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Found 798 results

  1. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR With the men on around 3 EST, we decided to head up to caves for a little sweep to see what was out. We hopped around killing some good PvM looty until we ran into Divine Forces. We weren't in fighting gear but we quickly moved the fight to Black Dragons and returned in fighting gear. Fight went on for something like 15 minutes with DF having +10 on us the majority of the fight, but we fought anyways and kept strong piles. Eventually we got word that Sovereign was in the wilderness and decided to fight them instead on more of even numbers. We dipped from DF and hopped over to SV's world where Rev had got to them first. After a complete slaughter SV kids for 10 minutes, ROT/CT finally showed up to bail them out and we dipped out. With everyone holding hands as usual, we geared down into ballista rag and rushed SV for different sides of the fight. Hopped to their world as it was SV vs Rev in north dragons, ROT logged into us from the south with low numbers and VR managed to cleared them while in ballistas (lol), forcing ROT to teleport out to aid SV north. We continued picking off kids south before Rev had left and we dipped out not looking for a 1 v 3 fight. We did a few more hits on ROT/CT/SV in ballistas, killing a bunch of their retards who don't know how to range pray including SV Leader before calling it a night. Good job to all VR who attended. Pics:
  2. 45-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48  On this Tuesday afternoon, Noxious massed up 21 F2P Warriors later peaking at 26 for today's domination in 308. Majority of today's trip consisted of PH and the T-19 clan teaming up against us to give us similar opt fights. We started our first fight 25v25+ near sperm hill and quickly smoked these two shitters with our aggressive scim pushes. GF. Soon after, ATL crashes from the north with 12-14 opts and we called a scim push north of them and made them run for the hills resulting in a full clear. GF. Later in the day, we had a few clusters with ATL, Smoke, and Vision as well. Gf boys. Enjoy the vid below.
  3. 45-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Hi brew, on this Monday Midweek trip, Noxious massed up 22 big red Alpha Males later peaking at 26 to fight against Outbreak and any other clans in the wilderness. The first fight we had was against Outbreak on top of Corp hill. After rushing them matched opts, we quickly took down 3-5 opts in the first scim push before Blood Unit had to log in to save them. After dealing with the same 1v2, typical Ascent tactics from last year, we received intel to confirm that this shit clan already set in motion to team with not one, but two snipe teams for the entire day (ATL + BU) LOL. That's fine, we were already used to it from last year so we didn't let this faze us one bit. The final fight of the day was a 1v3 against OB + ATL + BU at CA. We defended south of the altar waiting for these scums to make a move. After 10 minutes, ATL and OB tried pulling off a "coordinated" rush but failed miserably. We quickly wrapped around from behind them from the east side and caused both clans/teams to become clueless in the fight. We camped our scims on top of OB using them as a meat shield until they realized they were fucked. At this point we dominated both clans and chased them run north. Now BU aka dead FH team decides to login to snipe us with 13-15 and OB decides to re-rush back in to help them. So we quickly outmaneuver both of them by making fast movements in and out. We slowly start clearing these retards meanwhile both of them are getting sandwiched by us and their own ally LMFAO. After clearing out this dead FH team, they left the remaining Outbreak kids stranded and we gave them the final blow with 25+ remaining members on the cape counter. Enjoy the video below.
  4. Topic created by Trae | Read original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The boys massed up after the gmt trip and ran into FO at rev caves. The boys tanked the pures and started dropping them like flies. Vengeance starting:14 FO Starting: 18+?? Vengeance Ending 12 Fo Ending: 0 Trae Vid: Loot:
  5. Sybren

    midweek Vengeance GMT Squad

    Better late than never | Topic created by Rag Queen | Original topic Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Started out as a 4 man at rev cave and soon more shooters joined in We filled out looting bags to the maxium before leaving to entrace as the caves got crowded with venny bolt raggers Pulled some single pkers in and banged them out for fat loots Overall a good day for the real shooters thank you all for coming And very good job on the spears guys! Keep it up
  6. Started off with 18 Stoners and peaked later 22 in the caves fighting Gorrila’s (Onslaught), Demons (Deava) Elites (Foe) thanks for the fights lads ❤️ MAIN EVENT: Pkri ( Blunt Purez vs Legacy) Meanwhile Clearing Legacy in the caves X4 with good fights tough ngl. They offered a Pkri in CA and we said go defend and gave legacy a good fight! Thanks for the fight legacy! If u need a coffeshop to chill in with a great community : Add RosaLynLee#1219 on discord! Blunt Purez out!
  7. 45-60 CB F2P Pure Account? Join Noxious xLPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: Noxious Pub | Discord: https://discord.gg/NZXmvZ4 | Clan Cape: Team-48 Hello Sharkbrew Ah yes, you thought right, it is time... The return to what we all know and love, daily F2P warring and writing sharkbrew topics. For our first unofficial pk trip back into the scene, Noxious massed up 20 shooters to dominate the 308 wilderness once again. Majority of our trip included small tussles with random 308 clans and snipe teams. GF was fun. Goodluck to all the upcoming xlpc's opening/re-opening.
  8. Tuesday Afternoon: Rage massed up a quick 20 savages quickly peaking at 30 for some rev cave slaughter. We absolutely DELETED legacy multiple times. We hit legacy with gwasball after gwasball and fully cleared them every time. We also got full clears on cd and bp. The rest of the trip was spent gathering loot. HIGHLIGHTS Chalu
  9. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ On Tuesday afternoon we massed up 18 strong vikings and headed out to the caves! before we knew it we had loot flowing into the bank! so many small mans that we gwassed and then had a lil scrap with DK. Carrying on in the same fashion once we'd pked for over an hour we headed to Altar to continue with the loot! With altar being cleared quickly we headed to GDZ to feast on some more looties finally finishin gup with an Ags smite live on stream! Check it out below. https://clips.twitch.tv/DeterminedPreciousFennelKappaRoss
  10. Topic created by Future Council @wolffff| Read on veng forums here Decided to host a trip @ cave, started as a smallman but we quickly gained to about 20-22 ops. Had a small scrap vs liths which lasted about 5 min before we cleared them. Took everything we could before caves turned into a ragfest. #vengup
  11. Today we heard dc wanted the smoke in our caves, we massed up 20 strong phoenix's went out slapping around dc out of our caves, Enjoy
  12. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The viking warriors were having a beer in the longhall when word came from the scouts that the wilderness was teeming with life. We geared up in our weakest time zone peaking at 20+. We started out at altar until there was nothing left to plunder. Once we moved to caves it was obvious we had found all the action. We didn't get in any major fights as all the main clans seem to be busy in there spats. We took the opportunity to hop around caves collecting all the unclaimed loot. Enjoy: https://gyazo.com/1c3c0ef14c43f6a5865ebfead9c27ff0
  13. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After 1 mass poke we quickly mobilized 58 Spartans for a F2p pkri vs Foe. After successful pkri's in p2p this week we decided to have one with Foe in F2p and came out triumphant after 2 rounds. After the decimation of CD (was ez btw) their ghosts came out to play in the afterlife on their tanks (surprise surprise) which established to have no effect at all just like their weekend trips where we pull double their pull 30 pures on a midweek and I'm quite frankly being generous here. Gf Foe for action. @CD GOING BACK TO THEIR GRAVES LMAO @Killa POV: @Pkeru POV: @`JD POV: @Balli POV:
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy massed up 35 shooters to fight any clan we came across in the wilderness today. Cleared Rage a few times, also ran into IR/DC/CD and cleared them We then setup a P2P Pkri vs Rage and came out on top with ease. Good fight! PICS IN SPOILER
  15. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Went out with around 22 strong bears for our daily revenant cave session, later having 30 mighty bears to clear everyone there. Came across Legacy which we cleared twice, 5 supremacy kids and some black hats called DC, thanks for the action everyone! Spiral Broxx  
  16. https://criticaldamage.org/community/ Today we massed for our 48 hour event vs Blunt pures, both clans massed up 25 opts, and then started our fight. We defended at Chaos Altar and started our fight. The fight went on for a good minute, with great returning from both clans we managed to keep the fight going for about 35-40 minutes with other clans crashing (onslaught, legacy). We expected to continue the cluster as soon as the shit clan legacy logged in, but instead they tele'd as soon as we rushed them lmfao. After eliminating LY in .5, we tele'd out to make sure LY knew their place, shortly ending with BP. Shoutout to daeva for acing our fight. @Matti pics:
  17. Most Active, Most Hated

    midweek Legacy Rev Sweep + P2P Pkri Vs Rage

    Looking to join Legacy? Apply today http://www.legacy-rs.org Massed up 25 shooters later peaking at 31 for an eventful Friday. We ran into SKO and cleared them ending them pretty quickly. Cleared DC, fought rage in the caves, cleared them. Set up a P2P Pkri Vs Rage in Fally, fought for around 20 minutes and dominated. Gf Rage.
  18. On this fine thursday evening we massed up 25 strong BP soldiers to fight against CD. We fought a good 20-25 minutes back and forth at ca/corp, while Onslaught and Daeva kept spicing things up with their efforts to crash us. Many kills and return later we heard that Legacy is about to rush in, so we quickly stopped our clash and made them to tele back to edge with great success. Thanks for the clean action CD! Also thanks to Onslaught and Daeva for making this pkri event more interesting for all of us!
  19. After our 3 hour PK, we challenged Fearless to a F2P fight. We rushed them at corp with about 21. We started off a little rusty but once we got warmed up we swiftly transitioned through the pigs. They put up a good fight. Zero Anti-CD crashers showed up, leading to yet another clean fight for CD. After a little 30 minutes, we ended.
  20. Fearless peaked at 25 Spartan Pigs vs Critical Damage 29, got a good fight with them for 30 minutes then stopped the timer.
  21. Massed up 25 for an early revs trip, Cleared BP, Onslaught and more and made bank. heard CD a trying to pk with 10ish so massed up 24 peaked at 26 to smoke those retards. Had some good clears on onslaught x3 while they had one clear on us. gf boys. 20 def won't save yall The rest was easy clear on some random rage guys trying to pk and gray hats. Join up. most active, most hated.
  22. topic created by spoontech | read original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Started a quick lil' trip around 6.30 BST, killed every similar sized team and SKO which had about 35 until the caves were totally dead but for 40+ main clans, so we decided to hop to Altar and continued making bank there. After that we went altar, where we fought Brutal Awakenings a couple times, while having some good laughs. Some whale lost ZGS (me) to them while we killed them for about 10m in total as well so gg was fun BA. Shame there was no sight of Anti-Veng to try and ruin our party. Also got Ale of the gods from our sponsors Heineken, ty but I prefer Hertog Jan. WHAT A F*CKING WHALE
  23. Got word Legacy was out in GMT. Massed for 2 minutes, got 20 people, and hopped into their world (they had 15). They managed to get themselves cleared and maced the remaining members for their +1's making money.
  24. Sybren

    midweek Veng Thursday all day PK

    TOPIC CREATED BY ZEWY | READ ORIGINAL TOPIC Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today the Vikings were out for around 10 total hours today. Starting Early GMT we started out in caves with around 10 and continuously gained to around 22 and moved around the wild until every location known to the Veng Warriors was clear. Around 6 EST we found a random clan of mains that led us into a 1.5 hour return fight. Fantastic clean action. Towards the end of the we night found Resurgence at altar. We chased them out from there and into deep wild were we found them again and cleared them pretty quick. Turns out theres no team named kings ^^^^ idk. GF mains though. Was fun.
  25. Today Fearless massed up 35 Pigs, later peaking at 40 Pigs for an action packed wednesday. Started our day off with a small revs trip having about 25 Piggys and heard that Rage/Apex Was fighting at CA, Quickly got a bank and headed out to join the fun! Wanna join the #1 LPC? https://clan-fs.org/community/  @exzrts POV: