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cwa Monday - Resistance vs Rage - Wildy Gear - [3-0]

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After an insane action packed weekend, Monday rolled around and Captain @nawe setup a event against Rage. We massed up 25 Resistance Members and managed to walk away with the win. Our aggression and calling were amazing. Thanks to everyone who showed up!


Round 1 (Defending)

Resistance Starting: 22 | Rage Starting: 22

Resistance Ending: 12 | Rage Ending: 0

Round 2 (Attacking)

Resistance Starting: 23 | Rage Starting: 23

Resistance Ending: 19 | Rage Ending: 0

Round 3 (PKRI)

Resistance Starting: 21 | Rage Starting: 21

Resistance Ending: 17 | Rage Ending: 0












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