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pure account Looking for pure clan

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Hi fellow pures,
I'm looking for a pure clan that does PvM, PvP and other fun stuff (skilling??) 
Things about me:
I'm hitting close to a month in p2p pking so i'm kinda new... I've Rev pked a bit so i have a bit of experience in that, but other than that I have no experience whatsoever in other pure content. I've been in a few clans but their available times weren't suitable for me since i'm Australian ==" 
My stats are: 60 atk, 73 strength, 88range, 85 mage, 66 hp, 32 pray, and 1 def 

Thank you for looking 

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There are no clans with good aussie bases right now.


Clans that P2P Pk regularly, that I know of, are Supremacy, Misfits, and WAR. There may be more.

Supremacy-rs.com - Misfits-rs.com - ruthless-clan.com


If you're looking for a competitive clan that actively competes, any clan that uses these boards will suffice, but I'm a bit biased towards SUP.


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Try Hydra! We have several people from Australia (including one of our High Council members) as well as people in similar time zones. Add me on disc electrik#5203 :) We have a very active and friendly community and don't mind if you're newbie.

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