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Found 905 results

  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Wednesday, 4th December: Final Ownage Elite massed up 25 elites for our daily trip to revs. We got word that Rage stepped foot in our territory one hour later so we massed up to 40 to kill them. Intel informed us that they were set up at the 30 line so we set up north of them and hopped over to their world. The fight lasted only a few minutes before Rage was easily cleared of the map. It was over within a minute and they gave up returning so we walked away with another victory. We tried to set up another fight at boneyard after completely dismantling them in the caves. They pussied out of fighting FOE and quickly teled out to hide. ~Utc ~Jordai ~Nando 
  2. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube What started out as Commander and I suiciding to mains at high altar (nerf black d'hide body fucking jagex) slowly turned into a full power PK trip as more and more gang members joined in. We cleared out high altar, and then found ourselves at CA where we somehow managed to make bank and once that was clear we headed up to wev caves and continued to make even more bank. Eventually we realized we had been pking for over 5 hours and decided that was enough ownage for one day. GRATZ UB.
  3. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Sadly our big mini planned for today was cancelled so we had to find something else to do. We took this opportunity to once again make our presence felt in the reverend caves and made several trillion dollars. Thank you vennies and SF (who died VERY quickly) for the free looties.
  4. Scouted pisspremacy at caves with 20 shitters so we massed up 20 of our own men to go own on them. For the first hit we logged into them at north wall and nearly perfected them. They tried to return but got gwassed at entrance 3x in a row. We forced them to hug singles and attempt to single to multi us before dipping south with our loot. Next we found them fighting IO down south in the cave. We hit from the north, clearing out IO and Supremacy at the same time. This time they didn't put up much of a fight and ended their trip shortly after. To end our trip we had a nice 15 minute return fight with Apex in the black drags. The fight went back and forth throughout the duration. Eventually main teams found the fight and started camping returners and ragging us in the drags so we dipped out after a nice battle. @K0nt @Wild Pictures
  5. Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic so you can focus on pking instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's a noticeable difference. Join Hydra Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Pkers of all experience levels welcome, but skilled pkers preferred. Requirements: 70+ cmb 1-20 def 50+ att 80+ str/rng 85+ mage 43+ prayer Cc is cc_Hydra Website Leader: Trikb0w High Council: Tyler Officers: VotxKrom, Haro Council: Desk Agent, MKD adePt Warlord: Zack Mangler
  6. Usually don't post on Sharkbrew but some retards were piping up on discord so why not. Enjoy Bob's PoV:
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this Tuesday afternoon, Legacy massed up 20+ Spartans to fight FOE and Rage in the rev caves. The first PKRI we setup along the north wall defending first. Rage logged in and tried rushing from the south but we caught them in multiple 3+ man clumps and they got stomped. GF. The second PKRI we logged in from the south and saw FOE vs Rage in the center. We quickly pushed through and focused the pink cape shitters along the north dumping specs and being aggressive resulting in a full clear. GF Foe + Rage. To wrap it up, DC tried to hit us in singles but were outnumbered and absolute shit in 1v1s lmfao GF.
  8. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Got word that "IR"Resistance was out pking with 30+ members in LYCaves we massed up for a few and went out with 30 LY Members for a hunt on Halloween night not for candy but the bones of nerdy "IR"RS members we managed to find them x2 in Multi and Fully cleared them both times, 1 time perfecting them as well " LoL". We also hit them in single outside of rev caves chasing down there basic members forcing them to end and cry for clan wars. Better luck next time "IR"RS stay in clan wars and bullied out of OUR caves.
  9. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Tuesday, October 29th, 2019; Outrage massed up 10 dragons for a rev trip, later peaking at 20. Today was quite eventful as we encountered the likes of Legacy, Supremacy, Blunt Pures, Onslaught and killed them all with ease. We then found ourselves fighting rage quite a few times, we logged into them the first time with similar opts and owned, got into a second fight with them down a few and owned, then got into another fight down 10 that went back and forth for 20 minutes thanks to our strong returning. Thank you all for the action and see you all whenever next :).
  10. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube A drunk man on teamspeak demanded we go to reverends so we headed up and went to kill many noobs. Shortly into our small little PK trip we got hit by some shitty little rev team so we decided to mass up a few more and ended up running around with 15-17 men or something. We found rs who were fighting some other clan and hit that for a bit, found apex and foe fighting and hit that for a bit, then hit a cluster of apex/foe/rs/us/mains for like 30 mins or so to end it all off. It is nice to see an active wilderness!! gf all was fun etc Alex POV of some of the cluster
  11. We went out on a typical Tuesday Night, Pulled about 25. We went out to revs in f2p gear to have fun, SF crashed us fighting DC, then spammed "io cleared" We geared up in p2p gear, returned to rev caves and cleared SF 3x in a row Here's the aftermath vid! (Not gonna show killpics as no one cares to see 150k pure loot) We lost an Elder maul during the fight, and SF didn't even notice and we managed to get it back
  12. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Unbreakable clan decided to once again keep reverends clear of any noob bastards and we did just that! We pked for 3 hours with around 15 men and made many millions killing all. Even "pure" clans bringing mains to try and kill us (sad!!!) could not break our spirit and we had a good ass time the whole 3 hour PK session. UNBREAKABLE CLAN remains the most active pure clan (even when all others refuse to prep us!!! (sad!!!)) GJ men.
  13. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Heard that Rage and Resistance were trying to PK. One mass poke later, we massed up 41 shooters ready to run a train on them. Once word got out Legacy was out, Rage ended there trip, leaving there allies at Resistance to themselves (LOL!).
  14. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube We heard that there many little group of pures pking, we decided to mass 12~ glorious apes to slaughter all. Thanks for showing up gamers. Pictures:
  15. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Our scheduled 20v20 with outrage today ended up getting cancelled, so we decided we needed to find something else to do. No other clan would 20v20 us, so we decided to hit up the UB caves and clear shit with the boys. The first 2 hours or so were pretty average, killing vennies and random small teams for mad loot. In the third hour we ran into special forces who for some reason thought they could actually fight us. We exploded them almost immediately with them failing to kill a single person and then we tried to bait them into fighting us again for another few minutes before by chance we ran into foe. After a second to get organized, we singled out and killed foe kids basically as fast as we killed SF. What started out as a matched fight ended very quickly on account of some absolutely terrible tanks from foe members (and especially ranks) and some amazing piling from UB clan. GOOD SHIT UNBREAKABLE WE DID IT AGAIN.
  16. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube After a good ass weekend from the apes and clans not accepting our event requests for the week. We decided to go out to revs this beautiful Monday night. Same shit different day... Unbreakable clan goes into rev caves with our ancient staffs equipped ready to remind everyone why we are the best. Found a bunch of little pure teams that were swiftly dealt with but our main focus in today's trip was to have fun and make some geeps. Peaked around 21 gamers Thanks for showing up gamers. Pictures:
  17. To stoned to make a big topic. But don't worry, theres a vid Sorry for the watermark of camtasia Respect 2 Onslaught, Purge & Torment for putting a fight against us
  18. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Heard Damage Control, Outrage, IO, and Fatality were out. We massed up 37 Rev Shooters and Smoked everyone. Shout Out to DC not being able to compete on there Pures and Resorting to Teaming and Using Mains. https://i.imgur.com/FScV7VL.png https://i.imgur.com/L9iiYu4.png https://i.imgur.com/KcDkFIj.png https://i.imgur.com/5davxQG.png https://i.imgur.com/X21umV5.png https://i.imgur.com/Bz8Ui3M.png https://i.imgur.com/NCDLqeM.png
  19. We went out to revs on monday night (EST), was immediately greeted by Hydra with about 15-20, so we massed up, and told each other worlds to meet, and fought Hydra 3-4 times at the caves. One fight was crashed by Purge, which were swiftly cleared! Purge later returned with less ops and were cleared again. Supremacy logged into us with about 5-10 while we were holding down a world, and were dispatched quickly. We later on scouted Foe out with 10-15, and decided to go fight them (we had around 18-20), and managed to clear them from the caves! io was out all night with 20-30 and didn't run into anyone that could stop us from bullying pvmers! Here's the aftermath video!
  20. Noticed Supremacy was out pking, we challenged the tigers for a 20vs20 GDZ Pkri. We rushed West GDZ, we had a aggressive start taking the upperhand vs Supremacy almost fully clearing them, they then pulled towards GDZ return spot. We then noticed Rage crashing with mains, however we had a strong east side and knowing Rage was focuisng SUP we then focused Rage until nobody was left on the battlefield.
  21. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Peaked 37 for our Daily Aussie Trip, Ended Everyone. Thanks to all that came!
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Peaked 36, Smoked Resistance and Apex. Thanks for the fights!
  23. Set up a fight with Rev and to make sure the bad clans come and crash it this time (unlike Tuesday) we let word of the fight spread out. Started off the fight with rev and it still took the bad clans over 15 minutes to arrive. Once they did arrive they decided to clump up and got barraged out within the first 30 seconds. From here on out they were constantly running away with about 6 white dots in-game, occasionally stopping to let Sv and Ts rush so they could re-group and then continue running north. After the embarrassment Tuesday when they didn't have enough in-game for spams for their topic we knew they'd be desperate to put on a brave face today. Every 2 minutes they'd clump up for a spam (Multi-logging on their meds for it) and we would respond by barraging them out, they would then suicide in-game till they had enough for another spam. This was then repeated for over an hour till our bedtime came. Pictures: Bonus pic: Rot's spam for 95% of the fight Never seen a clan so desperate for spam pictures that they sacrifice their in-game performance like that before was fucking hilarious.
  24. Went out Pking and Jaja got in contact for a fight which was a nice surprise cos i believe we've fought everyone else since we came back but Jaja. Set up a single spells fight and despite a weird start cos we didn't know their Rsn's but once we knew who was who we got into a groove and owned. 2 Minutes before the cap ended some crashers came and killed 2 looters. Pictures: Thanks for the battle jaja.
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