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  1. Maethros

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    wanna bet fo would pull 50? True, dutchies and gmt retired ranks wont show up, but you would still pull lmao.
  2. Maethros

    When Fom realise they cant win

    l0000l rustled your jimmies extra hard Yep I win again, back to circlejerking in status update you neurotic mess lmfao
  3. Maethros

    When Fom realise they cant win

    Expected response from supremacy, str8 to defending your masters
  4. Maethros

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Well done, gj
  5. Maethros

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    Supremacy is led by an unemployed pedophile, the hardo teacher you always knew lived in his moms basement, a curry licker, multiple really fat rejects and two guys who when able to pick any name to go by on the internet decided on “Jizz” and “x Poo”.
  6. Maethros

    Despite everything....

    If lilguys want to be part of the big dogs fights, then they can enjoy it in it's full glory. Don't you think its fair? Or it's okay for all kinds of random clans show up on your fight and turn it cancer?
  7. Maethros

    Despite everything....

    Hydra is a young clan on the scene, don't get involved in big dogs wars, they can handle it themselves. You are only putting yourself up there as a target for apex to retaliate, they would not struggle to choke you out of wilderness activities leaving you only with gmt times and clanwars. How would new members join you if Apex just comes and rags everything you do in wildy?
  8. Maethros

    Sponsoring Clans!

    thats an interesting take on services
  9. Maethros

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    didnt know you use ImCrafted's account lmfao, keep lying here you talibani terrorist, first it was only you then it became 5 sup members, whats next? Ignoring this reply is what i'm betting on lmfao
  10. Maethros

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    Lmaoo indeed when the zerk clan ac'ing did not touch Brap even once (that fo rank who vidded their sunday trip on a main hitting apex pures). How much is fo paying you?
  11. Maethros

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    Slutpremacy should be also up there, dno where you get your intel from slush
  12. Maethros

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    Foe could have stopped there, at that 10 minute mark and dipped with they W, just put it on your ranks for being so so thirsty, overly stubborn, self-centered idiots, that after 4 hours they still stood there and managed to turn all that good into a big fat L for next 5 hours. Honestly think along here, I'm not trying to bait you, Fo had this fight in the bag, take it and leave. It has probably got to do with your ranks, especially, being starved from p2p sunday action that they stopped thinking because there was somebody finally there they could fight. Try recall past 2 months of sundays for Fo you see my point has merit.
  13. Maethros

    Despite everything....

    Foe, Apex, Fi, Sup, IR, Detrimental, Hydra, ?Striketeam? Think I'm counting few more here
  14. Maethros

    Apex Scared?

    he spent 8hrs returning in rag to help fo but it was all for naught, what would you feel lmfao
  15. Maethros

    weekend HYDRA's First weekend trip of 2019

    gj guys keep up the good work and dont let opening hype fade