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update League bug fixes/points decay/Discord role position

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  • Fixed incorrect form for some clans
  • Added "closed" clan feature
  • Fixed the table. Now all clans show up on the league system


Points decay

On the 4th of November, I will be adding the points decay feature of the ELO league to the wilderness pure category. This points decay is determined by the actiivity of the clans. Clans that are not active enough will receive a point deduction on the following Tuesday.

Minimum activity required:

  • 2 weekend
  • 4 midweeks

Based on the average points awarded to clans per wilderness event:


I have decided to set the point deduction at 20 points. If you feel this is too much/too little, feel free to reply below


Discord Role Position

There has been a bit of controversy regarding the position of clan roles in sharkbrew discord, thus I decided that roles should be sorted by the number of points a clan has. This method is free of any partiality and is based on how active your clan is in game.

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