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cwa Legacy Vs Vengence P2P Prep 2-1

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22 elite shooters came on to take on Vengence for our organised P2P Prep. Thanks to all our practice this week with tank tests, inners and 3v3s we managed to take the win convincingly. We did 2 First To 25s and a knockout for the final round. Vengence had a 55def cap and Legacy was allowed a 20def gear cap with +5 opts. Thanks for the event! 


Round 1 - First to 25

Flopped init

Round 2 - First to 25

Legacy Starting - 20
Vengence Starting - 15

Legacy Ending - 25 kills
Vengence Ending - 19 Kills

Round 3

Legacy Starting - 21
Vengence Starting - 16

Legacy Ending -11
Vengence Ending - 0





Killa POV

Andrew POV

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