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Today OG massed up 43 gorillas for this sunday trip and peaked at 46 we matched the pulls of other clans and pulled more then some of the top clans.



Special forces had only massed up 23 people and peaked at 26 thanks to the help of discord bots LMFAO fucking idiots, They spent majority of there trip running from ONSLAUGHT all trip and crashed  3 ights and got completely wiped of the map there level 60s and 70s were literally just loot pic feeders for the great gorillas. They couldnt hang in the wilderness with us, they couldnt hang at edge with us and they even had to get a clan chat hop twice just to avoid after constant spamming in there. Please dont sell your car again control pker for fucking leaks and dont think we didnt know who your leak was when your calling through it you idiotic mong.




To get to the action now once again ONSLAUGHT started the majority of the action today giving clean action vs LEGACY,  BLUNTPUREZ,  SUPREMACY and respect to APEX fighting down by alot of opts.

Started today of vs APEX inside CA and thanks to our numbers we dominated from start to finish and then SF crashed but completely fucked off the map when BP sandwiched them into us, what a poor excuse of a snipe team that is jesus christ.


Fought APEX inside bandits wrapped around from the south and pushed north and got inside of them but UNBREAKABLE were crashing it from the east taking our other  unit out but eventually got dragged inside and got into 10man clumps, before FOE crashed. SF were still stood at the bank oiling up there wheel chairs for a ride to the wilderness.


Next up we fought LEGACY at FOG put up a good fight vs them was a clean fight before UB and RS crashed, special forces were stood at the lumberyard and forgot what was going as CONTROL PKER was screaming at  his clan to hop worlds lmfao.



We fought LEGACY once again at bandits got a spread towards the east of the lava asked them to attack they logged in on top of us and  was back and fourth majority of the fight before RESISTANCE crashed and LY teled so we decided to stay and fight RS and fought them to the last man. SF hopped into the wrong world fucking hell who ever was calling them world hops what a circus your running there pal.

 Next fight was vs SUPREMACY they hit us and then 0.3 seconds later RAGE crashed.


Again ONSLAUGHT went to its second home of GDZ and fought BP and APEX  up there all pretty much around the same opts at this point was hella fun  ty for action.







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