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Found 931 results

  1. Zenith went out with 35 people, later peaking 41 people ingame for a PKRI vs Rage. We had a nice clean 30 minute return fight vs Rage. Thanks to all the Zenith members who attended and Rage for the great action.
  2. This Tuesday evening, we went out to PK revs/deep. Cleared random main/zerk teams and Purge at revs as well. Was fun!
  3. Rage massed up 35 for revenant cave adventure. We killed BP, COB, and tons of vennies before we found FOE out. We started a fight around Dragons and farmed them for over 30 minutes, leaving FO with less than 15 out of their 35 on counter for the vast majority. Around 30minutes in, Team Sweden came in FO's aid, getting spams and only killing Rage. At this point, (fo still below 20 on counter), we took our win and left, not keen on fighting a 1v2 against 126s. Thanks for the AGS and ZGS Fo, donations always appreciated. This is how an actual winning topic should look @Infamous Jet, you wanted us to speak up.
  4.  Forums | Teamspeak | Discord  Tuesday, 3rd March: Final Ownage Elite mass up 30 elites for an early Tuesday Midweek. We roamed around the caves in the time we waited for clans to mass up. Unfortunately, early on every clan is dead so all we did was PK some randoms and make free loot. We pked for about 1 and a half hours until we took a break ready to mass up later when clans were heading out. MORE PICS AT FOE-RS.COM.
  5. Massed up a couple of Z shooters to fight Resistance in a PVP world at fallador. once the mains started to drip in we decided to fight first to 50 at clan wars in Pk gear. Thanks to all the people that showed up today! S/o to RS for the action
  6. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc On Thursday evening we were made aware of a pkri between Zenith and Resistance taking place at fog, both clans had around 30 and as we had 25-30 men of our own patrolling the caves we decided to turn it into a 3 way cluster. The fight lasted for around 40 minutes or so moving from fog to around ca area. Towards the end of the fight there was around 4/5 Fo 1 itemerss, unfortunately they couldn't pull any more at 8est on a Thursday.... Thanks for the action Zenith & Resistance we look forward to more
  7. Massed up on an average Thursday 30+ wolves (peaking at 35) to see what action was available! Immediately found LY with 20 (+ 2 meds cos Rage or something) and cleared them swiftly. They used an audio leak to hit us off guard and got a clear on us in black dragons, but the leak was removed and we continued~ (leaks for revs lul) Regrouped, had 31 in voice and heard of a cluster of Apex + LY, teled up and hit the cluster. Not sure which clan, but once cleared they started logging in mains. Disappointing... Continued hopping to avoid that mess of main ragging, found DC and got a quick clear Also found Purge with about 5/6 and cleared them also! Apex then offered us a PKRI at CA, which we accepted fully knowing it was a suicide run! (Surprise, Apex won) Aftermath Video
  8. Massed up 38 Shooters for a quick Wednesday GMT Rev Caves Trip. Had some great clean fights vs BP, Rage, and Legacy Thank you to all the Zenith Members that showed up!
  9. Massed up 23 Shooters for a quick Tuesday Rev Caves Domination. Had some great clean fights vs Resistance, Onslaught, Hydra, and gwased the fuck out of Legacy. Thank you to all the Zenith Members that showed up! https://i.gyazo.com/f50933dc9b4a74426c457dec8ac9c69e.mp4
  10. IO went out for our daily PK trip, heard of multiple clans out, so we massed a quick 25 opts (Peaking at 30) Teled up and immediately found Zenith at caves! Cleared them and as they were returning DC showed up and we had a solid 3 way return fight at rev caves! It was kept friendly from all 3 sides and we all tele'd out and said GF! Ty for CLEAN action DC + Zenith We took a 20 minute break, went back out to fight Resistance at entrance, baited them south and got a quick clear in corridor on them. SF decided to try to hit us and we swiftly removed them from caves. RS offered us a PKRI at CA which we accepted! Had a solid first hit but was unfortunately crashed and ragged by SF, so we decided to give RS the W and we ended on a positive note! TY to RS + Zenith + DC! Maybe SF will learn to have clean action too one day! It's A Shame~ Aftermath Video:
  11. Zenith massed up 30 shooters ready to hunt and smoke clans in Rev Caves. Legacy decided to mass up but got railed for about 4 hours inside rev caves and outside rev caves. Videos and Legacy Member testimonials speak for themselves. #RentFree
  12. Blunt Purez started the trip with 20 shooters, cleared Legacy / Zenith and some med level clans, Legacy wanted a PKRI in the rev caves so we massed up 30 strong stoners, GF legacy. Pov : OOOGAA BOGAAA Pov : monk101
  13. https://zenith-rs.com/community/ We peaked 23 Zenith members for a nice 8 hour long Rev Pk trip we ran into plenty of clans and made bank loot. Thank you to all the Zenith Members that Attended. "Rs Zenith" Clan Chat - Zenith.Ts3Chat.Com Thanks for all the action!
  14. IO Midweek Aftermath Saw some Ex-IO members were piping up to us, so we called a mass, and pulled a consistent 30+ wolves to come take out the trash Went to caves and evicted UB swiftly, with their new lv60 and lv70 recruits. Found a fight DC and Rage were having in caves, (both with around 20) and decided to show up for some fun. GF Rage good to see more EST trips from them! Aftermath Video:
  15. This Wednesday evening we massed 15 Lithuanian Bison to a P2P midweek trip. Had quite a lot of action and kills throughout. Had a few tussles with BP and cleared them once. Then we fought FOE which ended up in our favour.
  16. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Some boys were running security on a high value PVM target and in doing so ran into many many randoms near GDZ who surprising had a lot of loot. We had a nice lil return fight vs some angry mains and milked them for what could accurately be described 'the lot'. Eventually our clean 1v1 with 10 mains in loot was crashed by more mains so we escaped and banked our millions. It was surprisingly active and we all actually made some pretty good money. Thx mains!
  17. Thanks legacy for the clean fight ❤️ Monk101 - Pov
  18. https://i.imgur.com/CLzkLFa.mp4 Forums: https://runescapedynasty.com/community Discord: https://discord.gg/YcYcdmM Twitter: RSD_Clan Clan Chat: RSD Clan Today we massed up our clan, 10 Strong RSD members after finally being open for a full WEEK and having Loyal/Honor Members to seek the best of the best. We went out in Revs for 3 Hours and getting a lot more loot and fighting small teams and defeating them gave us some good loots and bringing our names up. I couldn't be more proud of my clan that a few doubted us but we still grinding and soon we be 20+ members taking on clans! JOIN RSD Today! We trying to get more pictures from others will update, but this is our photographer BG
  19. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Heard a bunch of clans were out so we massed up 25 men and went out to find it. The fights were starting in al-kharid so we rushed in and immediately ran into Fatality who decided to run away - we turned back around and ran into Resistance who fought back for only a few seconds before teleporting (even tho they had more than us ingame at this point lol). We continued running around the altar finding random clans like Zenith and Legacy. apex would attempt to show up but could only muster up roughly 13 sharks for the occasion and mostly stayed upstairs hiding away from all the action. Any time they were seen they were exterminated pretty effortlessly. After a while the action was getting more and more sporadic and nobody really wanted to 1v1 us so we banked our loots and called it a day. GF all and nice action. Jackal POV
  20. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Decided to get back up on the horse after the holidays and go out for some rev ownage. Massed up 10 men for a trip outside our normal timezone and owned some dudes. Was pretty run of the mill until we ran into Rage and had a couple good 10v10s with them, eventually clearing them both times after rough starts where not all gamers were there. GF gamers!!!
  21. Today we massed up a solid 25 man army of Zenith members ready to hunt the caves when we got word Legacy was massing also. we found them fighting Rag mains and easily cleared them forcing them to re-massX2. We also got in a return fight where they broke after 10 minutes. Thanks for the +1's and easy wins Legacy better luck next time and Happy Holidays ❤️ Sexy Zenith Member POV BIG L 0 L
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