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Found 192 results

  1. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan Zenith @ Callisto We massed up and went up to Callisto, after moving around worlds we hit a protected world and ran through a team of 15~ PvM'ers. Clearing them quickly their protectors logged in and we pushed east through them for some massive loot! After that we moved to Vet'ion Zenith vs BP We moved to Vet'ion and logged into BP, who also were pking. We out-returned them and pushed them south-east into boneyard then south towards corp. They never stood a chance and couldn't match the speed of our returners. Clearing them out, we tele'd out and moved locations Zenith @ High Alter We moved to high alter to find some BANK LOOT! One of our new recuits - iCorey got the best kill of the night of 14m~ an outstanding kill. We continued to hop around and d scim spec/speared and continually made bank for a consistent 2~ hours!
  2. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were chillin when we were told some clans were PKing in bank loot, We massed up 20 Zenith Members and peaked at over 25 Zenith Mountain Men to destroy every clan we found, We ran into Playdead and smoked them at callisto and forced them to call the alliance. We farmed the alliance for 10-15 minutes until they were fully cleared from Callisto and we pulled west and killed the stragglers and went south and banked, We went to 26 hill and hit Playdead again this time we cleared them in .5 and one by one alliance clans would come and try to NS Zenith at 26 hill.... This didn't work for Rev/Clumpa/BC. They got farmed once again at 26 hill and once the entire minimap was painted purple we looted our loots and teleported to the bank once again clearing PD/REV/BC. We rebank and went back for the 3rd and final clear on Playdead and inevitably Rev/Clumpa/BC, We logged into their world at 26 hill once they were freshly skulled and regrouped. We started bombing through them and within seconds had them pulling south and sounding the 'ZENITH IS HERE" ALARM, We farmed them for 10 minutes at spider and after those 10 minutes we caught a fall in at 26 hill and went to edgeville and ended after smoking #Anti-Zenith.
  3. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were chillin on teamspeak and decided to go pking, We massed up 20 Zenith members and hopped around our usual spots when we heard Rage was at 50's with their alliance, We quickly massed up and went to hit them with their alliance at new gate, We started hitting rage and fought around newgate for some time before they got cleared and resorted to 1 item and left the fight, We spent the next 45 Minutes farming through everyone in our way and we decided to end once Rage & Rev were removed from the fight, Post pics.
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tonight, Fatality headed out with 20 green men to enjoy the nice crisp Wilderness air. We hit up spider hill, Vet'ion, Callisto and High Altar. We swept through any competition and came away with some nice lootation. Shoutout to @dukesucksfor providing some quality content. Fatality remains the most active PVP pure clan in the scene. Thank you to all who came out! Paige Pwn
  5. CC: BP PUB We approached Intensity for a 1 defence gap Wildy PKRI. In the first fight, we overpulled and agreed on a quick reset. After sitting 8ish blunt smoking clogs wearing warriors we matched their 15-man pull. Meanwhile those 8 guys were clearing our low stamina rivals in singles, we had a nice 15 minutes long 2nd fight vs INT and managed to clear them completely. Thanks for the clean action and welcome to the scene Intensity! INSERT MEDIA GFX HERE - jk we dont have one Mallu POV Cohursted POV
  6. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Wednesday 22nd of September, Legacy massed up 15 Spartans later peaking at 20+ Spartans ready for our daily un-official pk trip. We started off at Lava Dragons, and rotated to Callisto, Venenatis and Vet'ion. Clearing up a ton of main teams along the way. Near the end of our glorious pk trip, we found Zenith at lava dragons, killing them all then proceeding to push back towards GDZ hoping they would return, which they did. We sat at GDZ farming Zenith Rats for the remaining 30 minutes transitioning on them until they would no longer return while also pking a total loot value of over 25m+. This is our wilderness, #LYOnTop. Nick POV (Uploading) Roofis POV
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord We were approached earlier today for a pkri by bald headed flower, loving some clean action we accepted and setup a nice clean 30min cap pkri. I tapped his head like a set of bongos for the duration of the fight while our clans did battle. Thanks as always og for the clean action.
  8. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Tuesday 21st of September, Legacy massed up 11 Spartans for our daily late night pk trip. We farmed a bunch of main teams all night long, it was an absolute feast. Once again mother Legacy out in the wilderness and no other pure clans showing up.
  9. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Monday 20th of September, Legacy massed up 12 Shooters for our daily late night pk trip, farming everything all over the wilderness tonight, clearing countless pure and main teams, we made over 15M+ in lootations, was easy yet again for mother Legacy.
  10. On a fine Monday morning, GMT Unit decided it was time to clear the Wildy of the Opts We massed up 14 people without a mass poke or a Highlight (more than some clans pull to Sundays ) We later Peaked at 18, Fighting several clans all over the Wildy and claiming MILLS in Lootations. Ty for free money, Pm a rage Rank today for your clan Wildy Pass to be stamped. 
  11. APPLEJUICE80%SUGAR WANT A FULLOUT VS SEXY BOYS ! yall hiding since 3 days off nfs LOC : GDZ 317 WHEN? : 01.03.2021 8pm gmt
  12. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord " Can't Stop, Won't Stop " OFA approached us for a 10v10 Fight late last night and we of course accepted. We waited with 10 Green Men by Sperm Hill . Coincidently a group of 18 logged into us thinking to catch us unaware. We easily survived. We reorganized the battle at GDZ only to bring total obliteration to a clan that dared to step to us. Challenge us and we'll show you why we're called Reapers. Gf OFA, See you at Lumby. Paige Pwn
  13. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Initially massed up 30 Bears to get a quick scrap vs Blunt Purez. When after 15 minutes of fighting at Ghost Hut, Sv2 finally showed up we decided to bait them to deep wildy to start the farm simulator. We reset with BP North of Rev Caves to bait all of Anti-Rage to deep wild where our mains were already lobbied. Dumb as they are they fell for our trick, reducing them to 20 in game with all of the minimap being purple. After pushing them and clearing them all the way south to singles, they somehow got the confidence to gear back up in actual gear. This lasted around 20~ mins before degearing again and being completely wiped off the map with less than 5 in game. (being generous) S/O - to the Anti-Rage pure clans for pulling a measly 3 people each. Pathetic dogs. See the difference yet you fucking incels? When i crash ur pkri i do it with 50+ people in gear and farm the fuck out of you. When u crash mine, u pull 6 and get farmed for 5 hours in 1 item. Huge loot  yes
  14. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 10 green elites (and a drunk dan). Started off our trip in singles smoking some lost Venezuelans. We continued our trip by clearing out the wilderness (26 hill, vetion, callisto, lava dragons). Ended off our trip with a random return fight with some mains. Got some good kills, flamed some dumb kids. Overall, successful trip for the goons. @Paige
  15. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Earlier Today, Fatality headed out with 10 #REAPERS to the wild. We fucked shit up unchallenged while also wondering where the other clans were. It wasn't long before our loyal doggies Zenpiss tried hitting 1 of our guys returning. We logged in on them and took 3 of them down within a short time before they scampered away with tails tucked. We got ourselves into a BIG TANGO and harpooned one of their whales by 26 hill. We carried on pking for almost 3 hours. Suffice to say, sniping Zentards was too easy.
  16. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord " Everyone thinks they have the best dog & none of them are wrong " Just over 10 Fatality Reapers put FO in their place on 26 Hill. So ashamed by their AGS Smite they couldn't help but call their daddy's Zenpex & Mains. Unfortunately for them we got the full clear and continued our hunt across Gielinor. Just over an hour of walking our doggies tonight had them dragging their paws. Poor things could barely keep up Good Boys Paige
  17. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD After completely demolishing and demoralizing Fatality yesterday and giving the former LY victims a taste of the Zenith cockerino, We once again wanted to end the virgin breakers pk trip. So we massed up 20 Zenith Members and went hunting, We logged into their world at 26 hill and started banging through them and sent them to draynor for a regroup. We hopped into their world at draynor and started flaming them and forced them to scatter like rats. We forced them to change locations x4 and end their trip with 3 lonely Fatality Members at chins.... A HA HA.
  18. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD After smoking the wilderness earlier, We were still hungry and never satisfied. We massed up 15 Zenith Members and eventually peaked 30 Zenith Members. We ran into OFA and smoked them at lavas X3 and once at spider. After clearing OFA our 3rd time we found a Fatality member who called his clan to get completely steamrolled by Zenith at 26 hill. They logged in one by one and died one by one, We sent them all to edgeville and caught a spam and went to bank. We spent the next 30 minutes repeatedly hopping into their worlds and killing them or forcing them to teleport. After 30 minutes of massing for Fatality they finally got enough balls to go to 26 hill, We rushed them perfectly from the west side and started transitioning through them and pushed them far south. Within seconds 30 Fatality was evaporated and sent to edgeville, We killed the remaining stragglers south and went to edgeville and laughed at Fatality. PM cookies#1337 | Scims#3153 to leak and/or to join.
  19. Zenith tried to go pking with 8 goons (nice pull for your one set of pking for the week). We had 10 goons chilling in ts, and ended up peaking 14. Our spies kept us filled in while we followed them round the wilderness, killing them at high altar twice, Vetion twice and forcing them to end. Each time they would panicingly run away and flame us in the bank, claiming their was no Leak. We followed them over and over again! How can you have 8 in a channel and 3 of them are leaking.Scims keep moving people out and seeing if you get hit We farmed them for over 25m in lootation! Afteer they ended we continuing strolling the wilderness picking up kills and +1s. Wish a motherfucker would contest Rage in GMT. PS: Dear Zenith, Your application for a wildy pass is formally denied on Behalf of your being leakier than the Titanic and softer than cream cheese.
  20. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord " In The Midst of Chaos there is Also Opportunity " Nearly 30 Reapers stormed the P2P Wildy last night after catching wind about dogshit " pure " clans being out. Though we cleared a few, it didn't take long for these mangy mutts Zenpiss to speed dial their main clan buddy's and merge cc's with Apex. We continued the battle against WG at Vetion before moving onto 26 Hill, cleaning up the poor shmucks there who decided to stick around. Our late night shooters ended the night off by Callisto obtaining more +1s. Gf World Paige
  21. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc After pking with 20+opts for a few hours we approached BP for a P2P scrap. We rushed BP down-opts at Boneyard. The fight went back hence and forth until we overwhelmed BP and pushed the fight all the way back to CA. BP then called it and we took our fall-ins and called it a night. Once again low stamina low impact anti-Rage clans (Zenpex) went missing. Royce: Kaz: BVG: Downright: Grey: 
  22. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Nearly 30 Fatalians took to the P2P wild making over 50M in loot tonight. Uncontested, Undefeated Fi's Always Winning
  23. Today BP hit up rage for a PKRI and within 20mins massed up 23 later peaking 29 BLUNT-SMOKING PUREZ. The fight went back in forth between both clans until we noticed many mains so we tele'd out for a reset, which was declined. GF Bears. After the PKRI we decided to end Jumpshite's singles trip and smited a few plus 1s until they stopped returning. CC: BP PUB
  24. Massed up 25 goons for our 2nd Pk trip of the day Pked all over the wildy and got into some return fights with BF/AF ect. Fun af! Ty 4 action.
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