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Found 10 results

  1. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc Terror massed up 47 Wolves later peaking at around 55 our official F2P PK trip. Our first fight of the day was vs FO at 26 hill, where we gwased them off the map (they will not post that pov on their topic) and clustering at the loc as Rage, Fatality, Legacy all battled it out. Towards the end "our rivals" thought they could catch us lacking around CA and quickly got smacked and disposed of. This would remain their tactic throughout the day, avoid clean action - do 20v20 spycatching fights with their sardine friends, and attempt to crash our fights each time being wiped off the map. Our 2nd fight popped off vs FO at GDZ. The fight lasted over 30 minutes and both sides had their up and down moments. We dug deep and came back big and maintained a sizeable lead on the pigeons until mains crashed and we got a regroup. We got word that Fatality wanted a 1v1, so we defended at boneyard and waited for them to rush. We started with an early lead on them before Rage showed up and another cluster ensued. All 3 clans duked it out for a considerable amount of time before soup got the balls to show up one last time. They refused to leave single and attempted to rag us with their 18 pure 12 main pull, we laughed at them and ran back to multi where they refused to come. As the cluster ended, we paid them a visit and gave them a reminder just how badly they've fallen at our hands, ending their trip 2 hours before any other clan. Off is NFS and good luck at your recruiting events this week. Once again we heard that Fatality & Rage were fighting at bandits, so we hopped in and a cluster popped off. All three clans had around 35 people and was highly competitive as every clan sought to be the last clan standing. The cluster lasted for nearly 2 hours, as none of our rivals had the balls to stop us from getting clean action. Fatality was the first clan to leave, giving Rage & Terror an opportunity a clean shot at a 1v1. We clustered for another half hour before Rage had spammed their good fights to us leaving the wolfpack as the final clan standing.
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality peaked with 50 green men to kick off May. Fatality vs Rage The first fight of F2P Saturday started at Bandits where Rage rushed Fatality from the South. Immediately Fatality started catching binds and dropping them 1 by 1. Within the first few minutes Fatality killed over a dozen rage and began to chase them to the West. Terror came from singles and both Rage and Fatality piled the blue capes, forcing them to retreat and Fatality took the Win at Bandits. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality regrouped quickly for another fight with Rage and attacked them just East of CA in the trees, and within the first few minutes Terror and Legacy start flooding in. Fatality maneuvered around the other clans, and pinched from the South, clearing a bunch of blue capes in the process. This fight went on for nearly 20 minutes and Fatality was on top as mains decided to try to crash the fight. Fatality vs Rage Rage wanted to set up a rematch fight at Bandits, and this time Fatality defended from the West. The plan of moving inside of them and bow turned out to be crucial, as Fatality took control of the fight, killing a bunch of Rage that were praying Melee. After a 5 minute skirmish, both clans dipped as mains came from singles, both clans were unscathed by this lazy attempt by mains to get action. Fatality vs Rage Fatality then set up another fight with Rage, where Fatality defended at Barbarian Village and just like the fight at bandits, Fatality picked off over a dozen pink capes within the first two minutes. The boys in green held the pressure and chased Rage around the village until mains crashed from the North. Fatality vs Rage The last fight of the day was set up at Wizards Tower, where Fatality attacked Rage defending at the Fairy Ring. After a few dominating minutes, Mains made their way to the fight and Fatality decided to dip, calling it a day after nonstop action for nearly 2 hours. @Ali @Tiko
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 50 green men to wish Terror a happy birthday. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality started off with a 1v1 at Bandits vs Legacy, soon Rage joined the fight and Fatality held the Northeast Entrance of Bandits. When Rage and Legacy pushed in Fatality maneuvered around bandits catching clutch snares and banging pures instantly. Eventually Terror joined the fight at the telespot so with some clans looking worse for wear all clans dipped. Cluster was about 25 minutes long. GF All Fatality vs Cluster Fatality saw Rage + Legacy + Terror clustering north of corp cave so Fatality joined in. Despite being down opts on Terror as its their anniversary, Fatality withstood every scim push with great strength. Fatality then got rushed by Rage when Terror dipped to get prayer, withstanding their aggression Fatality moved back into the 1v1 with Terror East of CA. Fatality stood strong and never banked / regrouped during the entire cluster, which lasted about 45-60 minutes. GF All Alex: @Ali @JustinF
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality peaked with 50 green men to have some fun as fuck pure vs pure action. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality kicked off Saturday by rushing Terror down 10 at bandits. Fatality's superior tanking brought the fight back to down 4. Soon after Legacy crashed, Fatality pushed east then south around the cluster, Terror went north and Fatality took on Legacy without a bank. The 1v1 moved to West bandits, Terror crashed from the east causing Legacy to move to singles. Fatality moved North on the west side of the lava then back south to avoid Legacy's single->multi. Fatality moved to the telespot where Rage appeared at the cluster. Fatality without banking again rushed to the East pushing Rage south and Terror north. Was a very fun 35 minute long cluster fight with multiple real pure clans appearing. GF All Fatality vs Cluster Fatality and Terror were the last clans standing in multi so we decided to restart the cluster. Fatality awaited Terror's rush from the east, soon after the rush Legacy appeared, Fatality held the north end of the cluster while the other clans moved to the telespot of Bandits. After, Fatality tried the ol' loopdeloop on Terror but they moved east instead. Fatality took on Legacy at the telespot when Terror hit from the West. The fight ended after 25 minutes. GF All @Ali abi @Stella
  5. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc For our usual sunday p2p trip, Rage gathered 47 strong bears, later peaking at a solid 51 for another farming session. Once again we were left wondering if Rodney was going to show up at all, after not showing up for weeks and letting their allies get totally demolished yesterday. To nobody's surprise, they once again didn't show up resulting in their minions getting farmed for the entire trip. From single handedly farming pidgeon clan fo to making them team with EliteJerks and SoVirgin, in the end it they couldn't be saved. Over the entire trip we had multiple full clears on the full alliance while taking many many +1s from them. Better luck next time bozos. Thanks to all the bears that once again showed up to an amazing trip!
  6. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net January 24th, 2021 You know when a female gives birth and the doctor hands the baby over to the mother and then the mother accidentally drops the baby on the surgical table? Yeah that baby resembles every single terror member today whom Supremacy brutally murdered, not once, nor twice, but 3 times today. January 24th marks a special ass day where 47 Supremacy Tigers COMPLETELY CLEARED our pathetic rivals in the shit blue capes 3 separate times, absolutely breaking their necks and dumping their dead bodies into the dirt. Nothing could have gone better for the tigers in gold today other then these rats posting their closing topics. Today was a very fucking special trip for us considering we went undefeated throughout the entire duration of our trip, including the matched prep at the end of the day against our dog shit rivals. We had some very sick and clean fights vs Apex at bandit camp and then again at boneyard Ft Zenith, ran into a massive clump fest at 13 ports between Foe and Rage, chased these dumb ass dogs terror around the wilderness the entire trip and showed their members how pathetic and trash their ranks, clans, and members are (At Gdz with OG, at bandits detailed below, and at hollow tree as well). Highlight of the day 47 v 47 MATCHED Pkri vs Terror [ Supremacy Wins with 46 Ending ] Wessel POV Jimmy POV Phil POV Noel POV Nate POV
  7. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After a demoralizing Saturday in which soupremacy had 0 action outside of climbing ladders, Sunday HAD to be better right?? Wrong! Once again, soup clan was the last clan to enter the wilderness, massing extra long with only 28 tiger cubs at 2:50PM EST, putting the term 'Slumpremacy' into full effect! Meanwhile, even on a weekend in which a handful of our members are celebrating a holiday, we still peaked at 46 Wolves getting the most action out of any clan in the wilderness. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ 20 minutes after non-stop action for Terror, soup finally decided to finish their mass and set up fights away from the wilderness (where Terror was). We logged in on top of them at Al Kharid, and this became the start of their singles trip. Eventually 4 clans were battling it out in multi at Al Kharid castle, while slumpremacy sat north in singles, next to the guy with the camel selling Gems LOL The only other time they were in multi for more than 20 seconds, we caught them trying to defend for Apex at bandits- catching them off guard. Initially hitting them with just half of our opts, this was more than enough as we made them teleport out to spam our 3 returners at Edge. We cleared up the rest of them before Legacy crashed, so we went to Edge bank and to no surprise, they hopped into random worlds ending their trip. No action for dogs! The slumping tigers was just a small portion of our trip, as we spent the majority of our time in multi getting the best action out of any clan- colliding with the likes of Zenith, OG, Apex, LY, Rage, Swarm, SF, and Venom. Thanks for all the clean action to all the clans we were able to tussle with. Once again, ACCEPT our Prep declaration soup! ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ Media ✯ VINNY ✯ ✯ PINOYZ ✯ uploading
  8. MASSED UP 42 GORILLAS WE PEAKED AT 46 TODAY FOR SOME TUSSLES. We new that there was 4 clans within our pull range so we strapped on our helmets and headed out to war! GF TERROR,BP,SF,SUP,APEX AND FOE BUT FUCK ZENITH CRASHING 40 V 40 WITH A 100 MAN PULL First things first, thanks to some intel over here at onslaught hq we found apex and foe fighting east bandits decided to crash it and clear majority of the fight before rage crashed! Next up we found terror and hydra going at it, we rushed in from the north slaying every single person in our sight before sf and supremacy came crashing in 5 minutes late. Found zenith and fatality having a fight noticed hydra were north inside bandit camp decided to pay them a visit and just completely perfected them off the map Gf hydra. We were trying to set up with another clan but terror rushed in from singles and attempted to take us by surprise but again onslaught intel is fucking solid we new they were coming and instantly got a nice south wrap pushing them north and catching them in huge clumps and going +10 on cape counter, and then zenith crashed with 100 LMFAO. Whispers went by in our teamspeak off blunt purez and legacy setting up at bandits so we rushed over the hills and made it to bandits in time to hit legacy from behind and just single to multi ly and bp until zenith hit it. We then found foe and apex at it again at bandits decided to pay a visit and rush from behind them before a fucking ton of mains came from no where. We heard control pker screaming over at special forces to return and tell his members to eat his food as he was getting gwassed by bp and terror so we decided to see what all the commotion was about and logged in west of ca and ended up having a nice 4 minute cluster with bp and terror and gwassing half of sf at the teleport spot gf all.
  9. Today ONSLAUGHT pulled 40 strong as fuck gorillas and peaked at 46 handsome men for our P2P trip. And we fucked shit up today multiple clusters and 2v1s. Started off with fighting BP at bandits on rush we caught them in huge clumps and started dominating, But within 30 seconds Zenith logged in straight away. Second up we set up with Hydra and defended bandits allowed them to rush in and we started dominating off the bat within 3 minutes special forces logged in from the south and we changed our focus to them and pushed them all the way south into the trees, Forcing them to teleport out and then we pushed north and finished off hydra and caught special forces in huge clumps at the teleport spot. Found special forces and supremacy fighting with each other at bandits decided to rush down upon them and unleash hell clearing it all up, then eventually fatality came in. Zenith and Foe were fighting at chaos altar so we decided to snipe around catching huge clumps from both the clans. During the zenith and foe fight Hydra decided to rush us from behind and got cleared of the map and then 30seconds later special forces attempted to do it, Was a good fight, despite our high lvls not being able to hit them, before eventually supremacy came to crash it when both clans were down opts.
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