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EoP's F2P Saturday - !Seen Fatality

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The Eruption of Pures set out today with a strong pull peaking at 80 Pirates, expecting the Anti-EoP Alliance to try and put up a fight. Unfortunately for us, all of our "rivals" each struggled to tip the 40 mark and sat in lobby/singles all day in an attempt to hide from us. It seems that their little alliance has been broken after a week xd


















Seeing as no clans actually had the balls to 1v1, 2v1, or even 3v1 us today (despite us basically telling them to) there isn't really anything to write about apart from the fact that we obliterated everything today.


Hunted and killed/ended cps trip, got hella rune sets from their mains and the same typical excuses from their leaders when we camped them.


Hunted and killed/ended rds trip, they seemed to really enjoy lobby/singles today.


Hunted and killed Fi, chased them all over the wilderness. Watched them try lobby all the time and saw how cruel they were to elit3 bser and not signing to him to log to lobby fast enough, leaving him to die multiple times. They wouldn't step out of singles and even tried hiding in P2P worlds. That didn't save the slaves, we chased them around n' walked them down to the ditch where they tried to get a regroup (a strong 11 man regroup haha). With multiple Fi members/ranks begging to give us their locations, it wasn't hard to find and bully them into ending at their own regroup, in a safezone....






After all of the clans had ended, the most difficult fight of the day came when we called a bs fest at gdz to end our dominant trip. It was a pretty tough battle but we managed to come out victorious!






Go and watch our vids slugs



Tired of being in the worst alliance in runescape history?
Want to be a part of the only clan willing to step into multi during events?

Query any @Op in #Clan-EoP to spy!
#clan-eop | www.eop-rs.com

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