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Found 4202 results

  1. Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? Pm a Warlord+ Rank On Discord For More Info! Teamspeak: divineclan.teamspeak3.com | Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan On this Saturday evening, Divine massed up 30 golden shooters to bully around IMT once again lmfao. Was an easy prep win btw. 💋 To start the day, we had a couple hits on Tribe and XL. Being up a few opts, we cleared Tribe and other small teams in the area. Gf. After that, IMT decided to rush us south of 13 ports for a 1v1 fight. They had +5 or so opts on us but we stayed aggressive and cleared them out. Gf dogs. Our next fight was another 1v1 vs NRG by west fog. Both clans had similar opts and the fight remained close in numbers before other clans crashed. Gf guys. The last hit for the day was in the PvP world between us, NRG, Rage, Apoc, IMT, and others. We bullied Apoc and IMT around and had clusters vs Rage and NRG throughout the fight. Gf everyone.
  2. Keep this short and sweet, massed up 45 strong warriors to fight everyone. had good clean 1v1s vs Envy/BT/AP/DV IMT however, claimed for the last 2 weeks we brought mains even though that seemed to not be the case. For the last 3 weeks they've been ragging us constantly every weekend. We've been holding our composure for too long, so we did what we do best. Show why you never rag the FS/NRG community. Every clan got clean action from us except IMT, and it'll continue to be this way until you PM for off retards. @FujiiPOV: @ZigPOV:
  3. Discord: https://discord.gg/tUg2Hrj Pm any rank on discord to Join or to make quick $$$ This sunday afternoon, NRG pulled a massive 47 bolt action crazy ninjas to smoke anything in our path. Let's keep this short and sweet, Drunk you're fucking shit, David you're a legit pussy, Sixrings you have 0 wins, IMT xl and tanks will legit not save you. Zigy POV:
  4. Doom opened up with the intention of keeping the scene clean claiming they were a clan of monks robes even though every weekend they would constantly hide their mains and claim that we were the ones bringing them. Yes, Fearless has mains, but we wouldn't hide them if we were to actually bring them. Today was a statement to Doom and we're 100% willing to never bring mains again, the decision is honestly up to you. If you keep claiming we bring mains and bring mains of your own then we can have a main war if you want. Remember you're the ones who literally asked for this. We honestly don't really care. Query Tannie or Ha 0wn3d2 on IRC to discuss. Vids: Leen's POV: Brutal's POV: Screenshots:
  5. Massed up 43 Hellhounds to fight our old friends in Apex. Having hopped over to find them with only 20, we waited another 20mins before getting a challenge, asking them to get invites and whatever they could so we could get a 30v30 fight going. However only being able to pull 25, they decided to leave after. Cya at the 50v50 p2p kappa James POV: Andre Pov: Ir0ny Pov: Ruin Starting : 30 Apex Starting: 25 Ruin Ending: 30 Apex Ending: 0 Ruin Starting : 30 Apex Starting: They left Ruin Ending: 30 Apex Ending: 0 Ruin Starting : 30 Apex Starting: <[RU]James|Duces> do you want a matched p2p prep now? <[email protected]_17> nope our p2p guys arent on <[email protected]_17> it was a f2p prep <[RU]James|Duces> _17 i seen ur 5man mini unit at that prep <[RU]James|Duces> they were on Ruin Ending: 30 Apex Ending: 0
  6. Massed up 6 raging rhinos to ruin BTs trip we ended with 8 people when they sadly went to clanwars. Hit some other small teams as well as BT thanks for the action everyone Video Pictures BT banning an innocent child "This aint going to work im leaving" BT Teamspeak leak Aaron GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY TS!!" my fav and also BT walking away from a prep against NBK.
  7. Earlier in the week we setup two prep against Supremacy for this week, Tuesday came around and we massed up 41 Pure Elites for our P2P Prep. We managed to walk away with the 3-0 Victory, Thanks for the Prep Supremacy, We'll see you Thursday. Fatality Starting: 29 Supremacy Starting: 29 Fatality Ending: 20 Supremacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 30 Supremacy Starting: 30 Fatality Ending: 25 Supremacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 28 Supremacy Starting: 28 Fatality Ending: 19 Supremacy Ending: 0
  8. Clan-Extinct.Pw | Extinct CC | #Extinct Started the sunday trip off with 34 Extinct members, later peaking at 36. We didn't expect much from today as several clans had cancelled their trips, however we had a nice run in with xL, despite us being down ~5 we managed to dominate the fight. Ty 4 action xL. Shoutouts: xL for bringing people from the well known "Chain69" (CP) xL for spamming brown sticky stuff to us even though they got dicked. rT & olympus for action. Extinct members for dominating. Extinct vs Excel (34v36?) We approached xL for a fight, to which they accepted. We defended at 26 hills being down a few opts, fight was going good and we were showing domination till SV showed up and ruined the fun. We dipped east to singles and got a bank with our freshly pked scims. Thanks for the fight xL. Extinct vs Cluster Got news that rT was tussling around bandit camp with Olympus, so we paid them a visit and dropped a few kids from both sides. Eventually the fight moved to singles and we decided to ditch the 1v1's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYjaEWwp40M&feature=youtu.be
  9. today the boys massed 8 young goons to take on Intense Fatality on a p2p prep. We played with confidence and guaranteed the dub 猫の恋人 × MELLY × hotguy RAY × JYSK × MOE
  10. To say we wanted to win this prep is an understatement. We massed up 40 Big Green Dicked Warriors and met Misfits for a P2P Prep. [6:37 PM] Zee: no more events more fi [6:37 PM] Zee: enjoy Fatality Starting: 25 Misfits Starting: 25 Fatality Ending: 14 Misfits Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 28 Misfits Starting: 28 Fatality Ending: 21 Misfits Ending: 0 21 MISFITS LOGGED OUT OF THEIR OWN HOMEWORLD. [VIDEOS] @Jack
  11. Rampage massed up 33 MIGHTY PANDAS for a prep vs Ascent ! We smoked them all 3 rounds , ty for prep Ascent ! Rampage currently #1 matched opts clan for xlpc !
  12. We got a fun P2P Prep vs Intense Redemption with Range/Melee & Binds. We massed up 25 Fatality Warriors. Fatality Starting: 23 Intense Redemption Starting: 23 Fatality Ending: 18 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 23 Intense Redemption Starting: 23 Fatality Ending: 12 Intense Redemption Ending: 0 -First to 50 Kills- Fatality Ending: 50 Intense Redemption Ending: 28 @Jons
  13. 25 Tigers massed up to take on Fatality in the Clan Wars Arena for a PKRI event., first to 50... It started at 6:00 pm eastern, and lasted roughly an hour with a total of 3 rounds. Supremacy was able to take the first 2 rounds with an overruling number of kills. The last round was fought hard on both sides coming down to nearly 2 kills, as fatality would take 1 round away from the prevailing tigers. Supremacy would take this event by winning 2-1 over Fatality. Thanks for all that participated @h3ad burner POV: Supremacy 50 Fatality 38 Supremacy 50 Fatality 39 Supremacy 48 Fatality 50
  14. accidental double post so +1 i guess
  15. Not allowed to PK in Misfits Caves unless you pay your taxes or join the brotherhood Enjoy bros PUT SOUND ON FOR BOTH AHAHA "Misfits NOOOOO" https://clips.twitch.tv/ExquisiteRudeGoatMau5 GWAS https://clips.twitch.tv/TameFamousDadFloof
  16. Supremacy headed out into the wilderness with 35, later peaking 42. We ruined all clans we came across, reminded AAO that just because they pulled 35 one weekend, doesn't mean they're winning a 'rivalry'. Spent most of the trip hitting AAO's 26 man pull that they spent 60 mins massing for. Noel's POV: Supremacy started off the trip hitting a cluster at Hill's hut. We ran West from single strip and hit IR straight away who was struggling against OB. We punished like 7-8 of them who was too slow, and then followed the rest of the clan into Hill's hut where we scimmed their DD. We dropped them to 20 in game where they ran south through all the other clans. We pushed back East towards single strip and starting hitting anyone who came close. Eventually OB/FS pushed East, so we went into single and walked south a few levels. Straight after that fight, OB was in multi with 45, knowing we only had 35, we decided to rush them anyway and fight them down 10. We went toe to toe with them, dropping a few with a instant scim push and then killing one for every one of ours. Eventually, IR rushed in, so we pushed to single with 29 while OB had 34 and we focused on IR from the North. We dropped around 10-12 of them with OB, before AAO, who finally finished massing after 60 mins, came in with 28. We finally had a 1v1 against them, we had 27 due to just being in 3 separate fights and not banking, so it was a bit of a struggle at first, but we brought it back and dominated them with our returners. We pushed them into single and never let go, we gave them the walk of shame back down to Varrock. Hit a cluster at 13 ports, consisting of OB/IR/FS/Apex. We followed IR around and hit them when we could, switching from IR to Apex to OB to FS stragglers. We then focused the portal and hit who ever was there. AAO came crashing in, so we chased them into single and walked them back down to the ditch. AAO piped up again, this time with 24 (past 2 hits demoralised them) they hit us on Corp hill and we instantly deleted them to like 12 in game. They bailed to single and through graves to the West side where they thought they would be safe. Wrong. We hit them in single till they walked down to ditch, they had 4 in game to our 38. Perfecting them with ease. Apex was fighting some clan at 13 ports, seen they had similar ops to us, we decided to hit them. We scimmed their back lines dropping a few kids, they ran round the pound, so we ran round other side hitting their front lines. We dropped there numbers so they had 4 less then us. FI eventually crashed, so fight moved to singles. Apex ran back into multi, so we followed. We binded like 4-5 kids and killed them before pushing into Apex with our bows while they prayed melee. We went matched for about a minute before FS/OB came crashing in. Moved back to singles. AAO was trying to mass up more ops, we seen them North of graves with like 18 in game. We baited them into single with most of our clan with capes off. AAO came in and we dropped them down to like 4 in game. We pushed onto them in single and fell in on one kid laughing at him. AAO, pushed there pull into 20 again. But this time, they had 38 in game. They had 18 mains with them. We was effectively fighting a main clan. We dropped all there pures when ever we seen them in the clumps while more raggers was joining the fight. Eventually, AAO had like 20+ mains in game. We decided to go into single and walk down south. e67da.png
  17. http://cir-rs.com/ Part 1: We decided that we would initially be going out to PK at around ~5 PM EST. We went out in the wilderness in the mindset of fighting 1v2. We took the necessary precautions but as we were about to hop over, to our disappointment,Apex decided it would be best to protect themselves by hiding in CWA. Coc is Roc ending: 27 Apex ending: 6 Coc is Roc ending: 26
  18. Earlier in the week we setup a P2P Prep against Fearless, The day came around and we massed up 30 Pure Elites and managed to walk away with the 2-1 Win. Fatality Starting: 24 Fearless Starting: 24 Fatality Ending: 10 Fearless Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 24 Fearless Starting: 24 Fatality Ending: 12 Fearless Ending: 0 Loss @Jack @Tim
  19. Fatality massed up a stron 38 Easter egg eggheads to take on the F2P Wilderness today. Had multiple clean 1v1s against legacy clan Against All Odds. Thanks for all the clean action Cubs of AAO Our first fight we were able to set up with AAO on Corp hill. We rushed in with our scims and banged out their south side. We moved north bowing them down, until Supremacy came trying to crash, where we quickly wrapped around them sandwiching them in the center of us. We decided to dip west to single when we heard more clans were on the way to crash. With Intense Redemption and Supremacy fighting we took this opportunity to get another run in with AAO. What started with a close fight west of CA, ended up turning in to a one way slugfest. We ended up pushing AAO all the way into CA and camping the return spot making them run around in circles inside of CA. Eventually Apex came to try and hit us but most of our clan had logged out before they could. For our last fight of the day we got yet another pkri with AAO. Starting the rush off up 5 already we just continually caught binds and transitioned on piles all over the place, keeping AAO only a few steps away from single at sperm. This continued for a while until we had cleared most of them up, and we dipped out with our loot. @Lee Hide contents
  20. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH http://aao-rs.org/index.php?/topic/4279-special-forces/& Today the great AAO Pride held a funeral service for our brothers over at Special Forces. Thank you brothers for keeping the action clean! With one last spam towards SF, the great AAO left mass with 36 cubs, later peaking at 42. S/O EOP for holding on for the throne for so long
  21. On this fine Saturday, Supremacy massed up 42 Tigers, later peaking at 47 to massacre all who we came across. Happy Easter everybody! Intel informed us that 40 little lost lions all dressed in black were roaming around Bandits. We quickly ran into them with even opts and absolutely fucking destroyed them. After a minute or so of fighting we lost nearly nobody and sent them running towards singles. Heard Fi and AAO were fighting at Corp Hill. We rushed the fight and focused Fi who was on the center of corp, quickly pushing them to singles. AAO had a bright idea to try to sandwich us but we just turned our focus onto them and sent them running to 18 ports, back to corp hill, and finally back to singles where they belong. AAO, demoralized, and now down to 34 ingame after the previous 2 beatings they received, were walking around in multi for some reason southwest of CA. We rushed them and owned them in .5 sending them running back singles for the 3rd time today. Kyp doggies. Saw IR were logging in north of us at CA with +10 after we owned AAO. Decided to fight them down 10 since IR have the quality of a cheap Chinese toy. Got aggressive with our scims and the fight was even pretty fast. Midway through the fight AAO got a regroup and tried to loop around to the south and sandwich us, luckily for us Fatality intercepted AAO just before they hit us and cleared them again lol. Fight continued with IR for awhile until Apex crashed when we were up a couple of men. Heard IR and Apex were fighting on top of 13s. Sniped the fight for awhile until they decided to off each other in multi to team on us lmao. Continued to fuck around with them making the fight stop and restart like 3 times until Apex and IR had enough and went to regroup lol
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