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  1. kleenex

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    @ahegao tell nox stigi is a fo spy lmfao, got fresh intel
  2. kleenex

    big cuck

    no ask no care
  3. kleenex

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    @8pint l000000000000l why avoiderman apexoooo/?
  4. kleenex

    GG CD

    rampage closed, stay easy weasel looking ass nigga 😂
  5. l00000000l look how mad you are over a pixel game originating from 1998
  6. kleenex

    GG CD

    why are you talking? hentai loving anime weiro 😂😂
  7. you got cleared x2 l00000l
  8. Yo watch out before nrg closes ur shitty xlpc l00000l the plague aka pkeru3000
  9. Why do you defend fom when u arent even in fom? retard asian lmfaoooo
  10. Seems like shooters from eop demolished pkerus shit clan @Thessalia can confirm
  11. NRG pulls almost 70-80, what is the fun in that.
  12. I don't know if you have noticed, but you pull 25 now danny used you as meatshields and taken all your members lmfaooo.
  13. kleenex

    some1 update me plz

    You are a 34 year old bald swedish guy, that lives in still at his moms house with no life other than playing this game. 😂😂
  14. kleenex

    Very sad doxer clan!

    Moni, overseer at sharkbrew says nothing about doxing. very sad!
  15. Imagine being a iraqi immigrant that lives in Sweden, and is scared to talk in 2019 because he is ashamed of his voice l0000000l 😂😂