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  1. Maethros

    pure account ex-mf looking for a warm home

    foe is quite heavily gmt based so their events are earlier but if you enjoy chasing around 50 guys with 120 pull its your place to be apex if you are looking for clanwars ir/sup if you are looking for pvp action during merican times, IR is having them even later around 8est probably want to stay away from the top clans because in general they have less action (can't risk losing now or people might catch up on the propaganda, cuh)
  2. Maethros

    Misfits Closure Video

    Rather go out on peak with a bang than dwindle and fade into unknown
  3. Maethros

    wtf zee

    It doesn't matter what clan you are in as long as you are having fun with the lads. Stick together and move to the next one. Zee has pulled this before, anybody remembers Authority? Probably had enough and wasn't willing to pass it on to new generation and risk it all degrade into level of purge,rev warriors or WaR. Once he is done with his army shit he'll probably be back by next summer and get the show running again.
  4. Maethros

    flaming NTPC clans

    I cannot believe it took you so long to make this corner of internet a safe space. Thank you! Respekt and equalism!
  5. i dont think it's the same crims
  6. Maethros

    these people are paid to govern in this day and age...

    If you people thought you don't have caste system like in India, well there you have it
  7. Maethros

    weekend Our immortality is your fatality

    'Old on now @Rinse
  8. Maethros

    how did ur saturday trip go?

    Are you asking cuz nobody posts their aftermaths here anymore? Besides xlpc who desire to grab multiclanners
  9. Maethros

    midweek Immortal smokes the XLPC scene

    show the the real defiance!
  10. Maethros

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    Only very few of those people play, most of them went down in history for starting something new or thinking out of the box and bringing in new breathing and mindsets Current people will be forgotten in a year or two by general public
  11. Maethros


    at least now i know who is mitch here, thought it was some apex kid lmao @Rinse they are carrying on your legacy, both dF and Hz lmfao
  12. Maethros

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    Foe so depraved of action Moni attends other clans minis? Or is it end of the year and u need to put together ut 2019 gif portfolio? Well done getting the W
  13. So you are bragging about ipgrabbing your rival clan?
  14. he is opening Bloody Vikingz
  15. Maethros

    Which Clan?

    I agree, runner up is xL