LEGASHIT, then attempted to go to Callisto... within 5 minutes it was DEJA VU all over again for LEGASHIT... (Smited LEGASHIT for AGS). Being the pathetic SCARED clan they are, they then attempted to go in Slayer Caves and DEJA VU hit them again as they got cleared in 30 seconds. Their final attempt, was once again Lava Dragons.. as they tried to run for their lives north of Lava Gate they got full cleared ONCE again and would try returning GDZ in gear just to get wiped in 10 seconds. Legashits last attempt would be to return to GDZ AGAIN, BUT this time in 1 ITEM. THIS IS YOUR REALITY OFF=NFS
  12. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Yesterday Legacy master plan failed miserably... They pulled their lowest pull of their existence as a runescape clan, Many members can see the writing on the wall and numerous members are cashing out at @Ram & @Scott expense. No one was able to touch Zenith yesterday and we repeatedly destroyed #Anti-Zenith to the point they stopped returning in any form of gear and within 45 minutes Clumpa/BC/Revs pull was cut in half and they were forced to have absolutely zero action. Today in P2P we were super excited for our Sunday trip, We massed up 50 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at over 60 Zenith Mountain Men to destroy every single pure clan and #Anti-Zenith today. We heard Legacy was trying to fight above level 30, We quickly positioned ourselves behind them and the minute they logged in to try and fight Fatality we logged in south at 26 hill and started hitting them from behind. We cleared up everyone in multi and forced them to go into singles. Once in singles we camped them down and forced them to teleport out. We cleared up the remaining people in singles and once everything was cleared we went to bank and laughed at both clans. We received word that #Anti-Zenith was moving to bandit camps and trying to get some action, We teleported in and hopped into their world. We instantly rushed north and caught all 30 Fatality when they rushed down south, We caught them in massive clumps and within seconds they were absolutely GWASED and cleared up. We then turned around on Rage and Revenant who tried to aid their alliance clan..... THIS DIDN'T WORK. We started smiting and demolishing through waves of people teleporting in until there was 55 Zenith Left and absolutely 0 Revenant, 0 Rage, 0 Fatality. We caught a spam and laughed at all the clans we cleared and teleported to bank. After Rage got cleared they tried to move to CA and we quickly followed behind them, We logged into their world as their tried to fight Blunt Pures and Jumpstreet whom were south of CA. We came from the north and instantly started demolishing through every single person inside us as we pushed them south and started smiting through everyone. We ran into Jumpstreet and Blunt Pures and started pushing them straight west towards 13 ports and eventually cleared them as they would die or teleport out. Once they were cleared we followed all clans to the bank and laughed at them. After we completely broke Clumpa & Revenant their next plan was to try to go GDZ and fight in 1 item and doggy gear, We teleported up and caught Legacy with their pants down trying to hit the fight. We chased Legacy all around GDZ and once they were north of GDZ we caught them all and started pushing them east to newgate and we caught them all. We smited them and steamrolled through them and eventually cleared them all south to singles. Once in singles we logged out before Clumpa could come in 1 item and aid their alliance. After we cleared up their GDZ plan the next plan was a pvp world at fally, We waited for the perfect time and we caught them all in the middle of fally. We logged in and started barraging through all of Onslaught who was trying to fight Jumpstreet and Hydra, Within seconds their 27 man pull was evaporated and sent to the shadow realm. We continued to hit everyone in falador and eventually when Hydra was in the middle of Falador we teleported in and started barraging through them and specing them out and clearing them. We continued pushing south and acquired numerous plus ones. Once everything was in singles and cleared up we caught a log and went to the bank. Edited 5 minutes ago by Elve
  13. | October 26th, 2021: Today we headed out with 40 Godkings (peaking at 42) for our F2P Saturday Trip We started off today's trip by fighting Zenith at Ghost Hut, nice clean action but we had a small issue we quickly resolved.. (you probably already guessed it) Anti-apex tried to crash. They came in 1-item (the whole trip ) so it only took 30 seconds to clear them up and continue fighting. After Revenant suffered another failed attempt at crashing Apex's fight, they got demoralized and cried in mass rag discord asking for more people to help. Few seconds after we went back to dominating Zenith at Bandits... GUESS WHAT? Anti-apex back at it again! these little Revenant kids returned (and eventually broke) after realizing they were making 0 impact. Put your brave face on Revenant Another failed attempt. But wait.. something isn't right. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE REST OF ANTI-APEX? Using our deluxe world tracker, we found some fucking rats just East of Chaos Altar trying to get some clean action for their members (Rage + FI) but they didn't ask Apex for permission. We rushed Chaos Altar with 40 Sharks and FI without second thinking it told there members to spam click there energy pots and run to Ferox ASAP. FI failed to even AC their own fights and left behind Rage to get slaughtered, awkward... Anyways we crucified Rage and then proceeded to leak their audio (see below). When is it ever a good day to be Anti-Apex? There never is. You're reading this topic demoralized punching the air Great day to be a fucking Shark. Grats Apex.
  14. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord October 17, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 58 members for our weekly P2P Trip. Being the kings of P2P we once again dominated the wilderness this evening decimating anyone crossing our paths. Bored of getting cleared every weekend or being forced to attend trips on mains whilst being a pure clan? Join Fatality for a way out! We set up our first fight of the evening versus BP at Boneyard. We rushed them from east furnace and went for a quick wrap on the southside. As we were dropping piles Rage logged in at east furnace as well and crashed the fight from the west side. The fight moved to spider hill and Legacy joined in on the action as well. Pulling the fight towards 26 hill we held our ground and we're able to dominate the fight. After BP left we fought Rage at horse shoe, at this point Apex tried to crash running into us with massive clumps. After dropping them like flies we dipped and took the W. We got word that Supremacy and Legacy we're fighting at east bandits. As we hit the fight they almost immediately teleported out, as we ran towards the teleport spot Zenith had just rushed the fight as well with their pures that our a rarity to spot in the wilderness these days. We literally shat on them from the moment we spotted them. After we cleared them we dipped right before their mains tried to make up for their dogshit performance. We crashed the fight of Legacy versus Hydra at glory hill (south of newgate) swiftly clearing up both parties involved. We then got spread south of newgate again when we heard OG was rushing us from GDZ. We pushed OG back into the GDZ hut, whilst Hydra tried to hit us from the east side again. We moved back onto Hydra and cleared them again before hitting OG at the hut again, nearly full clearing them before we decided to move on. We set up another fight against Blunt Purez at boneyard. At the moment we wanted to rush them from east furnace Apex logged in underneath us. Since we knew Nox and his comrades are avoiding pussies we still rushed boneyard whilst Apex stood there and watched us run into multi. It took them a lil while before they got the balls to chase us into multi, which turned out to be a big mistake. We turned around and caught them in huge 8 man clumps, literally sweeping the floor with them. We then moved back to start our fight versus Blunt Purez. We hit them hard from the moment we clashed, immediately wrapping from the north side. As we did that Rage logged in underneath them crashing the fight and mains from other clans followed after. We dipped and moved on to the next fight. We found both Apex & Zenith south of Falador park. We spread inside falador park and logged into the PvP world they were in. Catching both clans in huge clumps whilst laughing our asses off as we decimated these two shit clans that have no right of existence in this scene. Very EZ. @Stella @Paige
  15. This sunday BP massed up 58() clogswearing pures for our weekly sunday trip peaked later at 63, wtf is this l0l And again 44 in voice chat never over 30+ in cc... GJ Droze i did that to u Pov : Ramz Pov : Cohursted Fight 1 : Setted up a fight versus Fatality at Boneyard, had a strong north wrap cleared everything on the north pushed back south on them. While we fought rage crashed from the east, went from a quick run to ghost hut and pushed all clans towards venenatis hill took the dub, Lost puppy told us that they were behind us so we logged in under them and cleared the fuck out of Jumpstreet. We rescouted the fight at venenatis and saw apex in 1 item run up north so we decided to hit that cleared apegs and moved to Ly + Foe + fi towards black knights and pushed everyone to CA. Goodfight clans Scouted a fight going on at GDZ went to White Plateau getting a quick spread and moved on towards the fight cleared everything till glory hill made clans run towards gap, while beeing on glory hill saw Hydra and JS fighting south in singles. Went towards there and cleared JS in singles. Foe make sure u return next time l0l Doggies went to falador to setup a fight we logged in under them and made them telly out, they moved towards falador park guess what we went there aswel. so they decided to go into a normal world and logg in 392. we logged in under them and ragged them in singles. Shared CC is NFS
  16. Massed up 89 Buckets on this fine Saturday to bully the Anti-Clumpa alliance. The sardines and pedos managed to have a total of 3 "Fights", which were all crashed, farmed and ended within minutes before calling it quits (Not trolling). Last clan standing as usual. Knoo place
  17. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc A little under 40 bears sharpened their scimitars today to get clean pure action. As our beta opposition (Zen-Pex) did mixed inners and spent their entire trip getting ragged, Rage had clean pure long-lasting clusters with clans like Fatality, Terror and Legacy. Meanwhile, Fo pulled a little over dozen and had Apex capes in their inventories their entire trip. Supremacy had 1 hit at most and ended in a record time (half an hour). Zen-Pex spent their entire trip on meds obeying their superiors, being ragged into oblivion by a horde of 1 itemers. As that was happening we had fun fights at bandits/sperm and moved all over the place. Many clans have tried to gain the upper hand by teaming on us and out-maining us, alas to no avail. Any clan that is willing to fight us on pures either server, feel free to pm a rank. Below is a recap of the fight: Fighting Fatality at bandits Terror joining the cluster Our next fight was against Fatality at Sperm. FI had a handful of opts on us so this proved to be a challenging fight As the fight went on for a long time we had managed to outreturn them and had opts on them. Terror joined the cluster too. Feels good to be one of the few pure clans left. Matias: 4ticks: Grey: Edgi: uploading...
  18. | October 17th, 2021: Today we headed out with 48 Godkings (peaking at 50) for our P2P Sunday Trip First of all (hold up let me finish up this bear meat I threw on the grill) we started off by killing one of the weakest but loudest clans in the scene Aka The OG's "Old Goofs" Rage was just north of 26 hill but they ain't want the smoke POOR TEDDY BEARS! HOLD ON TO YOUR GLORIES TIGHT. We used our ultra scouting senses which led us to 26 Hill and bullied their fight Vs BP forcing BP to run south towards Ghost Hut. The BP kids noticed the Almighty Green Sharks crashing and took a sip of their Stamina potions.. knowing that BP couldn't do anything about it WE FINISHED THEIR PLATE and destroyed OG. See ya BP/OG.. no action for you. We rushed over to GDZ's finding OG and BP once again hopelessly trying to give action to their poor members, but that didn't happen . History repeats itself but this time BP and OG got smoked together, awkward voice chat.. How does it feel to be anti-apex? They got insta farmed at the heart of GDZ and west of it and east of it.. GDZ was nfs for Anti-apex, One of our members needed to train mage so we told him to get out of N Range and come barrage. Thanks for the EXP. Gonna include you in the next 1-99 Magic tutorial Guide HAHA. Once again, something doesnt feel right. WHERE THE FUCK IS THE REST OF ANTI-APEX?! We put our ultra scouting senses to overdrive and for the remainder of this trip we ruined Rage's Anni. Ironic right? Celebrating the day you opened on a day that made you think about closing. BP tried to get some action in CA and The Almighty sharks chased them to all the way to FOG. While chasing them we noticed Rage trying to sneak a hit from our flanks and we insta focused Rage. We farmed Rage and then BP abandoned them (just like FI did ) causing Rage to pull it back to wherever they came from and insta tele. Poor Teddy bears, what will you do now? Put you brave faces on. After consistently dominating the wilderness.. Anti-Apex realized there was no other option but to relocate. Falador, here we come! Rage tried to get some clean action but how are you going to do that? Your members are cashing out, its too late. We noticed the teddy bears just North of Fally and wrapped them which ultimately led to there doom. OG fed us the entire trip and then fed us some more in Fally. IT DOESNT STOP THERE, FI (welcome btw) tried to crash our fight from fally park and literally ended in a 30 man clump forcing them to tele out to edge and retry (another failed attempt) really awkward TS after that one. Stay in ur place FI. We then got in a massive return fight Vs Anti-Apex and won. Apex wins again. While you cry and hide, We hunt. Grats Apex.
  19. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Sunday 17th of October, Legacy massed up 34 Spartans, later peaking at 37+ Spartans for our Mandatory P2P Sunday. We started off our trip getting clean fights vs Supremacy, Hydra and Onslaught thanks for the action fellas. We also had TONS of clusters Vs Blunt Pures, JumpStreet, Final Ownage Elite, Zenith, Apex, Rage and Fatality. Yet again another successful weekend trip for Legacy while Zenith spent the vast majority of P2P Sunday fighting against Revenant with Reign of Terror. Stop avoiding Mother Legacy you pedo anime clan LOL. Nicks POV (Uploading) Mannings POV Perks POV (Uploading)
  20. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage has massed up a little under 50 bears today. As Zenith were hiding on 72cb accounts and Apex was in 1 item off the bat and moving everywhere together with main clans, we once again realized how badly we have slumped our opposition. Before we headed out to crack some skulls we welcomed our member Persian back. He got 99 slayer. That is all we do. Slay bozos. Unfortunately the wildy was quite saturated today. Clans either pulled too low to fight us or had their own petty little rivalries they were fighting out in singles, and obviously some clans cancelling. We joined the BP vs Fatality fight and made it a cluster. The fight started west of 26hill and moved all the way north to the slayer cave entrance. Fighting north of the horseshoe vs Fatality later Later on the trip we saw that Apex went from 1 iteming to try and fight an unknown clan (it might be FO), so we spy-hit them. We reduced Apex to 12 in-game before they had their daddies log in. Zenith, Apex and their man clan daddies are moving everywhere together. What did we do to these clans LOL A little down the road we rushed Jumpstreet who was around the slayer cave. It was a nice little fight. We saw AC (main team) there so we killed a fair bunch of them and then dipped. Grey: Edgi: uploading...
  21. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We could not of expected Rams big plan to turn out like this... Our rivals of the past 2 years only massed up 11 Legacy Members today... (LOWEST PURE CLAN PULL OF 2021). It almost embarrassing for them to even try to continue on at this point, Nick & Sam were left completely alone and forced to have their worst trip since their opening nearly 4 years ago. Zenith on the other hand is flourishing after another super active midweek repeatedly clearing #Anti-Zenith Clans such as Legacy/Rage/Fatality/Blunt Pures we were super excited for our F2P Saturday. We massed up 40 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at over 45 Zenith Mountain Men to once again shit on every Anti Zenith clan in the wilderness today. uploading..... We setup against Apex and defended ghost hut and waited for Apex to rush, Within seconds of Apex rushing Clumpa logged in with their highest pull of their open cc discord history. We instantly turned on focus on them and started demolishing through 4 clans (rev,bc,clumpa,heros). Within seconds they were completely cleared and sent for their first regroup within 1 minute of them rushing immediately clumpa started losing opts and started getting naked. We turned around and started fighting apex for the next 10 minutes while clumpa took several minutes to try and regroup. We cleared up their next regroup login attempt and once they were cleared we caught a fall in and laughed at them and went to bank. We setup against Apex and rushed them inside of bandits, We focused their north side and then moved south with scims and started pushing them north. After around 2 minutes of fighting we got word that clumpa was about to login after being cleared already X2. We waited for them to log and hit them on login and started laughing at them who by now were fully naked and had dropped 10 opts on discord. We continued to body them and spam and laugh at them as they got cleared every single location they went too. Once they were cleared up we resumed our fight with apex northwest near the lava. After around 20 minutes of fighting and several clumpa regroups cleared and smoked, We once again caught a fall in and thanked Apex for the fight and went to bank. Legacy finally made their way out of singles and regrouping at ferrox with their lowest pull ever after they were fully cleared by Supremacy, They made their way to CA and we caught them with their pants down and logged into their world and started farming through them west of CA. Within seconds Sam screamed to run west and caught a logout as Zenith was fully clearing their clan and laughing at them while doing so. We killed and cleared up all the stragglers and went south and caught a bank. Clumpa's final stand was to have Rage & Fatality on stand by and try to use them to fight back against the might Zenith Mountain men, Once again their plan didnt work.... Apex rushed Fatality at CA and we turned on Rage and cleared them within seconds, Clumpa tried to log in late as ever and we began to farm them and take their rune scimitars east of CA. Once clumpa was cleared and FI & Rage & Legacy all had ended their terrible terrible trips, We fought apex for the next 10 minutes clean as hell. Once we were satisfied with our action on saturday we caught a fall in and both clans thanked eachother for the action and logged out. Edited yesterday at 01:32 PM by Elve
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Sunday 17th of October, Legacy massed up 14 Spartans for a late night un-official pk trip. Clearing every single teams + dogshi main teams we saw with ease. Gaining lootations worth well over 30m+, ez for Legacy.
  23. After every single sickly minion clan was ended earlier this Saturday (rot avoided the entire event), rot bided their time, waiting a cautious 20 minutes prior to pking. They had hoped the buckets were done for the day, after carefully sacrificing their entire alliance's weekend trip to hopefully satiate Clumpa. Clumpa was not satiated. We rushed their GDZ mass with 129 buckets, leading them to retreat to new gate instantly. We would pursue them, full clearing them to single strip. They would call to multilog and put one account at gdz, and another "distracting us" in single. We responded by triple logging, clearing them in multi and single. The 3rd client would be used to gear up in corp gear and crash the corporeal beast trip of 6 old school rot members who skipped to avoid getting farmed again. Once they saw where this was going, they decided to hop to random worlds, regroup new gate on all accounts again. The skipping oldschool members would retreat to a private corporeal beast instance. We spy hit them on 397 New gate, where they would attempt to fight back for what seemed like seconds. At this point, they were down to just 26 accounts ingame. We would strategically tell all of our spies to log out, causing their ingame numbers to plummet to 17 and Dull would call for the rest of rot to log out. He proceeded to bark at Im sobeast and a1v1 for dying 52 and 32 times respectively. They would not respond because their microphones are muted. Please do not wait until 5PM EST to get banned from wilderness next Saturday. Zenith+apex+supremacy+foe+fs won't be around much longer if you treat them like castaway orphans.
  24. Quickly massed up 843 Clumpas for our Saturday trip to demoralise the SV2 sympathisers (Sardines+Peados if you forgot). To our surprise the Peados had changed this week up with using tanks but they found themself getting farmed for their Rune sets and losing every "outlast" fight in single zone. About 30 minutes in they called it quits and ended completely. Onto the smelly Sardines - They showed up 3 times. Firstly their merge attempt (3 clans in same TC) and getting cleared south of fortress, literally walked down to the ditch. The 2nd apperance was at Corp where they thought they could stand in the wilderness - which is not allowed (they got escorted to the bank). The last sighting of the Sardines was @ GDZ where Mr Peg stripped naked (), got farmed and refused to return after 3 deaths. Better luck next time.
  25. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Saturday 16th of October, Legacy massed up 30 Spartans, later peaking at 35+ Spartans for our Mandatory Saturday. Getting clean fights vs Terror, Rage, Fatality, Supremacy, Fearless and Final Ownage Elite, while Zenith spent the entire duration of their trip avoiding Legacy fighting with and against Reign of Terror, Revenant, Apex and Clumpa. Yet again a very easy AND glorious Saturday trip for Legacy. Nicks POV Johns POV Perks POV (Uploading)
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