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Help me find my boys please

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So I know this is a long shot but I need your help.I quit rs about 3 years ago anyway I've been missing my friends I made on rs.I need your helping finding my boys.  We all used to play different servers when eoc came around battlescape, soulsplit, alotic and then 07. We were in massacre and terminal. Anyway ill get to the point their names are Ben k, Isaac, fat robby, Shawn vu, riley and Corey yeroc m8 i know he was close to maxing. I know they were in a bunch of 07 clans when the first pure cup happened. So I figured if I was going to find them it would be here. I don't even know if they still play but its worth a shot. I know this is weird but appreciate any help. They've been pure clanning for years so this is the only place I could think of. Please help me find my boys I miss them dearly. 

@Viikings if you're the guy that lost his clan a fight a couple years back because of a miss click you'll know them.

@Leen I think you're the ma founder. @Brenden you were ma leader I'm sure you'll remember them. @Yeroc @Benk @Riley- @t

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3 hours ago, iObsession said:

lmfao im pretty sure ur the guy who came to the prep in severance with fire blast

we still won XD

Yeah haha that was me lol lvl 57 79 mage 25 hp. I have no idea how i didn't die 



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