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Found 577 results

  1. Seeing how dead wildy was and no xlpcs wanting to come out and play We still easily massed a quick 35 shooters to hit Wheel-chair users XL. Clear them x3 and broke them to 15 man from 40. Nice 60s and 70s reres lmfao still got the smoke down 15 Join the future incoming 1# xlpc clan in the scene at TS: Plague.ts3chat.com
  2. DEFIANCE / 40-50 / XLPC Discord: https://discord.gg/7UMWwc ======================================= Once again... Wheelchair users was talking shit lmfao headed out with 10 Ninja's and slapped them straight off their downie chairs. Currently looking for active ranks that are willing to put in work to make defiance successful if you think you qualify pm Tanaka#4512 on discord
  3. JaJa Impulse

    midweek Wednesday: DK+PR+Vit Destroyed

    The legendary discord pker's "predators" wanted to fight us so we quickly massed up to hit them, they were cleared within 3 minutes before calling DK+Vit to show up and help them. We still easily managed to clear all 3 of those clans and come out victorious. Thanks for the free loot, was easy as fuck. Loot
  4. We did that thing again where we took 5k weapons into the rev caves and left with over 200m.
  5. DEFIANCE / 40-50 / XLPC Discord: https://discord.gg/dqTZEhm ========================================= Monday is our chill day however we got word from an unknown source that the wheelchair leader Hon0r himself was talking shit about us so we headed out with 11 ninja's and did some swish swoosh shit on their 5head with our katana's. ty 4 action Video is short because it was late and after we perfected them the first time they was sat at church for 45minutes gaining more people but still couldn't gain enough... Currently looking for active ranks that are willing to put in work to make defiance successful if you think you qualify pm Tanaka#4512 on discord!
  6. Today Rampage massed up 14 Fat Pandas later peaking at 18 for some clean midweek action. Shout out to Blitz and Ambush for some clean action today!
  7. Milked some whales deep wild for bank loot and owned pr at gdz, ty all.
  8. FRIDAY, everyone's favorite day of the week! A day that was action packed for OVERDOSE. Peaking @ 25 Legends, OD stepped out into the wild and had dance with anyone who stepped in our way! We got a few quick hits on a few snipe teams & came across NOXIOUS & ASCENT during our trip. Shouts out to all clans/teams that came out today. Lets keep the scene BUZZING! . . . Join the #1 XLPC for daily action & events!
  9. DEFIANCE / 40-50 / XLPC Discord: https://discord.gg/KBXUfrq ========================================= late night pk trip after we got word that a few teams was out, leaving fountain with 10 Katana wielding Ninja's ready to fight. With Katana's in hand we began our adventure into the wilderness, which would only turn out to be a pretty fun night for Defiance. Later peaking at 15. ty 4 action Currently looking for active ranks that are willing to put in work to make defiance successful if you think you qualify pm Tanaka#4512 on discord!
  10. We got word in the Bounty Hunter world that some clans were massing up and as to starting our 2 Year Anniversary Weekend we massed up 20 hornets later peaking at 30 took on the revenant caves and cleared out not only the Mafia Cc, but we also ran into Hydra and cleared them as well. After cleansing the Rev Caves, and collecting our taxes, we moved onto Gdz, clearing Lava's and Glory Hill for an hour killing anything we saw. Thanks to Mafia & Hydra who gave us clean action today. @OIVC POV
  11. After our sexy Bee's have been pking for hours starting at 15 and later peaking at 32 we got wind that FI was out in our Wilderness. After a demoralizing Sunday for FI we decided to show them why we run the wilderness. Imagine bringing mains to try and help lose LEL The fight started with us logging in on top of FI in the middle of the rev caves quickly taking control of the fight and pushing them north and catching them in a huge GWASSSSSSS. After the huge Gwass we quickly pushed them even further north while they were chasing their tails, and trying the lick their wounds, but we continued to give them the smokey smoke. Once their numbers dwindled we pushed them back south to where the last stragglers limped their way out to get a tele and save themselves. After the tele FI quickly ended their trip and fight to keep their members from leaving after that demoralizing defeat. After Fi ended we had a few run ins with IR which was a swift clear and a few lucky survivors made it out and either tele or logged. But still put up a better fight than the Shit clan Slumptality Backwoods POV Oi VC POV
  12. On Thursday OVERDOSE stepped out into wild for a short but fun trip! We didn't get much action as we would of liked but we did manage to bump into NOXIOUS. We knew NOXIOUS wouldn't hit us first so we had 7 of our members walking by Chaos Alter in a different world, using them as bait and hoping NOXIOUS would find and hit them. Little did they know the rest of OD had eyes on our brothers and would intervene if ANY team dared to attack. Sure enough with NOXIOUS having many scouts out our lil team was found. They really thought it would be a quick and easy hit, up until the rest of OD logged in LOL. . . . Join the #1 XLPC for daily action & events!
  13. Today, Ascent massed up 25 blue legends to smoke shitters in the Wilderness. We ended up clearing all clans multiple times. GL this weekend. PM Repa#8603 on discord to leak your shit clan's locs for 10m a trip. Teamspeak: ts.clan-ascent.net CC: Ascent @Brad POV
  14. The Plague

    midweek (unofficial) The Plague FT 2v1

    On this late night Thursday, The Plague boys massed up 28 shooters to smoke anyone in our wild. The result was getting 2v1 and 3v1 with no problem for us See you soon xlpc scene. I hope your ready for the Plague Vid:
  15. . . On this Monday, OVERDOSE massed up 25+ legends later peaking @ 30 for one of our official mid week trips! With extreme hype over the current activity 308 has been experiencing recently, OD was down and ready to clean up the wild. 30 minutes in to our trip we learned that Noxious would not be coming out. A clan that claims they are the most active and #1 clan in the XLPC scene LOL, yet does not have a trip on one of the most busiest days for XLPC. . (AFTER ALL THAT TALK) LOOOOOOOOOOOL @Scims @King of OSRS @Yehr @Qtp ?????????????????????????????? . However we moved forward and didn't let that get to us but instead focused on the clans/teams that were out. Shouts out to our friends over at ASCENT & BLITZ for competing and giving hella action even though being down numbers! Also shouts out to the snipe teams that do what they do. . .
  16. On this beautiful Monday the mighty Bee clan decided to go out and continue on our rein after our 90+ Killer Bee sunday Trip. We casually started a pk trip with 22 solid Bee's to see what action was going on in our wilderness. VS. After clearing every world we got wind that War was massing up. We quickly focused our pk squad to show them a fun time, as soon as they decided to step into our multi zone we caught them in a huge GWAS. After feasting on WAR's delicious loot we had a sweet run-in with DC, which turned into a bloody murder fest for them. We quickly caught them into a huge 7 man clump and once they all dropped we quickly cleared the last 11 members with ease. Papa Doc POV Backwoods POV
  17. So apparently this little rat @Infamous Jet still thinks he can pipe up.? Bitch I cleared you off your fudog account when RP was open. Literally made you make a new SB account (the one your using now) I suggest you keep that chihuahua bark to yourself if you don't want cleared off SB and game yet again. Insta telling ass when it's even ops or not crashing a fight. Pathetic fuck. BTW Ambush strong, I'm not closing them into any team. Thanks for keeping our hype up tho mentioning us in every post. Such a good slave for me.
  18. 50-65 CB Pure? Join Noxious Today! @slushpuppy Forum topic is bugged pmed on discord
  19. 50-65 CB Pure? Join Noxious Today! Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious On this lazy Tuesday, Noxious massed up 14 cookies n cream lovers later peaking at 18 for our fun pkri's. Both Ascent and OD cancelled their trips today so we were stuck with our friends over at the wolfpack AWOOOOO and others to find action! Ty 4 action boys.
  20. 50-65 CB Pure? Join Noxious Today! Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious For our Monday Midweek, Noxious massed up 17 warriors later peaking at 22 to dominate the wilderness. Ascent being the rats they are, tried to bait us into fights (1v2 scenarios) all trip but failed once again and ended their trip doing inners with 8 in TS channel. Majority of our fights were against OD having close pulls going back and forth. We also had some nice clusters with Blitz/Ambush as well. Gf guys!
  21. Ahhh yes .!! The one true Snipe team back at it again .!! Was a lovely Monday for my wolves , Setting out with 11 later peaking at 15. Let me start off with saying shout out too @Infamous Jet for getting his Fake F2p Hybridz team killed.! You want too pipe up.? Well here is 4 separate times me and the pack ran threw you. 2 of which it was a 2v1. Easy for us wolves btw. Also had some fun sniping the OD and Noxi fights shout out too them for keeping it clean with no tanks.!! Major shout-out too ATL and Blitz for the clean action.!! And 3poop.? Well I'll let the end of vid show you about them.
  22. For this Black Friday 10 ferocious wolves left their den for a little hunt. We hit today with one goal. Hunt down the disgraceful 3poop Sadly, they was bullied by us for the past 2 days so they decided to just hide on 40s SMH Gdz. Big shout out too the bois from Blitz and Racks for the amazing run ins.!!