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Found 74 results

  1. Rage saw that there were 25+ people, some infliction (some solidtag? not sure?), pking in single at callisto We initially set our bait at callisto but then learned they moved to chins. We set our dd and successfully baited one noob for barrows and dcb.  We Rushed to singles to tag people off and allow our shooter to loot. In the subsequent bloodbath our shooter @overheads was able to bolt ags a member of ?solidtag/if/sv? for 90m and use the mans own bulwark to tank their 25+ fall in quick reactions by the first division of rage's imperial army ensured all focusers were pjd and our brave rage bear returned to edge with his fortune. (peep the swaggy rsn- fake wannabe opps (fo) don't do it like us)
  2. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc Terror massed up 35 Wolves for our scheduled wildy cluster vs our friends in Onslaught & Rage. We were a little late to the fight, so we hopped in on top of OG & Rage already fighting. All three clans had 30 minutes of uncontested & clean action until low impact mains began one iteming the fight. Shout out to the three soup mains that showed up, you did nothing. Don't hide behind daddy next time and gear up l0l. All three clans re-set and had another 15 mins of clean action before the fight was crashed again. We cleared up the first wave of crashers and took our ending fall-in and dipped out. Good fight to OG & Rage.
  3. Clan Rage had a scheduled Pkri vs Onslaught on this active Wednesday. After having a strong p2p mini session the almighty Rage bears set out with 28 pistol gripping goons suited up ready to fuck shit up and that's exactly what we did. We started the pkri up at GDZ and in no time took control of the fight sending many gorillas to the grave. After 10 minutes of the fight Terror decided to drop by and say hello so we greeted them with open arms slaying many wolves in sight. The bozo alliance ofcourse decided to come out but as usual they made NO noise. Goodfights to OG & Terror (thanks for the +1s) @MAkwon @Savage (2 more +1s but no pics, #vanilla client)
  4. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We heard a certain clan was massing to attempt to PK, We quickly gathered 30 Big Dick Zenith Members to end their trip. We sat on top of them while they sat random worlds not logging in. We took the opportunity to fight Final Ownage Elites at spider X3, We managed to clear them up all 3 times. We crashed Onslaught at north of 26 hill and they instantly teleported to the bank. Next up we fought Apex north of 26 hill and we eventually pushed them south to sperm and then to Ghost hut and eventually CA, Once at CA we began to farm through them as a main team decided to snipe from the outskirts. We fought at CA and surrounding area for probably about 30 minutes before we gained to over 30 and Apex stopped returning.
  5. Thursday April 15th, 2021 | P2P WILDY TRIP Terror massed up 13 Wolves for an unofficial pk trip (later peaking at around 17). We hopped around the mostly dead wilderness, clearing out P50's, lava drags & vennatis. While hopping around Lavas we caught a couple of mains in risk, and a scrap ensued. We cleared them within a couple of minutes and tele'd down to get a bank with our loot. As we tele'd back up, we were being awaited by those same mains (realizing it was Anonymous Community), with more numbers. Another fight ensued, this much time longer and more competitive. After about 20 minutes of them getting farmed on return, they ran to singles strip and logged. We then caught a small group of FI pking at vennatis. We had a short scrap and then asked them for a fight which they accepted at GDZ. The fight lasted nearly an hour and both sides juggled with maintaining the lead through excellent piles and returning. After nearly an hour of fighting, FI pmed us about calling it a night and dipped south. Good fight FI
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord On this Thursday evening, Fatality organized a 1 hour PKRI against Terror at GDZ. Fatality massed up 20 Pure Elites for the 20 v 20 at Greater Demons. Fatality was quick to start ripping through the Terror members circling and flanking them. After 1 hour of constant clean action, which was a good fight circling the Greater Demon ruins, the fight came to a close, Fatality said Good Fight and walked down to gap. Good fight Terror! @Stella:
  7. The only thing that can stop us, is us This is the funniest shit, no cap. Let us get this straight... You see us winning all week, ALL DAY and think to crash us unknowingly. We waited, you took the bait. We took your AGS, seen you mass message your masters...Instead of wasting our time, we took to the Arena and flipped that baby into 2B. TY FOR FREE GPS LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO Slow Doggies WE TURNED THIS: INTO THIS: LMFAOOOOOOOO TY ZENITH DUMB DOGGIES, L2 CRASH L0000000000000000LZA
  8. It is better to stand and fight, if you run you'll only die tired From GMT to EST we hit the wild, uncontested and undefeated. 0 Sign of ZENITH. They sure did a whole lot of barking from the side lines though to point they got their accounts banned. Crazy all this talk but they didn't take a step into OUR wild. l000000lza
  9. " In Times of War the Law Fall Silents " It only took 15 SPARTANS to scare ZENITH from coming out. 15 SPARTANS = 30 ZENITH, We've said it before we'll say it again. The wilderness does not belong to you, you PK when we say it's okay to PK. When we say bark, you fucking sit because you're slow doggies, but you're still good doggies. Gf FTV & Persian 12s Group
  10. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We were approached by Apex for a friendly PKRI and we quickly massed up 26 Zenith Members and went to new gate. We spread and waited for Apex to log in, They came from the west and we quickly started focusing their north side and wrapped west of them. Both clans transitioned through GDZ and surrounding area's as the fight raged on for more than 35 minutes before both clans banked. Both clans decided to fight again at bandits and we rushed apex from the east, We wrapped north and started transitioning south. We focused on the lava and started banging out everyone going towards the teleport spot, After around 15 minutes into the fight we went to the bank and thanked Apex for the action. @Paige @Yaz It's been almost a week now and legashit still hasn't gone out to pk after getting clowned on for 15,000+ viewers on Top OSRS Moments.
  11. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We heard some clans were out so we quickly massed up 15 Zenith and eventually peaked at 20 Zenith Warriors to smoke the fuck out of anyone out. We found Tempest at Vetion and cleared them up, We than found Supremacy & Fatality numerous times at spider and completely wiped the floor with them. We spent the next hour hunting both clans as they would flee from us whenever Zenith hopped into their worlds. Thanks to everyone who showed up. PM "cookies#1337" / "Scims#3153" on discord to spy & make 100M every single week! - video uploading -
  12. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Our sources inside Legacy informed us about a "secret" pkri tonight inside their very well "hidden" #real-niggas chat but they've forgotton that they're banned from the wilderness. Zenith quickly massed up 30 Zenith Members to absolutely login and smoke Legacy. We waited for the fight to begin and we rushed Legacy in the absolute troll/clown outfits at boneyard. Legacy instantly fled in gear as we hit them on login and killed multiple ranks in style. We streamed and listened to their audio as we rushed featuring LY High Council @Yaz & Warlord @OP freaking the fuck out as usual l0000l. Once again you cannot compete with Zenith. PM "cookies#1337" / "Scims#3153" on discord to cash out every single week!
  13. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Zenith and eventually peaked at 20 Warriors to smoke the wilderness for plus ones. We ended up pking every location and ended up making bank loot. The wilderness was extremely popping with whales tonight. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Zenith members and eventually peaked at over 25 Zenith Members, Our trip consisted of clearing everything in the wilderness. We fought Resurgance at Vetion and lava dragons and cleared them up X3. We than heard Legacy was at lava dragons with 20 we logged in on top of them and started clearing them up. We fully pushed them west into singles and laughed at them. We waited for them to regroup and head to spider.... We baited them into a world and logged in with 25 north of them and started banging them out. We pushed them fully south and into singles and fully cleared them again, We teleported to edgeville and went to their next world and flamed them. VIDEOS ARE UPLOADING..... STAY TUNED. @codi POV @nick POV
  15. On this Wednesday afternoon, We had intel about a PKRI going on and quickly massed up 22 shooters ready to clear both clans. Our informant inside Fatality told us they were spread defending in boneyard like sitting ducks. We took advantage with the element of surprise and stomped them until they stopped returning. GF & Ty for staff btw.
  16. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We decided to go PKing after we smoked Fatality in under 15 minutes and they stopped returning, We had 25 Zenith Members hit the wilderness. We heard BC & REV were teaming at 50's we quickly went up there and smoked through them and handed them another Loss. We than went to 26 hill and ran into Violent Resolution x3 and cleared them up repeatedly until they fully massed after being cleared X3. We went to lava dragons and stormed around there.
  17. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ On this cold blustery Friday, Vengeance massed up 15 strong Norse Gods for a typical GMT PK trip. Quickly in to it did we locate Blunt Pussies idleing north west of Vetion, they must have been chinchompa bot protecting! Well they did a fantastic job of it, we swiftly relocated our mass unnoticed in a different world, grabbed a few bait accounts and made the hit. These lil dumbies are so thirsty they followed our bare naked pure in to multi l0l! What a mistake that was. Hit after hit we mind controlled these kids, changing bait accounts and locations, macing 4 +1's in total. TY for the loot losers! Since we ended Blunt Pricks PK trip we decided to relocate our trip to High Altar. Here we bumped in to Divine Kings. With agile prowess we mutilated them one after another and cleared them off the map, took our spam and logged out in unison. #VengOnTop
  18. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Shooters and eventually peaked at 26 Zenith Warriors for our Friday PK Trip. We ended up killing [REV] Ethan for his claws. We smoked Legashit and got nothing but bank loot.
  19. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Shooters and eventually peaked at 23 Zenith Members, We ended up clearing Skulled Revs X4 for bank loot. Smoked through Playdead until they got in buttcheeks rag. We killed everything else in sight for bank loot. Edited just now by Elve
  20. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today I massed up 20 Zenith Mountain men and we headed off to slayer cave for an early pk trip. We quickly ran through the cave and multiple other active pk spots and demolished all other clans and smited multiple +1s..
  21. It's no surprise ZENITH avoided LEGACY all night. Stuck in a merged CC everyday, became a main clans beck n call, Antagonized by E Daters all week, bullied into changing your PK Times to try and prove you're not avoiding just to realize.. 15 LY = 30 Z Rats But I get it. You wanted to end on a good note. While we roamed and dominated ALL of the P2P Wildy with our mains, meds & pures, our poor rivals were trapped & confined to the slayer cave. They ended early after being told LY was out LMFAOO Only OG stepped up to the plate to fight us. GF Boys
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Apex contacted me after work for a friendly PKRI run in, I Gladly accepted since im always down for action. We quickly massed up 15 and eventually peaked at 23 Zenith Members. We fought for over a hour with both clans taking leads throughout the fight. We thanked Apex for the fight and logged out.
  23. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We heard Legashit was out Pking and they were trying to mass, We took the opportunity to come and absolutely transition through them. They had no idea what was happening. We would hop into them 3 more times and force them to cry for more help. More help never came, Paige & OP sat in a discord call making whale noise's while I once again ended Legashits Wilderness trip. This is 2 EZ.
  24. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After I cleared LY we massed up and pked for 4 hours, Near the end of our trip 4+ clans tried to mass to end us. But they couldn't compete in gear, They were forced to rag barrage and 1 item. We cleared them up several times from boneyard to north of corp. Once they started 1 iteming and rag barraging. We dipped with our loot.
  25. Poor ZENITH is having another rough week. First reduced to 8 v 8 " PKRIS " , then dedicating a whole topic on a fake hit to me ( I wasn't even there ) , only to end their week by getting fully cleared at 26 Hill. This dog shit clan really thought a midnight pk trip would be safe. They promised their members CLEAN action. They promised them freedom from being bullied .. SIKE! I'm in their heads rent free. When you wake up, you look for mentions from me. When you go to bed, you can't get the thought of a " Mohawked " 2020 Clanner bullying you outta your heads. I gave your whole clan insomnia. Tonight was no different. LEGACY forced you into the protection of another main teams CC once more. Remember who did this to you. We have no mercy for rats.
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