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Found 30 results

  1. "BP Pub" CC Kings Of All Timezones. Tristin#4390 for Discord Invite EST unit a rising Intro Thanks to all clans for the action. We hope to dabble more in this timezone. So if want clean Non main fights. Please Pm us! Again thanks for the clean actions Terror, Supremacy, hydra and more! We set out on a rev trip with a solid 7 North American BP Vikings dominating' from 5 PST to 6:30PM Until we got word others were questioning if BP was able to come into the EST action. We set out after a quick HL. Peaking up to a solid 18 We quickly got more eyes scouting....Finding Terror, SuP & so many others in revs and after few quick transitions we were able to claim revs ours for the night... with even some +1s We quickly got word Terror moved onto single so we decided to make a quick appearance with 10 solid shooters from our single unit. and still 14 hanging on discord. After quickly clearing terror in singles we decided call it a non mandatory. and still got our unit pking in singles. Come join the most non toxic pure clan today boys
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord We massed up 15 shooters to go disrupt caves, we managed to kill a lot of vennies. After a while, we found our favorite punching bag, Tattedmuscle, streaming. We kept stream sniping my guy until he started asking random viewers to team up with him. That didn't matter, we cleared them again. Was overall fun. We even got a loyal viewer of his to get kicked, thinking it was him leaking. KEK Twitch clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/PeppyGoodLettuceKreygasm #KRYPTONITE
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Thursday October 15th; Fatality massed up, peaking ~30 Pure Elites to take on Blunt Pures in a 30 minute capped P2P PKRI. We would defend in the center of boneyard, to make sure we'd be able to attack all levels that would show up to the fight. After a rocky start, our exquisite returning would prove hard for BP to keep up with, and we would end up dominating the later half of the PKRI which would get pushed to corp and later to CA. Thanks to BP for setting this up with us and for the clean ass action between both clans. @Tanqe
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today we massed up 15+ Pure Elites and peaking at 18+ and set out to Lava Dragons where we were quickly met by a team of Mains & Meds, but Kryptonite held strong and cleared every single one of them with quick - and efficient pilling. We then moved over to Rev Caves in search of Pure Clans, but were met by Protection Teams instead. We ended up fighting multiple protection teams, and cleared every single one of them and chasing them all back into singles. To end the trip, we ran into Jumpstreet & Zenith who were completely outnumbered as they logged in on us, and we reminded them that nobody is safe when KRYPTONITE is PKing with no clans out pking for the next 30 minutes after and forcing Zenith to end and spend the next 5 hours trying to re-mass. Easy loot for the boys #KRYPTONITE Zenith running as usual
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today we massed up 15 big green dicks to terrorize the wilderness like we always do during the week. We started off at Lava drags and cleared anyone we saw, and had a nice fight vs some mains. Lavas Revs After taking over Lavas, we decided to go back to our old stomping grounds, Revs. We cleared multiple med groups, cleared a bunch of vennies, and took down BP down 5. They surprised logged into us and caught us off guard, but our returning was superior and we managed to get the full clear. GF BP. We then carried on, running into TP and Zenith wiping they quickly. We logged into the middle of a fight between Hydra & Swarm where we dispatched on both clans without focusing one or another. It wasn't long before we ran into BP again with a short return fight with our returning and tactical barrage clumping providing stronger easily. GF BP however, much respect. #KRYPTONITE
  6. Found fo trying to have a pkri vs BP and made sure they wouldn't be able to participate. We massed up 40 Bears to kill everything and eventually dipped once we had ended fo. Was a very nice farm sesh for the grizzlies and we appreciate all the looties. No sign of rob/ez as usual for our midweeks. Peep the vid for 15 minutes of absolute slaughter. Average K/D 20:1 etc Matias Royce Makwon Broxx
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tonight we massed up 15 Elites for a Saturday Night Rev Adventure, little did we know that we would be clearing the entire Pure Scene. We started off running into Tp & Ly, who we cleared and smited for Multiple Tomes of Fire. We then sounded the horn and pulled 30+ KRYPTONITE SHOOTERS and began hunting the Pure Clans that we knew were out. Throughout the night, we cleared the likes of Bp, Ly (2x), Zenith, Tp, Sup, and Multiple Med Teams and not only did we clear every single one of them - but we took ABSOLUTE BANK off of them in the process, smiting them for Tomes, Occults, and Ballista's until we were the Last Clan Standing. COMPLETE DOMINATION TONIGHT #KRYPTONITE \ LY CLEAR 1 LY CLEAR 2 TP CLEAR BP CLEAR
  8. https://zenith-rs.com/community/ On this late Saturday night, we massed up 22 Zenith Shooters after finding Rage & Fatality out in our rev caves. We ended up full clearing 15 Fatality idiots by NE Corridor resulting in them ending soon after. The next fight was against Rage, near matched opts and turned into a quick return fight but we took the victory in the end. GF Rage.
  9. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Friday October 9th; Fatality massed up, peaking 55 Pure Elites after hearing that Zenith was planning on crashing a F2P PKRI taking place at Barb Village. We then proceeded to chase Zenith around barb village the entire duration of the fight even with them being aided by Apex, it was to no avail as they would be put to single digit opts multiple times. We would soon enough full clear them, with ease. You will never, ever, be on our level, you victims.
  10. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage gathered a squadron of Bears at a moments notice to crash a F2P Pkri between Apex and Zenith at barb village, we ran in and rolled the fuck out of them both - forcing Apex to call their alliance. Unfortunately for Apex it took them around 10 minutes to show up and in that time we absolutely decimated them. After smoking Apex and Zenith we got word of a fight between Onslaught in Terror in the same world at bandits, so we moved up there and fought them both 1v2 for around 15 minutes before it was crashed by a measly 25 man combination of Rot and Ez (It took these morons 15 minutes to figure out our location when we were literally fighting in the same world 🤣 Thanks for the the free smoke, see you pussies tomorrow
  11. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 10 Zenith Shooters and eventually peaked at 25 Mountain Men. We ended up having a Return Fight Matched Opts vs Venom which we lost 1 person. We cleared up Tormented & Damage Control kids from the wilderness and cleansed the wilderness of Vennies. GF clans. @Elve POV
  12. │ │ Tuesday October 6th, 2020: Tonight we massed up 20+ Godkings for some wildy action. Started the night be victimizing a Fatality rat just west of GDZ. Farmed many many whales afterwords at Lava Drags, and then headed to revs. While at revs we got in a clean 1v1 vs. Tempest, thanks for the good fight! Smoked a billion vennies and stink mains afterwords, and ended up fighting DC a couple times too. Ended the night with over 30m loot, and had a blast.
  13. Today we massed up 15 Elites for a quick GMT PK session on a Monday night and ventured out to Lava Drags where we killed multiple PvMers and Mains for quick loot. After clearing Lava's, we then set our attention to Rev Caves, and immediately found success with Craw Bows, small Med Teams and a few pure teams. After clearing about half of the worlds and multiple protection teams, we found Zenith logging in on top of us. With nearly even opts, the Kryptonite Green Machine wiped Zenith from the Caves and smited them for a Ballista as a parting gift. We finished off the trip by finding Hydra and a few other pure teams and wiping them from the Caves in a matter of seconds each time - as well as smiting a Main for a D Bow. #KRYPTONITE Stone Andrew Sonic 🔻Z getting smited🔻 Smiting Main for Dbow https://i.gyazo.com/c501d45527574d795e8add9e7d2712b7.mp4
  14. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 15 Elites towards Lava Dragons and immediately ran into a med team at Lava Dragons, we fought them for a bit and killed them for bank. As we regrouped and returned we found them back at GDz again where we mopped them up again. We scouted Lava Dragons a bit more and found med team after med team and cleared them over and over again. We transitioned over to Revs for some quick hits on pures including smiting a toxic staff off a pure and GWASSES and mopped up the caves making some quick bank before calling it a day. #KRYPTONITE https://streamable.com/8jxa28
  15. One of our many spies alerted us that Fatality was pking so we massed up 20 sharks and swiftly ended their trip. We then jumped in their private clan chat and continued to torment the poor, lost, and distraught Fatality members. After ruthlessly ending Fatality (again) we hopped around at revs and killed everything in sight. Fatality after today's beatdown. I
  16. Tonight a select few of us started the trip by heading out to Lower Caves where we made quick loot off Cannons & Craw Bows, as well as clearing the same team of 3 MULTIPLE times and bullied them out of the wilderness. We caught wind of pure teams at Rev Caves, so we quickly massed up 15+ Shooters and ventured out. We easily cleared small med teams and ran into multiple small pure clans who were vanquished within seconds. After storming the Caves uncontested for nearly an hour, we logged in on Supremacy and began to FEAST. We started the fight down opts and down combat levels, but out-piled, out-tanked, and out-returned the med clan scum until we cleared them from the Caves. EASY FOR THE GREEN MACHINE #KRYPTONITE 61 Smite ft. @Tiko
  17. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tuesday September 29th; Fatality massed up, peaking at 65 Pure Elites ready for some fun P2P action. We got word that there was to be a PKRI between the likes of Fo and BP so us as well as other clans massed up to make it a cluster. We we quick to find that Zenith was massing up to hit the fight, so we knew our main objective to once again being beating the fuck out of Zenith, which we did just that forcing many of them to get in 1 item, and even killing them are their suicide barraging mains/meds. Eventually the ex-rivals of Fo and Zenith would even join into the same cc, in an attempt to beat us, but it would not work as Fo members and even leader K2P would be 1 iteming for Zenith trying to kill Fatality. No matter how much help you get Zenith you will never be able to take us down. Final Ownage and Zenith in the same clan chat. "K2P" aka Fo leader Notice all the Fo hats as purple dots To start the cluster off we would login spread by pond and rush just north of CA. Upon getting there we identified Zenith would be to our west in no capes we would immediately push west on top of them clearing up the small amount of people they were able to pull. Once killing the Zenith we moved south once more and killed the capeless Fo this time. With Zenith teleing back up we shifted our focus east and continued killing all of their returners, the ones who didnt die would tele out instantly. By this point in time Blunt Purez were to the west of us, so with Zenith with barely any in game we pushed west onto the BP that were grouped there. Our main focus would be chasing Zenith all around Chaos Altar, while clearing the likes of BP when we would run into them. Once the other clans of BP and Rage would leave the fight it would leave only us and Zenith and Fo. By this point in time countless Zenith and the remaining Fo aides would be in 1 item attempting to kill us. All that it did was give us the easiest full clear in our lives.
  18. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We heard clans were partaking in a PKRI in our wilderness, We decided to join in on the fun once we heard Fatality was massing. We quickly sounded the alarm and massed up 50 Zenith Mountain Men. We waited for the action between Blunt Pures & Final Ownage Elites to begin and Fatality to log in. We quickly positioned ourselves east of the fight and waited for the perfect opportunity. The fight started and instantly we started hitting Rage who logged in with Fatality. We cleared up Rage and turned on Fatality and started smoking through them. We started blowing up fatality repeatedly as we would clump them every time they tried to regroup. We cleared them numerous times with them being forced to teleport out and regroup several times while Zenith continued to farm through everyone at CA. Eventually it was just Fatality & Their Mains, We continued bullying the fuck out of them pushing them all around the wilderness. We pushed them far east and blew them up. We pushed them far west and blew them up. Our teamspeak3 exploded @Ram smiled from ear to ear as Fatality mass returned to get repeatedly GWAS'D. Eventually after Fatality's Mains broke, Fatality followed suit. They stopped returning and we cleared them up. We caught a fall in and took a ending at CA. We teleported to Edgeville and flamed the 16 Broken Fatality Members.
  19. We got word that Fatality was pking without the pre-authorized consent of the sharks, so we massed up 24 and headed up to put an end to their fun. Ended up clearing them 5 times before they finally threw in the towel and ended their trip. This is why Fatality will never prep Apex. Apex wins again.
  20. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord At approximately 1:00 am, 22 good looking kids set out for an adventure to dismantle the scene of Revenant caves! With our charmingly aesthetic 6'3 tanned summer beach-goers, we managed to make over 150m+ and smite a KODAI WAND! It seemed we ran into APEX and absolutely decimated them... A few APEX ranks (RNG + Rancher Nox) were last seen vsing our most elite pkers... Take a look below for last seen footage of RNG + Rancher Nox... (UNFORTUNATE) KODAI SMITE! (85M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Illegal KO ! (10M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @PWNUNY0MAMA ! (-700M LOOT) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Nubbybread FOR DONATING COUNTLESS SETS TO THE VENEZUELA COMMUNITY! JUST JOKING.. (+5M LOOT) FOR @Nubbybread (+1.5m) S/O TO GOOD LOOKING MEMBER @Safe FOR CAUSING ENDLESS CHAOS WITH HIS FLOW OF ARABIC MUSIC AND AMAZING DANCE MOVES SAFE AFTER MAKING AN ASTOUNDING AMOUNT OF MONEY... IT SEEMS SAFE WAS CELEBRATING AND LAST SCENE AT EDGEVILLE BANK BELOW...!
  21. │ │ 09/28/2020, We massed up 20 godkings to PK around the wilderness in hopes of running into our foes and also having some fun. Holding down lava drags uncontested, I dm'd the leader of Shitality to come hit us Being the afraid victim he is, He ignored as expected, so we continued to farm other random teams.
  22. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tonight we massed up 10 Elites and stormed Revenant Caves for nearly an hour uncontested. We peaked at 15 Elites and cleared MULTIPLE Med & Protection teams while smiting them for free Ballista's and bank loot without dropping a single Elite. We finally ran into some small pure teams and caught The Firm once again, unprepared for the wrath of Kryptonite getting cleared & SMITED FOR 2 TOMES & OCCULTS We finished off the trip by running into 3HIT & Company who quickly ran south after getting vanquished off the start and we got a double kill ACROSS THE GAP (PIC BELOW) IN ADDITION TO CLEARING THEM IN 30 SECONDS - WE ALSO SMITED THEM FOR AN ELDER MAUL INSANE TRIP GENTLEMEN #KRYPTONITE
  23. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 15 Elites ... peaking at 18 and rolled out to Lava Drags where we wiped out multiple med teams, including Apex leader Ranger Nox with an apex med team - who attempted to hit us & resulted in them getting CLEARED. We then stormed Revs until we cleared nearly ALL of the worlds with much ease wondering where all the protection teams had gone! #KRYPTONITE
  24. │ │ A little birdy told us that Fatality was out at Lava Drags. We quickly teleported up, caught them slipping and cleared them off the map. Moments later, we logged in on them again, clearing them once more. They thought they could hide at Revs, so we went and cleared them twice there as well. Demoralized, they sat at edge speechless for 15 minutes as we flamed them. After we ended Fatality we went and smoked a random med team at CA. @EaseMaybe I misunderstood, but I thought we were banned from the wilderness?
  25. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 20 Pure Elites up to Lava Dragons to see what we could find, we quickly scouted Zenith going to Revs and ran over for a quick hit and wiped them from the caves, we ran back to Lava Dragons where we heard Supremacy was at GDz, we ran over and cleared them with ease, we headed back to Lava Dragons where we cleared some random pures, meds and mains before getting information that Zenith were back at Revs, this time we caught them in a fat clump and gwassed them. We scouted Zenith quickly again at Revs and ran down and specced them out fast again. We shortly found Supremacy again on the next world and took them out and killed the stranglers in singles. We scouted Zenith yet again at revs and absolutely destroyed them for the fourth time! The Wilderness is ours. No apology, no remorse, no honorable actions that you think you can proceed with will stop us from murdering you. We are going to slam down your doors so hard that you will never dare think of reopening again. You are out to PK at revs? We will ruin you there. #Kryptonite https://streamable.com/21526v
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