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Found 894 results

  1. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Heard that Rage and Resistance were trying to PK. One mass poke later, we massed up 41 shooters ready to run a train on them. Once word got out Legacy was out, Rage ended there trip, leaving there allies at Resistance to themselves (LOL!).
  2. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Just a typical Monday for Vengeance as the Vikings storm the wilderness to clear out each and every location. We started the day up at Rogues Castle, followed by Vetion and Vennenatis. Many PVMers suffered today as we were money hungry and killing anything in sight. The GMT portion of this trip ended at Revenant Entrance where we scooped quite a few plus ones throughout the day. The EST edition began as a singles trip, on the singles strip, with all the b(EST) boys. The focuses were on point, the loots were juicy, and the tber splits were off the charts. We then moved to some more multi-action up at Vetion and GDZ. Allow for the loots pics to justify the success here. NOT EVEN MAXING HIS ACCOUNT COULD HELP BASSIVE... POOR GUY. STICK TO SKILLING AV PURE TAKEN FOR ELDER MAUL LMAO NOT SURE WHAT AV WAS THINKING FOR TRYING BH WORLDS LMFAOOOO AV had a weird setup in this picture... Not sure what the intentions were.. AV Probably shouldn't try looting while getting smoked... Avalon taken for their glory's lol...
  3. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube We heard that there many little group of pures pking, we decided to mass 12~ glorious apes to slaughter all. Thanks for showing up gamers. Pictures:
  4. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Our scheduled 20v20 with outrage today ended up getting cancelled, so we decided we needed to find something else to do. No other clan would 20v20 us, so we decided to hit up the UB caves and clear shit with the boys. The first 2 hours or so were pretty average, killing vennies and random small teams for mad loot. In the third hour we ran into special forces who for some reason thought they could actually fight us. We exploded them almost immediately with them failing to kill a single person and then we tried to bait them into fighting us again for another few minutes before by chance we ran into foe. After a second to get organized, we singled out and killed foe kids basically as fast as we killed SF. What started out as a matched fight ended very quickly on account of some absolutely terrible tanks from foe members (and especially ranks) and some amazing piling from UB clan. GOOD SHIT UNBREAKABLE WE DID IT AGAIN.
  5. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube After a good ass weekend from the apes and clans not accepting our event requests for the week. We decided to go out to revs this beautiful Monday night. Same shit different day... Unbreakable clan goes into rev caves with our ancient staffs equipped ready to remind everyone why we are the best. Found a bunch of little pure teams that were swiftly dealt with but our main focus in today's trip was to have fun and make some geeps. Peaked around 21 gamers Thanks for showing up gamers. Pictures:
  6. To stoned to make a big topic. But don't worry, theres a vid Sorry for the watermark of camtasia Respect 2 Onslaught, Purge & Torment for putting a fight against us
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Heard Damage Control, Outrage, IO, and Fatality were out. We massed up 37 Rev Shooters and Smoked everyone. Shout Out to DC not being able to compete on there Pures and Resorting to Teaming and Using Mains. https://i.imgur.com/FScV7VL.png https://i.imgur.com/L9iiYu4.png https://i.imgur.com/KcDkFIj.png https://i.imgur.com/5davxQG.png https://i.imgur.com/X21umV5.png https://i.imgur.com/Bz8Ui3M.png https://i.imgur.com/NCDLqeM.png
  8. We went out to revs on monday night (EST), was immediately greeted by Hydra with about 15-20, so we massed up, and told each other worlds to meet, and fought Hydra 3-4 times at the caves. One fight was crashed by Purge, which were swiftly cleared! Purge later returned with less ops and were cleared again. Supremacy logged into us with about 5-10 while we were holding down a world, and were dispatched quickly. We later on scouted Foe out with 10-15, and decided to go fight them (we had around 18-20), and managed to clear them from the caves! io was out all night with 20-30 and didn't run into anyone that could stop us from bullying pvmers! Here's the aftermath video!
  9. Noticed Supremacy was out pking, we challenged the tigers for a 20vs20 GDZ Pkri. We rushed West GDZ, we had a aggressive start taking the upperhand vs Supremacy almost fully clearing them, they then pulled towards GDZ return spot. We then noticed Rage crashing with mains, however we had a strong east side and knowing Rage was focuisng SUP we then focused Rage until nobody was left on the battlefield.
  10. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Peaked 37 for our Daily Aussie Trip, Ended Everyone. Thanks to all that came!
  11. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Peaked 36, Smoked Resistance and Apex. Thanks for the fights!
  12. Set up a fight with Rev and to make sure the bad clans come and crash it this time (unlike Tuesday) we let word of the fight spread out. Started off the fight with rev and it still took the bad clans over 15 minutes to arrive. Once they did arrive they decided to clump up and got barraged out within the first 30 seconds. From here on out they were constantly running away with about 6 white dots in-game, occasionally stopping to let Sv and Ts rush so they could re-group and then continue running north. After the embarrassment Tuesday when they didn't have enough in-game for spams for their topic we knew they'd be desperate to put on a brave face today. Every 2 minutes they'd clump up for a spam (Multi-logging on their meds for it) and we would respond by barraging them out, they would then suicide in-game till they had enough for another spam. This was then repeated for over an hour till our bedtime came. Pictures: Bonus pic: Rot's spam for 95% of the fight Never seen a clan so desperate for spam pictures that they sacrifice their in-game performance like that before was fucking hilarious.
  13. Went out Pking and Jaja got in contact for a fight which was a nice surprise cos i believe we've fought everyone else since we came back but Jaja. Set up a single spells fight and despite a weird start cos we didn't know their Rsn's but once we knew who was who we got into a groove and owned. 2 Minutes before the cap ended some crashers came and killed 2 looters. Pictures: Thanks for the battle jaja.
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this Tuesday afternoon, Legacy massed up 35 Spartans later peaking at 45 for a F2P PKRI against Supremacy. Thank you for the action, GF SUP.
  15. We arranged a fight with Rev and to switch it up we did multi spells rather than single. We changed our multispells tactics up a little and i feel like it worked quite well. Once the cap was over we took endings and jimmy ran away from us cos scared lol. (Forgot to mention Sv was ready to try and crash but Rot told them to wait cos Rot didn't have enough) After the Rev fight (100% clean btw) ended we decided to make the bad clans alliance come out and play. Logging into Sv world we cleared them before Rot could log in. Once Rot did log in we barraged out their clump and the fun began. For the next 2 hours Rot would be forced to do their usual thing of d'hide barraging and as uaul they got destroyed and were basically suiciding rather than fighting. Noticing how poor their performance was we told them they had 15 minutes to try and come up with something but they didn't really have enough in-game to get a good spam (well one with more than 9/51 people) Pictures: Thanks for the fight Rev (again, clean). lmfao Rot
  16. After not making a topic on Sunday cos my cold near killed me i was in danger of not making this topic either but i managed to not fall into a coma and get to this Runescape battle. I missed the first ~20 minutes but when i got there it seemed pretty even and with my help (and possibly Laurens calling idk..) i felt like we took control for the next 40 minutes or so but it's single spells so who really knows. After the cap ended with a grand total of 0 (Zero, nil, nada, none) crashers we tried to bait bosha but he was scared and ran away lol. Pictures: People took pics of spam today, so happy. Was really fun.
  17. We started our trip heading into the Rev caves after hearing that Vengeance was trying to PK there. After hitting them and reducing them into rag after the first hit we decided to feast on anything else we found. In those searches we found the sad state of Revenant and quickly hit them and cleared them from the map. We continued to PK until we stumbled across Resurgence and Vengeance attempting to fight. Needless to say we ended it before it could even get started. We also cleared some lesser clans such as CT but who doesn't clear them now days? Once again another good day to be Avalon https://streamable.com/hpypl ty @Sybrenfor staff LMAOOO
  18. CC: BP PUB l 1-25 Def Pures l Daily Events Blunt Purez massed up 24 (later peaking at 30) stoners for a PKRI event against SF but since they couldn´t pull over 10 we had to make new plans Luckily Legacy agreed to PKRI us at wilderness so we did not mass for nothing after all. We started by defending at fog. Legacy hit us from the western side and after a minute or so they were leading in opts. We dragged them slowly all the way to ca, and eventually cleared them there. We agreed on R2, and this time LY decided to defend the mid ca. We hit them from the east clearing them with our quick as fuck returns. The stoners were victorious again. Thanks Legacy for action! Cape counter says it all
  19. Outrage Massed up 30 dragons for a F2P PKRI vs Rage. The fight was time-capped with no clear winner as both clans would go up and down on each other throughout the fight. It was clean, fun action for both clans involved, and the 5 FOE mains that came to RAG were inconsequential in the outcome of the action. TY and GF to Rage for the action, look forward to more. Fight started with a 30v31 rush, after going down a few opts on the initial rush, our strong Dragon-Warriors brought it back to up 5 and the fight continued at sperm. Both Clans maintained 20-25 in game for a long time with both clans going up and down on the cape counter. The fight was inching closer and closer to CA return spot, but would settle at ghost hut for a short while. While at ghost hut, BOTH Outrage and Rage fluctuated between up and down 10 opts as the clans who were up would be low food. Being very back and forth the fight ventured to the return spot. It remained at CA until the end when both clans had 27 on the cape counter. Much thanks for the action, Rage, and good fight.
  20. On this glorious Monday Rage massed up 29 Bears later peaking at 31 to take on Outrage in a F2P Pkri. There were a couple of mains sniping the majority of the fight, but other than that, the fight was clean as fuck. We started the battle by rushing Outrage on Sperm and eventually pushed them towards CA. After approximately 45 minutes of back and forth fighting, we decided to call it a draw at CA. Thanks to Outrage for accepting the fight. Shoutout to shitpremacy for being dead as fuck, having no midweek activity, and not even attempting to crash. Kont Broxx JAP
  21. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Outrage massed up peaking at around 27 members to kill clans. We hit up multiple locations such as hills hut, sperm hill, pond and CA. We were the last clan standing as per usual, killing everything that came in our way. Thanks for the action lads, hope this is a consistent trend.
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy massed up 15 shooters to go clear the caves, later peaking a staggering 33 Spartans to wreak havoc on the pure community. We feasted on Rage and CD so many times CD actually forgot how to put their gear on (or maybe used up all their return sets) and had to 1 item with 8 people the rest of the day (which is less than half the amount they started with). YIKES!
  23. Invictus decided to head out today with 22 Pimps to go slap our Fearless hoe's around a bit for talking brown sticky stuff about Daddy Bowsz and African Dave. They expected no hands and literally tried massing up a +4 to try take on the undisputed kings of pimping and clearing bitches. Using the ways of the back of the hand we sent these guys from Corp > Lumbridge > GE then Corp > Lumbridge > Lobby. Easy day for Invictus, pounded a few hoe's, shut down a clan and shot up some gangsters. Started off the day with a hit on FS defending at Corp Hill, they had +1 on us. We didn't give a fuck, we smacked them around controlling the fight and banging out all of their +1s sticking out, including @@Tannie getting 1banged x2 after returning. After they knew they couldn't handle the big blue cock, they got cleared and sent back to massing. FS massed up 26 to come hit Invictus's 22 Pimps. We waited on Corp and they hit us, fight went back and forth for about 5 minutes before Fearless tried to abandon and log out. They dipped south with around 15 and we followed, logging onto them with opts quickly rising to 20. We continued to fight North CA, and continued slapping them around and eventually cleared them as 5 rats scattered, leaving the rest to be sacrificed to the hands of a pimp. Easy fight, ez W down 4. @-WILL- POV @iCalx POV
  24. Maintained 20 for 4hours, peaked 25. Smoked new clan Undisputed, Got hit by legacy returned the favour with quick sweep. Had little tussles with Rage
  25. topic created by @Patron| read original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ We started massing in the blissfully sleepy town of Wintertodt, on a cold Thursday night, where the sounds of the vikings horns and stomps of the boots on the crisp, freshly laid snow, woke the slumbering masses to PK. Massing up 25 of the strongest pkers the RS world has seen we swiflty teled up to plunder and loot whatever the caves had to offer us tonight, no prisoners taken, all blood spilled. On the initial run in we ran straight into Lil Cards who pretty much could have hopped straight into our looting bags with all their gear still on they were that easy to farm. With them cleared and blood now smelt by all the hungry vikings we started hopping. Unfortunately as the clanning world went we ran uncontested other than running into SR who were dropped doing there usual skulled revs business and donating tents like always. We farmed whatever was in our way for over 3 hours straight, clearing worlds and leaving them as empty as when they were first brought out we once more caught a mass group and headed up only to find Lil Cards trying to bait. On them seeing the viking hoard piling in they started running and ended up in a 5 man barrage pile (videos never lie). Once they realised their ballistas dont work if you pray range, they inadvertently ran straight to 30 line and into another 5 man pile who were dropped with ease. Having Pked for 4 hours straight and their looting bags overflowing with GP, the Vikings thought they'd take their leave and ride the Viking Longboats out. Another easy night of Pking running both timezones, this is becoming something which is more expected than wandered now. #VENGUP
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