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  1. Today Venom massed Up 28 warriors. S/o to the warriors that stayed whole trip to have some action. We had couple fights vs some different clans like Hydra, Special Forces and Jumpshit. Unfortunately every fight turned in to a cluster. Thanks for the fights Fight 1: North of rev caves Venom decided to kick off the Sunday P2P Trip by setting a fight vs Hydra at North of rev caves. After we rushed Hydra in 2 minutes it got crashed by rage and fi. Fight 2: Corp After our Master scout (Budweiser) found Jumpshit at corp . We decided to hit the shitters down 10 opts and still cleared the shit out of them. One more thing to add @D R O Z Eare you planning to move from place? Mate all i know about ur shit clan is you only fight at ca since yall are lvl 70 bots. As expected it turned in to a cluster where was full of mains. (droze stop avoiding) Fight 3: Ca/cave We decided to defend and Ca but these jumpshit retards were to slow to come and were avoiding. So rage logged in and we fought them. After one of us saw Jumpshit close to the cave we deciced to move there and clear the fuck out of them. Dovah Muay
  2. " We will Win. Not immediately, but definitely " 60 SPARTANS took to the P2P Wild quickly with BP hot on our trail. We met them head on at CA for a swift win before some random med clan logged in. Too slow for them we carried on with our conquest, heads high. Everyone besides Fi was hesitant to fight afterwards. Fo & Rage stepped up for the challenge a couple times but were no match for LY. We easily took down the Zenpex Alliance countless times. Our 1 DEFs clashed with Jumpstreet a few times ending each battle with success. We also fought Supremacy later on, taking them down during our charge. We Started the trip winning and ended the trip as winners. Happy Anni Fi & GF World Downright Paige Tintel
  3. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | WAR DAY Date: May 16th 2021 At the start of our trip we were able to set up a clean PURE vs PURE fight vs Apex this weekend out at Bandit Camp. Fight got crashed & instantly nuked after 10 seconds and all clans comming in from all sides turning it into a fire cluster. We decided to stay and join in on the fun to catch 500xp barrage clumps all over the map. Due to these non-stop action clusters and fights we we're caught in the wild non-stop this Sunday P2P trip. Lots of fire action this weekend. Thank you to all who came out. Ty4Sunday! Video Pov:
  4. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The almighty Rage Bears massed up 40ish hungry warriors ready to devour anyone that would get in their way. While there was lots of action today presented by many of the pure scene, Rage 100% had the most packed Sunday action today by owning low tier clans (you know who you are) in the Wilderness. Also, we decided to give the lads even more action and we set up a First to 50 , Wilderness Style P2P, 1v1 with Terror at Clan Wars. Thanks for the clean action. Once again the Bears demonstrated next level/top tier level performance in both the Wilderness and Clan Wars. Note: You bottom tier clans can flame and cry all you want but in the end of the day you won't 1 v 1 us because you're scared to lose a prep on Oldschoolrunescape.com LOL Action speaks louder than words And let me make this clear : No one can fucking stop us Great fucking performance once again Bears @Matias @Grey Wolf @Matias @Grey Wolf Pov of Round 1
  5. Jumpstreet Massed Up 45 (Peaking at 48) Hyped Pitbulls to the Sunday Trip tonight. -----FIGHT 1----- Our first fight was vs Hydra at Bandit Camp. We fought for around 2 minutes and pushed them down to like 15, Then Fatality hit with 100 in their capes. -----FIGHT 2----- Our 2nd fight was vs Venom North East CA. We had a clean 1v1 until Fatality crashed again, but we stayed there and fought back. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From then on, JS just roamed around ca and bandits crashing fights and getting as much action as possible. + 2 Clean fights vs Apex -------------------------- VIDEO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- LOOT PICTURES JOIN JS TODAY!! PM 'Finnn#3333' ON DISCORD
  6. Today Onslaught set out for our P2P sunday with 41 retards. Despite missing the 10 drunken autists coming home from the irl meetup, we ended up having some alright tussles. Set up with Supremacy, Apex and Rage joined in from single so we moved to single and hit them both. Set up against Terror, railed them. Fatality logged in looking like they were ready for f2p so we decided we'd take a swing down 70. Found Apex & SF at bandits, rolled up and single-multi'd whatever was in multi while half the community sat on the single line. OG vs ROT We rolled up to hit a fight, as we logged in reign of twitter hit it, so we figured fuck it they can get it too, with their numbers halved by a pure clan in single, they decided against this. Gif will speak for its self. Set up with Rage, logged in on top of them and went to work. Zenith logged in and got the shit kicked out of them, as is the normal when it comes to them going anywhere near Onslaught. Eventually Sup & BP hit the fight and we dipped out.
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, May 16, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 130 members for our 15th Anniversary P2P Sunday trip. Fatality vs Fo Vs Blunt Purez Fatality initially kicked off our Anni by scouting Fo Vs Blunt Purez at Fog. We logged in on top of them and wiped them out. Fatality vs Supremacy Fatality's next victim was Supremacy who was in multi fighting Onslaught, Onslaught made it out in time however Supremacy wasn't as lucky and got the smoke. Fatality vs Fo & Apex Fatality intel next received word that Fo & Apex were trying to have a cute 30 v 30 on the east side of bandits, we logged in on top of them and caught them in massive clumps killing them fast. Fatality vs Zenith As Fatality hopped to another world, Zenith felt brave after scouting us trying to hit us in multi on the east side of Bandits, Zenith was quickly dispatched and send to lumby. Fatality vs Onslaught Vs Terror Vs Rage Vs Zenith Fatality next hit Onslaught Vs Terror on the east side of bandits removing them from the wilderness by Gwassing them before Rage decided to log in north and also got deleted, Zenith followed shortly after meeting the same demise. Fatality vs Fo Vs Blunt Purez Fatality got word that Fo was trying to have a fight with Blunt Purez around CA / Ghost hut, we logged in on top of them and quickly wiped them out, we hard pushed south onto the Blunt Purez causing them to drop fast. Fatality vs Rage Vs Venom Rage & Venom was having a fight also at CA in another world, we logged in on the west and charged them down. Cleaning them up in seconds. Fatality vs Rage Vs Fo Vs Blunt Purez Fatality was straight onto the front foot yet again getting word that Rage and Fo were fighting at Boneyard, we logged in on top of the fight. They did not stand a chance, we carried on pushing south on the runners where we met Blunt Purez and got some quick kills. Fatality vs Legacy Vs Rage Vs Zenith Fatality logged in south of Legacy & Rage, catching them in massive clumps getting some easy kills before Zenith decided to run into the box and also get murdered. Fatality vs Jumpstreet Vs Terror Fatality decided to pay Jumpstreet and Terror a visit by logging in on them at Ghost Hut, catching them with ease and forcing them to exit the wilderness via death or teleport. Fatality vs Terror Vs Legacy Fatality scouts soon found Terror fighting Legacy at fog, Fatality charged from the west catching massive clumps and vaporizing them all. Fatality vs Rage Vs Onslaught Straight from the last hit, Fatality logged over to hit Rage Vs Onslaught at Sperm, Fatality feasted on the pures speccing them out. Fatality vs Hydra Vs Venom Fatality intel got word that Hydra and Venom were fighting north of rev cave entrance. Fatality rushed from the east demolishing them all including smiting one of them for an ACB. Fatality vs Jumpstreet Vs Apex Soon after coming down from lvl 45 wilderness we hit the bank and went straight up after getting word, Jumpstreet and Apex were fighting at CA, we charged from pond scattering them all. Fatality vs Legacy Vs Blunt Purez Our last fight of this super action packed day was to find Legacy and Blunt Purez fighting at CA, we logged in south west and ran through them all, respect to Blunt Purez who fought back a little bit but sheer numbers was too much for them. @Alex @Ali @Tanqe @Stella @Stonecoldpkr
  8. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Yooo. May 16th during the Year of the fucking Tiger. We set out with 40 glorious winners to kyp loser clans.We fought apex a bunch and managed to come out flexxing our huge muscles with our massive dubs each time. During a few of our apex fights dog shit clan Rage decided to try and get in on the fun, but instead they got pushed right back to fuckin singles each time. For the last fight of the day we hit a cluster north of Sperm and bullied OG around before focusing north on BP/LY and full clearing those shitheads too. Shits too easy.
  9. This sunday BP massed up 57 (o) clog-wearing pures for the weekly sunday trip. Ft. nonstop clean action Also gz @Fatality Public Relations on 15 years. Had multiple clean fights with Foe, Legacy, Apex, Fatality, Js & Supremacy + multiple clusters lolz Gf, see you next week. @hocuspocusFocus
  10. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD After we had amazing clean pure on pure action yesterday and ended all of #Anti-Zenith with ease in F2P, We were super excited for our P2P Sunday. We massed up 55 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 60 Mountain Men to once again demoralize our rivals and "competition". Today saw more of the same our rivals Legacy will not fight us unless they have atleast 10-20+.... They didn't we pulled the Highest today non anniversary and demolished everything that came before us, We hit every single #ANTI-ZENITH and ended them all. Intel told us that the first clans in the wilderness were Blunt Pures and Final Ownage Elites, They setup a fight at FOG and we wanted to participate. We rushed from the west and came with hellfire fury and started barraging through both clans at FOG. We started pushing far north and began clearing everything up. Once we heard crashers were coming we teleported to edge and caught a bank. We heard Legacy was finally out of Ferrox and massing/regrouping so we took the opportunity to send them back to Ferrox.. We logged into their world south of graves and rushed them in singles with lines of L0L, We caught numerous LY members with tb's and camped them in singles. We killed several members and laughed at them as we sent LY to regroup at Ferrox. We heard Legacy was finally back in multi so we went to rush them at boneyard, We logged in west of them and started barraging them east. FOE logged in west of us and we pulled east through LY and started GWASING them in fat clumps as they tried to flee south. Blunt Pures rushed and we waited for LY to be cleared we teleported to edge and went to rebank. We spent the next 10 minutes hunting and abusing Fatality on their 15 year anniversary. We rushed them from boneyard when they were at 18 ports. We quickly started barraging them at 18 ports and pushed them south towards CA. Once at CA they completely fled from us and teleported and died. We then moved south to FOG where their regroup was... We logged into their world again and fully cleared them at FOG once again. NEVER HAVE I EVER SEEN A CLAN WITH 50+ LOG FROM ANOTHER CLAN WITHIN 10 SECONDS. NICE FUCKING ANNIVERSARY FATALSHIT. We heard Rage was at sperm so we quickly teleported to CA and rushed from the south, We caught them in several clumps and eventually Rage would call their entire alliance... Onslaught,Revenant,SW,Legacy would all log in and attempt to save Rage from being completely cleared and smoked. We pushed Rage into singles east and focused our attention north of LY & BP, We collectively cleared both clans north in massive clumps on the hill and cleared them up. Once they were fully cleared we pulled north and caught another fall in in multi. We waited for Legacy to come up with a plan of how to fight on Sundays, We waited for them to step into multi. Once they did south of Ferrox we rushed them with full opts and instantly caught them in another GWAS (3rd of the day). We began transitioning south and started pushing them far south to singles and level 1. Once again we fully cleared them and pushed their stragglers to level 1 wilderness. We laughed at them as they got fully cleared and we followed them to edgeville, We played their teamspeak and laughed at them as they ended. Once they ended we hopped into their world and laughed at them some more. THIS WILL NEVER END, THERE IS NO OFF. CLOSURE IS THE ONLY OPTION SAM & NICK.
  11. Saturday May 15th, 2021 | F2P Saturday Pk Trip | www.terror-rs.com Today the wolfpack set out with ~50 wolves, later peaking at 57. After a disastrous loss to Terror yesterday, sup began their trip in clan wars. Once they finished their low ambition, unmatched 70v55 cwa fight, sup entered the wilderness with ~35 opts. Their sole focus was to ensure Terror's destruction with their allies. As it turned out, sup's expectations resulted in failure, even though anti-Terror clan apex was there to aid them in every single battle. What's even more embarrassing is Terror by itself pulled nearly as much as both of these two clans combined. They never really stood a chance. Outside of clobbering the combined forces of sup and apex, we also fought Legacy & Rage in some nice little clusters. Thanks for the tussles. Special shout out to Fatality, who turned 15 today. That is an outstanding achievement, one that cannot be understated. Congratulations. ~ Terror's Directors ~ ♪ Vinny the Cook ♪ ♪ The Crown ♪ ♪ Kaz ♪
  12. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, May 15, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 115 members for our 15th Anniversary F2P trip. Celebrating 15 Years : Fatality Vs Legacy Vs Terror Our first skirmish of the day came when Fatality scouted Legacy east Bandits, Fatality logged in on top of them and pushed them to singles very easily, Terror then tried to rush before we slammed them fast again. Fatality vs Rage Vs Legacy Vs Terror Fatality scouted a fight between Rage & Legacy at Boneyard where we pushed from the west, hitting both clans forcing them to scatter, Rage and then Legacy both tried to rerush and were easily driven back and removed from Multi. As soon as this happened Terror tried to rush us before being hunted down. Fatality Vs Terror Vs Supremacy Vs Apex Vs Zenith Fatality scouted a fight between Terror, Supremacy & Apex. Fatality logged in on the east side, pushing Supremacy & Apex to singles and chasing Terror inside and then south clearing them up. Zenith logged in south where we absolutely destroyed them and leaving them to have no pures in game. Fatality Vs Fo Vs Zenith Next up Fatality found Fo & Zenith having a cute 20 v 20 at corp. Fatality logged in and rushed from the west absolutely destroying them. Fatality Vs Rage Vs Legacy Vs Zenith Fatality received word that Rage & Legacy were fighting at Barbarian Village, Fatality logged in north and rushed south. Fatality demolished all those before us and pushed them west to singles, it wasn't long before Zenith with mains logged in north of us, Fatality pushed them back to singles north and then went at Rage and Legacy who had rerushed, we took them down however with ease. Fatality Vs Fo Fatality quickly hit Fo after at sperm by logging in on top of them and removing them from the wild. Fatality Vs Zenith Fatality intel received word that Zenith were on corp hill with pures, so we logged in and destroyed them. Fatality Vs Zenith Fatality within seconds scouted the regrouping Zenith in the world below and killed many more. Fatality finished off the day with a 50 v 50 with Fatality New Schools, taking on Fatality Old Schools, the Old Schools came up the winners winning 2-1. @Alex @Tanqe Ali: Justin:
  13. This Sunday, Jumpstreet Pulled 43 Ripped Pitbulls peaking at 47 to our Sunday trip. Even though it was mothers day. Our first fight was planned for a fight vs Venshit at Bandits. But obviously they didn't want it. We tried baiting them into thinking that we had 26 but actually we had 40 pitbulls waiting East Bandits to tuck into some Venom members. Instead of fighting Venom, We set up vs Apex. East of CA, Apex hit us with 30+ Members. Jumpstreet held their ground and within one minute we had won the fight. For our 2nd fight, We were about to fight Hydra but our Venom leak pmed us that they were about to fight at CA in a pvp world. As soon as we heard this we hopped straight over and hit Venom quickly, We cleared Venshit's 16 MAN PULL!!! -----------VIDEO---------- VIDEO COMING SOON! ----------LOOT PICTURES---------- TY 4 LOOT VENOM^ ---------------------------------------------------------- Join the Pitbulls today! PM 'Finnn#1870' To Join!
  14. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD After yesterday's shit kicking of Legacy, Today we didn't expect much of a retaliation today. They are broken beyond belief and the writing is on the wall for Sam (21 Days). Today we wanted to smoke everyone and we accomplished just that. We massed up 45 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 55 Zenith Mountain Men on this lovely mothers day 2021. We hit every pure clan today and cleared almost every single fight, We had action against every single clan out today. Meanwhile we ensured our rivals did not and once again had a actionless boring trip. We had the most action out of any clan and demolished every clan in the wilderness today. This will not end for Legacy, There is NO OFF. We heard Blunt Pures and Rage were at boneyard, We logged in west and quickly went east and then north and started barraging both clans from behind. We started pushing both clans west and eventually pushed them to singles and cleared them up. Once they were all cleared up we teleported to edge and caught a bank. Blunt Pures moved to CA and moved a little north near 18s, We logged in from the south and started barraging through everyone north. We pulled northwest and Jumpstreet rushed from the west and Rage joined the fight at CA. We pulled southwest ontop of Jumpstreet and ended up clearing them up in .5, We pulled northeast on Rage and started smoking them in massive clumps. Rage teleported out and we followed them to the bank. We found Onslaught & Supremacy rushing CA while we were a little west of them, We logged into their world behind them and started hitting them as they ran into CA. We fought for a little while before they teleported out, We continued pushing east and found Blunt Pures south of ghost hut. We quickly started fighting them for a short while before they teleported out as well. Once the world was cleared we picked up our loot and went to edge. We heard Final Ownage Elites & Rage were fighting at Ghost Hut, We decided to log in the tree's and started to barrage through Rage east on the south side of the fight. We began to push north with smite up and ended up running into both FOE & Fatality and cleared them up with complete ease we continued pushing north around the pond and eventually back to CA where a couple BP members were. We cleared up the entire world and caught a couple spams at CA before going to edge. Legacy did nothing all trip, They attempted to crash fights and we crashed them, They attempted 1v1's and we crashed them, They spent more time in random worlds and being logged out then they did in the P2P Wilderness. We caught them with the pants slippin thinking they could fight Jumpstreet at FOG. We came from the south and caught LY in massive clumps we started laughing at our rivals as they all started to kiss the floor and respawn in edgeville. We cleared everything up and caught a fall in and laughed at LY. After Legacy got fully cleared and caught a regroup they tried to go up to boneyard and setup a fight against Final Ownage Elites, We weren't going to allow this and the minute LY logged in we logged in south of them and caught them in a massive GWAS inside of boneyard. We completely cleared them up at boneyard and as we did FOE teleported out. We laughed at LY at boneyard and caught a quick bank at Ferrox. After Legacy got cleared for the 2nd straight time, It was time for them to try to crash fights again. We heard they were going to CA and we came from the west and instantly started barraging through all of them caught in massive clumps in the tree's. We fully cleared them once again at CA north, We looted our loot and moved east ontop Blunt Pures & Fatality who were fighting at ghost hut. We barraged through them within 5 seconds and completely cleared the world once again at CA.
  15. berserk.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/hBjRgJFhwq | 'Berserk Pub' cc Edgi#7339 | Pillow#0420 | Treehugger28#8120 | 'Nick#9381 |Royce#8004 |Slowky#001 | Robuct#3661 After an action packed Winter Season the boys wanted to go out with a bang! Berserk massed 35 Samurai thirsty to steamroll any clan left standing in the scene. Unfortunately Blood Unit couldn't pull and massed just to dismiss members instantly. Apparently the early closing clan Vision was massed up with Berserk! WRONG. Atlas being the only clan/snipe team left ended up pulling 15, less than half our opts. SOOOOOO we split our clan in half to form a cluster!!! No shit we actually did. Pillow reopened Phoenix as an XLPC and we split half our clan into team-46 capes! After two clusters we ended on a high! Shout-out to all XLPC Clans who participated this Season! PM a rank to join next Season starting in July! Royce: Glory: Edgi:
  16. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Last weekend the entire clanning world saw what happens when a clan makes MANDATORY SIGNUPS to fight Zenith, We reclaimed our spot on top of the Pure Clanning Scene. Both Saturday & Sunday were a absolute slaughtering of Legacy that has sent them into a chasm of despair. Conflicting inactive leadership and unhappy bored members are plaguing Legacy forcing several to cash out and ship out. After another week of loses in CWA (0-4) and being easily baited into crashing our PKRI and giving us a free win before the weekend. Less then 20 hours after taking on 8 Clans in P2P and coming out once again on the throne, We were pumped to once again enter our weekend wilderness. We massed up 50 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 60 Zenith Mountain Men to retain #1 F2P. We camped Legacy the entire trip and forced them to have absolutely 0 action, We streamed their teamspeak for everyone to hear as we listened to them break within 30 minutes from 52 to 37 people. Their members kept disconnecting from teamspeak and their discord sits silent to this minute, This will not end until your clan is closed. We followed Legacy to corp and rushed them the minute they logged in to hit Supremacy. We came from the south and instantly sent them fleeing and logging out, We ran directly into Terror and started fighting them near corp caves. We eventually pushed them into singles and pulled east and caught a fall in, We walked to ferrox and waited for Legacy. The minute Legacy stepped back into the wilderness, We hit them at East Graveyard and started sending them scattering and dying back to Lumbridge. We live streamed their teamspeak to our entire channel while demoralizing them and farming them in singles. We sat on top of them and eventually when they had 15 ingame they embarassingly ran into the zombies and fled into Ferrox and logged out. While waiting for Legacy to do anything other then random worlds @ Ferrox, We took the chance to hit Rage at sperm. We logged into their world and rushed them at sperm and instantly starting one hitting through their members. We pushed them far south to CA and fully cleared them up. We baited Legacy to move to bandits and when they did we chased them to west bandits, We hit them in singles and they stayed logged out for the next 15 minutes while we sat on top of them streaming their audio. Legacy sat doing absolutely nothing, So we went to 26 hill and hit up a cluster going on between Supremacy,Fatality,Rage,Final Ownage Elites, Terror. We rushed from the south and instantly ran into Rage we scim pushed them south and eventually east into singles. We then moved north on Fatality and hit them in the tree's we pushed them east into singles and found Terror walking north inside of us. We fought them for some time before they started getting cleared up north of 26 hill, We caught a fall in on top of 26 hill and terror tried to rerush. We cleared them up again and caught a spam and logged out. We waited for Legacy to "crash" a fight between their allies in hopes for some action this trip, That backfired..... We hit them at boneyard and instantly started pushing them south giving them deja vu and smoking them at corp cave. In a clean 1V1 ontop of corp, LY Lasted 55 seconds before running west into singles and waiting for #Anti-Zenith help. We started farming them at northeast graves and began to clear them up. SUMMARY OF LEGACY TRIP -SINGLES FOR 52 MINUTES OF OPENING 1 HOUR. -FROM 52-37 IN 35 MINUTES. (15 DISCONNECTS) -TS3 STREAMED FOR RIVAL CLAN. -0 MULTI ACTION. -CLEARED BY RIVAL X4.
  17. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Yesterday we proved to the Pure Clan world that the conversation between Zenith & Legacy is extremely one sided, When we heard Legacy was doing signups for this weekend we knew this was a last stand for them. Like explained yesterday since Irrelevant's Pure Campaign came to abrupt end, Legacy has been put on formal notice of eviction from the Pure Clanning Community. This will not end, This will not stop, It's only going to get worse for you.... Today we had same amount as Legashit at the start of the trip, We massed up 70 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 80 Mountain Men for our P2P Sunday. We spent our entire trip in multi killing and smoking Legacy every time they entered the wilderness. THANKS FOR THE F2P AND P2P FULLOUT BELTS. #BACK2BACKDAYS #SIGNUPSTERMINATED #OFF=NFS We massed on top of Legacy, We spammed Legacy, We flamed Legacy and we waited until Legacy left for multi. We followed their every move including teleporting up to GDZ, We waited for them to hop into a world and we logged in directly behind them and started smoking them west, We cleared up the remaining as Blunt Pures rushed from the east we quickly turned around on them and smoked them all the way south to GAP and fully cleared them up. We walked to ferrox to bank our loot after fully clearing both clans. We waited for Legacy to setup their fight with Fatality and we quickly came from the west and started barraging everyone east, Within seconds Fatality teleported out like scared dogs, Leaving Legacy and Blunt Pures north of vetion all alone. We went with hellfire barrages north and instantly blew up half of Legacy. PTSD from yesterday and whip lash from Today. We smited them up and went far east on BP and fully cleared them up once again. (Stop fighting LY) Once the world was cleared up we went to edge and banked our looties. Another #Anti-Zenith Clan Onslaught tried to setup a fight against Legacy at GDZ again, We waited for the fight to start and we logged in on top of the fight with more opts then both clans together. We instantly started focusing west and north of GDZ and cleared up both clans at once. We pushed Onslaught and the remaining Legacy members west while smiting them and murdering them, Once they were all cleared up we went back to ferrox and caught a bank.
  18. Yesterday, On Sunday the 2nd of May 2021, Jumpstreet massed up 39 Ripped Pitbulls ( Peaking at 44), to come into wilderness and enjoy our sunday. Our first fight was at Corp hill scheduled vs Supremacy. Rage crashed it just as we were about to fight so we carried on fighting Rage.Rage slowly started to bring it back until they had 44 and we had around 25. Jumpstreet managed to fight back and ended up clearing them after about 5 minutes. Jumpstreet's Second fight was at 26 Hill with SF but Venom Crashed quickly with their 18 man pull all with meds, Then as soon as Jumpstreet saw the meds we dipped. Our 3rd and final fight was at CA Vs Venom, But SF Crashed. We teled out to them to let them fight and they caught none of our members ----------VIDEO---------- JUMPSTREET ON TOP BABY
  19. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We have demoralized Legacy to the point where they were forced to have MANDATORY SIGNUP's for this weekends Trips to try to compete with Zenith, Since the fallout of Revenants Pure Campaign, Legacy & #Anti-Zenith have felt the wrath of the Mountain Men and will continue to until their inevitable closure. We knew this weekend we would break Legacy, Were a stronger, more determined clan with extremely better leadership & member quality. We massed up 60 Zenith and eventually peaked at 70 Zenith Mountain Men to shit on Anti-Zenith for F2P. This trip consisted of us destroying our rivals while being teamed on, This will never affect us and never break us. We steamrolled through everyone today and once again proved why were the best pure clan this game has seen. We rushed Legacy at Chaos Alter down 10, Instantly we pushed them north to corp cave and started slaughtering through their low level pures. We brought the fight even within 10 seconds, We were up 10 within 2 minutes of fighting. Legacy desperately tried to call anyone to help them. Their Mains & Meds had failed, Their Main Clan aiding them had failed, Once Sam realized his clan was going to be fully cleared in multi. He called to run west into singles. We brought them from 60 to 30 in singles and OP tried to move them back east into multi. We rushed back on top of them at corp and instantly started one hitting through them again. Another rerush from Irrelevant and we quickly escorted both clans out of the wilderness, We caught a fall in at CA and walked to sperm. We rushed Legacy at Bandits down 10 from the south, We started fighting along the lava and within 10 seconds they fled east into singles, They tried to hug singles for the next 5 minutes. Trying to creep back into multi every time they came near us we would escort them back into singles. They finally got their balls when Irrelevant came in their capes to aid them. We fought at bandit camp teleport spot for 2 minutes before Legacy left Revenant by themselves to be farmed in multi and eventually pushed west to singles like Legacy. Once both clans were in singles we caught a fall in at bandit camp and laughed at Legacy after clearing them from Multi for the 5th time. We walked to ferrox and this is where the victimizing started. - LY dropped from 60-40 Pures - LY dropped from 45-25 Mains - LY Sat in singles for 55 minutes of first 1st hour. - LY ran to singles X5 With signups in 1st hour. - LY Ended their trip after 1H, 05M, 32S - Teamspeak 3 Completely Silent: 4 Minutes, 32 Seconds.
  20. Just as yesterday, we gathered 40 strong Bears together for our usual P2P trip. Our goal today was getting clean action, as well as ending as many fights as we could from certain clans, and we did just that. (#Byron5946 for a way out) From having multiple 1v1's, dominating a 3 way cluster before fully clearing ez+z+vennies, crashing almost every fights certain clans had, to fully clearing ez AGAIN and having a return fight vs OG that lasted almost an hour and a half, we've done it all. Rage once again had the most action packed trip and nobody was there to stop us. Ps: stop kicking random innocent members
  21. Today Onslaught massed up 41 Gorillas eventually peaking at 45 for our usual P2P Sunday war. Despite us being "camped" we manged to have 70 minute long return fight with Rage at FOG in the end both clans decided to call it there and end on a high note. GF Rage Quode Andrew Brian Wonderdiesel Set up with Rage at bandit camp they defended we attack, we got a strong North side and picked them off 1 by 1 it was back fourth for 6 minutes before Zenith and EZ crashed it, Both clans new TOC was on and between us and rage we got a full clear on them sending them to edgeville. Logged in behind FI and on top of Zenith and Ez at fog and bullied Zenith all the way West into singles clearing both of them. Set up with Rage at al kharid, quick clean 5 minute fight before Elite zerks grew a pair and decided to rush us, We instantly logged in 60 mains and killed the worse med clan that's ever existed in OSRS in a record time of 0.5 seconds. Set up with Rage at FOG and had a clean as fuck 70-80 minute return fight both sides taking the advantage at different times. Not many clans can say they had a clean 40 v 40 that lasted over 1 hour in 2021. Gf Rage
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After we smoked the shit out of Legacy and Fatality we were super pumped for our P2P Sunday, P2P has always been our server and today we proved it to the entire pure community. Without the aid of Irrelevant main clans Legacy has become a sitting duck, Nothing they can do will stop us from closing their clan. We massed up 55 Zenith and eventually peaked at 70 Mountain Men to reclaim #1 P2P. We smoked everyone today and the wilderness was painted Zenith Blue. We cleared everyone out of the wilderness today having successful hit every single #Anti-Zenith, We cleared Fatality,Legacy,Onslaught,Rage and had fights against Blunt Pures, Final Ownage Elites, Apex, Terror. We rushed two alliance clans at bandits and started clearing both of them, First was Onslaught we focused them southwest and barraged the fuck out of them. Eventually they got cleared, We turned around on Rage and vennies and started farming through them. Once they started getting farmed Onslaught teleported back up and we barraged the teleport spot and cleared them up once again. After we pushed rage into singles and went to bank and laughed at them. We rushed Hydra and Blunt Pures at corp and started a slaughterfest, We began farming through Hydra when they went to multi. We cleared up Hydra as BP rushed from the east, We instantly caught some kid for max and our ts went mental. We cleared up everyone onto of corp and CA and we teleported to edge and caught a bank. We rushed Fatality and Onslaught at FOG and started the biggest smokefest of 2021, We instantly bodied fatality and sent them to one of their 4 teley out regroups, We rushed north and smoked Legacy and they teleported out like scared virgins. We continued pushing north and started fighting Terror and Final Ownage Elites, Some Braindead FI rank thought it would be a good idea to rush us near hills hut. We turned around and caught them in a massive GWAS our TS3 blew up and we blew up their rush. We smoked through everyone at hills and completely cleared FOG. Once every clan was gone we went to edgeville to laugh at them. We heard Annakarl was about to pop, We positioned ourselves west and ready to transition through west of GDZ. We absolutely smoked through both clans and pushed them far east. We cleared them up and went far west and logged out. They moved to bandits and we followed them to bandits, We logged in and instantly started smoking through Rage once again. They fled and teleported and we caught a fall in at bandits and waited for any clan to come hit us.
  23. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, April 25th 2021, 40 Final Ownage Elite massed up and went out into the wilderness to kill all pure clans on sight. The first clean pure vs pure action popped off at 26 hill; Final Ownage Elite vs Apex vs Supremacy. FOE rushed from the south and cleared Supremacy near rev cave dungeon. We then pushed north/northwest to surround Apex from the north near 30 line. The cluster went on for 7-10 minutes with a few waves of clean pure action prior to Rag logging in north of 26 hill with mains/meds to crash pure action. We scoffed at their retardation and tele'd to edge to restock - giving Rag 0 action, yet again. After re-upping on supplies, we quickly set up a new fight vs Apex at boneyard. Apex was defending to the east this time so we rushed from the west with our north side quickly wrapping around with aggressive melee/mage. We killed everyone in a green cape until there were none remaining - up untill Rag crashed on mains/meds ending the clean pure action. Final Ownage Elite quickly re-banked and massed up southeast of sperm-hill/black chins to get a quick gwas on Legacy. We logged in from the north and sandwiched them in between two clans and tele'd out after killing 15-20 in multiple 4x4 boxes. We then set up yet another fight vs Apex at east ruins and more or less repeated history. Our south side destroyed them and our north side wrapped around to level 28/near the trees to clear up all the remaining Apex to the south. The fight ended as Rag crashed with their 20 meds/mains ... again - out of desperation. The last fight of the day was vs Venom at west bandits. Final Ownage Elite was defending in a north to south spread along the lava and we fully cleared them matched opts. The fight dragged east to bandits tele spot as Apex was on the outskirts to the west single-to-multi'ing. Venom stood no chance against the legends of Final Ownage Elite in a true matched pure fight. Another successful Pure v Pure P2P Sunday Trip destroying all competition. @Parviz @Swip @K2P @N33bs
  24. After being told certain clans were going to do another set of inners in CWA, we set out today with 40 strong Bears ready for an action packed cluster. Today was filled with clean action, along with ending all fights certain clans had wherever they went in the wild. Also we'd like to congratulate Terror with their birthday, congrats guys! We started the day of hitting a fight between LY and FI at bandits, where we picked them off one by one until it turned into a cluster. Even though we were down opts versus both of them, with superior warring skill we managed to held our own and turn it into a cluster. This went on for about 10 minutes before Terror showed up and all clans decided to grab a bank. For our second fight we managed to run into LY in singles and asked them for a fight. They quickly accepted and before we knew it, it turned into another cluster between all 4 clans. This cluster lasted for an entire hour of un-crashed clean action going from north graves to corp, CA, 18s, Ghost hut and all the way back around to corp before all clans decided to grab a bank. Right when we were getting ready to get a bank, rob showed up extremely late and missing an entire hour of clean action, be faster next time bozos. The rest of our trip consisted of ending every single fight Fo/Sup and Apeg had, while also having a quick 1v1 against FI. Thank to all the Bears that showed up and enjoyed all the clean action! @Royce 
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