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Found 113 results

  1. On this Fine Wednesday we were approached for a PKRI. We massed up 35, later peaking at 41 out the window shooters to fight Fearscent. Our PKRI's lasted substantial amounts of time giving either clan the opportunity to come out on top, however we were able to do just that. Despite being sniped by snipe teams like FH's dogs, we were able to constantly maintain significant opts in game and still take the trophy home. Thank you Energy for the action, hopefully we can continue to have the same clean fights. Interested in Joining Immortal? : www.Rs-imt.com. Click on our discord link and message an overlord.
  2. HYDRA's 3rd Sunday out around a 50 pull. Was fun and great. GF TO ALL! Date: 13/1/2019 HYDRA vs BP HYDRA vs DT Full fight video Another pov below
  3. Immortal set out with 25 warriors, smoking every xLPC clans down opts. We had some fights with Excel & The Plague, oh and the wanna be Defiance clan stepped in multi for 12 secs and got sMOKED @ 1:15 on Jordan's vid l000 Respect for the fights lads, we're looking forward to many clean fights on pures in the future. Let's keep this scene thriving and continue to have fun. Peep the vid(s) Jordan POV Jeremy's POV We'll see everyone out in world 8 again shortly.
  4. Peaked: 30 - Maintained Strong: 25 Purge headed out to wildy with 30ish, we cleared misfits/rev killers. Supremacy asked for a 25vs25'ish pkri, We defended CA as SUP rushed APEX also hit us from the west side, we formed a east to west spread causing apex to mix with sup. While we pushed hard east and slowly clearing up both clans.
  5. We went out PKING and during the entire 3+ Hour PK trip, We peaked at 25 Pure Elites. We had numerous fights with Purge and SOG at the start of our trip. Midway through our trip we were hit by 20+ Supremacy, We went bank and than went to hunt them. We logged in their world and completely steamrolled them south. We bullied them and made them teleport to edge. We asked them for a PKRI at GDZ. After waiting 10 minutes we got rushed by AAO? We stayed south and ran through the gap and cleared their mains up and walked down from GDZ. We went back out and ran into Intense Redemption, We had a 20 Minute return fight with them, We held our own being down a couple, Eventually SUP crashed and camped returners north, We stayed south on IR and returned in different worlds, After a big push we had all 20+ ingame and cleared IR. We got a quick spam and teleported out. We ended after IR massed and spammed discord to get 30+
  6. We setup a short prep'd F2P PKRI vs Supremacy, We agreed on 25v25 but after both clans broke the cap, It just turned into a uncapped fight. We defended in world 71 at the pot shop near barb. Supremacy originally rushed the 22 Fatality Members we had defending with 28 Supremacy. (They blamed nightmare kids for that) regardless, we continued to fight down opts for 20-30 Minutes until Mother Fatality started gaining, We eventually peaked at 30 Fatality Members and once we did we began to steamroll through Supremacy. We had put them in singles multiple times and went back to barb village. We pushed them northwest one finally time where 10 of them would run to singles. We went back to barb caught a full ending and went down the tunnel and logged. Thanks for the semi clean action, Shame about the nightmare/mains kids who received an "invite" from YOUR clan. Proof On Supremacy Breaking 25v25. [UPLOADING]
  7. Most Active LPC Pure Clan. Our Jewish leader returned after a week, We decided to mass up and go check out rev caves, we ran into Intense Redemption and cleared them once and than they massed more and came and cleared us, We asked them for a PKRI afterwards and they accepted and defended Bandits. We peaked at 30 Fatality Warriors. Intense Redemption defended bandits and we rushed them from the west, we focused the north side and started pushing them south. We continued to do massive damage on them and continued to push them south, After some short time fighting IR started losing returners, We camped west and killed their returners and cleared them up, After clearing them we waited and than went to the bank. Thanks for the fight boys.
  8. cc: NM CC | nightmare.ts3chat.com | https://discord.gg/pr5ASYb On this fine Monday night, Nightmare received some intel that Rampage and Lethal were having a 25 vs 25 PKRI. Nightmare quickly massed our own 30 reapers and pushed pussy panda through barbarian village and cleared the entire fight in 0.5 while Lethal dipped out to singles. Pretty much both clans just got smoked np. Thanks for the quick action. Cheers Chalu's POV Dill's POV
  9. Peaked 30 - Maintained 25 - Started 20 The Onslaught Fatality Rushed us in Revenant Cave, they got perfected x2 They was seriously upset for some reason challenged us to pkri 25vs25 They rushed us, they split badly at the start we focused the west side instantly took the fight by force, after that they returned in full rag gear and was just spec/teleing "house tabs" clumptality wouldn't stop clumping and they got stuck in a tele frenzy Lmfao Fi tele pov l0l Media:
  10. Fatality approached Supremacy for a 25 man F2P run-in, we gladly agreed and massed up 24 strong tigers - later peaking at 25. Shoutout to Fatality for still getting 30 at a certain point when we gladly agreed on 25, nonetheless we were still up for the majority of the fight. Looking forward for more free-to-play run ins, also a small tip, get ts - try to lock your channel next time when we agree on a 25v25! Also saw a few mains in FI/IR capes, unfortunately camping our tigers to try and stop us from killing Fatality at Barb Village. Thanks for the action! BEFORE THE FIGHT: MID FIGHT: ENDING PIC; CHRIS:
  11. Peaked 25 - Maintained 25 The Onslaught Perfected x2 Pov, was a miss edit but long hair don't care
  12. We went out Pking hunting Misfits again and we ran into Apex who had a couple more than us, We quickly got together 24 Fatality Members and went to fight them down 5. We logged into Apex's world where they were spread and caught them off guard, We started being very aggressive from the start and pushed them south. We continued up the pressure and ended up clearing them up down opts and teleported out before they rerushed. x2 We knew Apex gained a couple more but we still wanted some action so we decided to fight them down opts again, We hit them again and we started fighting for some time, This fight went on for awhile longer with both clans returning and putting up good efforts. The world eventually got pretty packed and both clans were being camped by mains, after some time we decided to teleport out and get another fight in a different cleaner world. x3 We had lost 3 opts by this time only having 22 and people still wanted some action, so we decided yolo lets fight Apex one last time since it was clean action. We logged into thier world again and started fighting back, We held our ground but eventually Apex's numbers just were too much, We pulled south and teleported out. Thanks for the clean action Apex. @Schweden Video
  13. We approached Rampage for a 30v30 pkri, they gladly accepted. Thank you for the clean action!
  14. On this fine Sunday, Zoom decided to feed our Pking addiction after waiting with Rampage for almost 1.5 hours for Nightmare to man up & come out of singles. After Xlpc ended with only 2 fights we decided to get together some ruthless T9 Niqqas for some more Pking action. We found Fh1 & Fh2 arguing who the real FH was & had a few fights with 3hit. Dicked everyone every time. Zoom some big winners today! Ty snipe teams for the good clean action!
  15. Today, around 8:30 est Envy approached the golden tigers for a free-to-play PKRI - we quickly accepted it and peaked at around 32 tigers! We left after taking the strong win, pushing Envy to singles around Graves - we asked for another round but alot of them had to leave. Thanks for the fights and the action, Envy we enjoy doing more of these F2P or P2P anytime soon! To any other clan - hit up Spiral#7862 on Discord to setup any pkri's for this week! Ham UTC
  16. The Supremacy Warriors massed up 40 Tigers for a Free-To-Play player kill run-in AAO decided to show their faces to 'rag' Envy with some mains, while that happened we took our capes off to kill mains for free rune - so much thanks for that! NOEL UTC
  17. Nightmare approached us for a pkri. We gladly accepted. After we beat them starting up 3, they asked us for a big mini. We then proceeded to beat them in a 19v19 mini 3-0. PKRI: Big Mini: Ty for action Nightmare! Come join Rampage- cc: Rp gang ts: rpgang.teamspeak3.com
  18. After asking a couple of clans for a P2P Pkri we finally got 1 vs Purge. We fought down 5 from the start at boneyard but got up opts pretty quick. We got few kills there until the fight moved towards corp because Purge was returning there, after clearing them round 1 they wanted to do round 2 and fight started west of boneyard and moved pretty quick to east of ruins. Thanks for the P2P Pkri Purge. SPIRAL [soz for small intro] UTC NOEL Pics:
  19. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOE Approached Purge asking for a 15 vs 15 P2P Pkri, we accepted. We rushed boneyard VS FOE, Misfits Crash on Purge, we evaded south out returned them while being down 10 shortly after we moved up to the trees and showed them who is Tarzan, Puff Puff. We are Purge, We are many. Expect us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Purge Had 15-17 Foe had 14-17 Misfits had 20-22 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shout Outs: Misfits crashing +10 and loosing Misfits crashing for desperate Wins but loosing anyway.
  20. Highest OPS: 25- Maintained 20 ish Looking for more PKRI btw We are Purge, We are many. Expect us!
  21. Highest OPS: 35- Maintained 25 ish Unexpected Wednesday, randomly show up with 30 Purgers. Had fun fights with Intense Redemption, we was surely 1 of the first clans in the wilderness and 1 of the last to leave. We are Purge, We are many. Expect us! SHOUTOUTS: Intense Redemption(11year old clan) Begging Purge For Members
  22. Misfits went out for a PK trip knowing that Fatality was going to mass up to come and "hit" us. Knowing that we're way superior we'd give them the smokey smoke and that's what we accomplished! TWICE! Once at revs and once at CA and both times they got the Dick! We started off with 21 and peaking at 32 Misfits to clear the green filth! Valid source informs us that fatality members weren't happy Found Fatality at rev caves and quickly rushed them from the northeast. We managed to catch them in a decent clump in the center of revs and managed to get some easy bangs out of it. Being down about 5 opts, we opted to drag the fight north in order to control the return pace from both parties. The fight got dragged to Black Dragons where we were dropping the green filthy punks with ease catching them in clumps through the rev cave tunnels! Shortly after, we started getting on top of them pushing Fatality down through the rev caves just like a priest going down on a little kid dropping their ass killing the remaining that couldn't save themselves by teleporting/logging! Was ez, misfits cave btw, STAY OUT! Second fight, we defended at CA even though Fatality had more! It was not a problem for us though knowing that they have loads of shit kids! They logged in on top of us ???? So we just started speccing kids out right off the bat giving us an advantage! They got pushed to p18s while we were still holding CA pushing them north then west then east. They were all over the place just getting smoked. Seeing that there was loads of rag that didn't stop us of dominating the fight. We pushed FI to south of corp hill killing any remainder. A few tried to return CA but we still controlled that too! That's where we got our full clear and FI stopped returning! was ez, good fight! BRYAN BACKWOODS
  23. On this beautiful Thursday evening Ascent Massed up 36 Beautiful Knights for our scheduled PKRI VS Rampage. After the first pkri at corp we told Rampage to defend at banditi camp; We rushed in with Rune Scims and quickly sliced through there frontlines pushing them west, we stayed aggressive focusing single piles along the water line , Forcing rampage east into bandits. we pulled our bows clumped up and rushed in with scims again resulting in mass casualties; We got on the north side and focused the bandit path. Rise sniped from the south and we cleared up the remaining opts before killing some Rise members before Claiming our Win and logging out, GF Rampage ty for the clean fights. POV
  24. EV krat0s asked purge for a 20vs20 p2p pkri, we scouted them they had 30 including some mains. Purge Starting 22 Purge Ending 22 Envy Starting 30 Envy Ending 0. Media: