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Found 643 results

  1. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teamspeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan  Hi clanners, today Divine massed up 20 shooters wielding AK-47's after hearing BT and Envy massing up to fight. We rushed BT defending corp hill with 20 matched opts but quickly dropping them and pushing them to singles with our aggressive scim pushes. Right after we pushed BT to singles, Envy rushed us with 18 members but soon regretted it after struggling to return back to the fights. GF Guys. - About 30 minutes later, we heard NRG was massing up to fight us 1v1 at CA. It was a nice fight in the beginning but we kept up pressure and maintained 20 opts to their 10 or below that kept returning. We took advantage of these 1-3 man return groups and cleared them out each time. GF boys.
  2. FORUMS | DISCORD Today the boys were hungry for some looties so we decided to hit up the caves around 3EST to see what was out. Not to long in we ran into the shit shark clan that goes by Apex who got blasted in seconds. After dumpin on them (with double our opts) we found a few random CC's & with some juicy loot that we cleared back to back numerous times. After about an hour or so pking GMT we decided to call it and head out again for a EST trip. Around 7:15EST we massed up 15 strong Surgeons to go see wut juice was out to be obtained. We ran into Prefade from Veng once, but they weren't interested in scrapping unfortunately & a few other random teams as per usual including a streamer's CC who had about 15 random kids. With Rev caves being pretty dead for the most part we decided to venture to deep wildy where we found some randoms in the juice at altar and chaos elemental. After about 2 hours of sweeping legit every pk spot around we decided to end with 2 rounds of hide and seek and called it a day (Gratz Zoo on DFS & Bassive on Staff of Light). Overall there wasn't as much loot out as expected clan wise, but definitely was a fun eventful day for the Surgeons.
  3. After a very strong unofficial weekend, The apes got Intel that XL was supposed to be going out with like 30+ With that being said, we quickly massed up 30 hittaz later peeking at 32 thinking XL was actually about to fight us with a +5. False, they went to clan-wars where they later went from 35 people at edge to 20 at clan-wars for some inners! After walking around with 30+ for like 30 minutes killing randoms our good friends at Immortal and Divine decided to come out and play. Our first fight was against Immortal 27 VS 25 at corp where we quickly cleared them to 0 in game and claim the win. Our second fight was vs divine at corp where it was later crashed by immortal to start a very long 3 way cluster back and forth for a good like 30--40mins. Thanks for the action pure world! We are back baby! BTW WHERE THE F*CK WAS AP? Oh right 2 clans no win, im gonna close you shitters! You pulled 13 and ended after knowing you where gonna be the main focus LMAO. WE WILL BE OPENING SOON! SO JOIN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! WE ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS These vids are worth the watch! badtimingts.teamspeak3.com CC: BTPub @POVS :
  4. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teampeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan  On this Monday Midweek, Divine massed up 23 quality shooters later peaking at 27 for today's cluster fuck action. Our leak informed us that PissMortals were heading out today so we prioritized on demoralizing our dogs for 2 hours. Peep the povs. We also had some clean action vs BT after they massed up a nice 30 pull. We fought them down opts a few times but still remained victorious. Gf to all the teams/clans that pulled through today. IMT dead btw.
  5. Spent valentines day with the boys 😘 Massed up 20 shooters later peaking around 25. Cleared Hydra and some other small teams. Pked for 3 hours smiting bank and pking over 30m.
  6. Pked with 15 G's for 2 hours+. Ran into DC 3 times, ty 4 fights. Also ran into small group of IR, gf ty. Made bank etc.
  7. XL thought they Could Take on Are elite Apes They Was Wrong !!!! GG"S
  8. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ We fucked imt lol. Your merge is almost as bad as control pker and pkerus shit clan. thanks for the boys who showed up 😉
  9. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ Smoked Apocashit, I can't really tell who is weighing who down. AC or TP? They both are trash, put your predictions in the comments to tell me your thoughts. @snipergang1k Pov: @@Fujii Pov
  10. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? PM a High Council+ Rank For More Info! Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan | Clan Cape: Team-18 -
  11. Peaked 19 F2P Hybrids and gave the #1 Matched xLPC Clan "NRG" a run for their money. Thanks all for action was competitive! Pkri Logs:
  12. Massed up quick 25 shooters late night to sweep the caves. Hit up revs for 2-3 hours ran into some small teams and dc and fi. Then fought DC at GDZ. Ty for tussles.
  13. FH peaked 14 and faught alot of different teams, gf all. btw IMT 100m rsgp or you won't have antoher weekend trip
  14. Peaked 14 F2P hybrids and walked our dogs imt to clan wars.

    lpc Hydra - #1 Pure Clan

    Hydra is an active clan and a supportive community with members and ranks you can depend on. Unlike other clans we're completely non-toxic so you can focus on pking instead of wasting energy dealing with toxic people. It's a noticeable difference. Join Hydra Pking everyday Weekly clan events and wars! Pkers of all experience levels welcome, but skilled pkers preferred. Requirements: 65+ cmb 1-20 def 50+ att 70+ str/rng 85+ mage Cc is cc_Hydra Website Discord Leader: Trikb0w High Council: Alpha Q Hard Officers: Toni, Skru, VotxKrom Council: The One Pure Warlord: VotxKrom
  16. - GFX COMING SOON - Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? PM a High Council+ Rank For More Info! Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan | Clan Cape: Team-18 - GFX COMING SOON - - GFX COMING SOON - On this fine Monday evening, Divine massed up the finest 41 Golden V.V.S shooters in a scheduled PKRI Event against Immortals. We setup two rounds of PKRI's winning both Attacking/Defending. Round One Summary: We defended our first round on 26 hill which lasted an hour or so, our aggressive scim pushes and movements were not match and we started clearing them to SE Graves in singles. GF. Round Two Summary: For our 2nd round, we rushed IMT on top of corp hill down 5-10 opts. We went back and forth for another hour but our shooters never gave up. We kept returning no matter what, and at the final stand, It was 40-6 on cape counter pushing them to SE Graves singles once again. GF. Also @NRG retards you're not ready for this lmfao. 💋 - GFX COMING SOON - @ScimsPOV @jay. POV @Koldkilla97 POV
  17. Website: https://clan-nrg.com TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/78mhquq On this fine Wednesday Afternoon, we heard Divine was massing up for a midweek and we wanted in on this action. We swiftly massed up 23 shooters, later peaking at 28. We had 3 fights versus Divine, all leading to a 3-0 sweep for the day. Then we approached Blitz for a 25v25 and another 20v20 which lead to us being 5-0 for the day. Shoutout to all the shooters who turned up today, I'm very proud of you guys the hard returns definitely shows why we are the most dominant xLPC in the scene right now. Videos: @Skeez POV:
  18. Ambush massed up 12 wolves later peaking at 17 on our 50s and whipped the xlpc scene. Cleared 3poop x3 and made them go recruit at edge bank. Very easy. Not worth putting in the video. Join Team Ambush cc #1 snipe team
  19. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/ Massed up a quick 25 shooters for our first bit of action as Legacy. Ran into small group of IR and DT and some other little groups. Made bank smited some +1s, was fun.
  20. On this Fine Wednesday we were approached for a PKRI. We massed up 35, later peaking at 41 out the window shooters to fight Fearscent. Our PKRI's lasted substantial amounts of time giving either clan the opportunity to come out on top, however we were able to do just that. Despite being sniped by snipe teams like FH's dogs, we were able to constantly maintain significant opts in game and still take the trophy home. Thank you Energy for the action, hopefully we can continue to have the same clean fights. Interested in Joining Immortal? : www.Rs-imt.com. Click on our discord link and message an overlord.
  21. Website: https://clan-nrg.com ~ coming soon. TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/78mhquq We are currently not accepting applications and are invitation only, please PM a High Council+ via our discord if you are interested in joining. Tuesday, January 16th fun PKRI vs Imt massed 40+ maintained 40 gf imt.
  22. F2P Hybrids peaked 10 crazy hybrids goin bonkers on another Midweek. Faught alot of snipe teams, came out on top! Had a 3hr snipe trip and went bonkers on these hoes.