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I figured I'd start an introduction post as we'll be on here a lot for clan advertising. 

I'm the leader of a Obby based community; maybe one day we'll break off into branches of other build-types but as of now we have the largest obby community, beating all of our competitors. 

We're primarily into clan events, deep wildy massing with Mauls and basically trolling in Rev caves. If you've ever had a herd of 20+ Obby Maulers coming at you with hammers, that's us. Anyways, I'm hoping to meet some other clans and see some new kick ass content of deep wildy fights. Hope to get to know some of you all!

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32 minutes ago, Kim said:

Welcome to the website. How many obby communities exist aside from yours? 


Actively at the same time there are about 30-45 in the CC at all times, there's a small point in the night where we have under 30 due to the timezone diference, but our discord has a couple hundred users in it. The obby community isn't massive like the NH community may be, but we do have a large name for ourselves out there so now we're working to the point of developing our forums further, having custom artwork done as of now, and now will be working on advertisement posts here soon.

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