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⚔️weekend Zenith's Glorious #1 P2P Sunday Trip: 135 ZENITH MURDER THE #ANTI-ZENITH ALLIANCE Ft. FI / LY / RAGE / MAINS [LEGENDS OF P2P]

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Yesterday the Pure Community stood witness to the beginning of the end for Fatality, Fatality's Leadership has began to use the same tactics our previous rivals have ending with the same results. Fake Hype Topics, Using Mains, Teaming with Alliance Clans. None of these tactics have worked before and none of them will begin to work against Zenith. Mother Zenith called all Members and for 3 hours Zenith deleted Fatality from the F2P Wilderness while #Anti-Zenith tried to aid the fallen Legacy Clan.

Today we knew there was not a force on Runescape that would stop us, After Pulling 130 Zenith Members to F2P and Perfecting Fatality 3-0 in our F2P Wilderness Full-out. There was never a chance for Fatality to do anything, The minute Sunday rolled around they were completely fucked. We massed up 120 Zenith Members and peaked at 135 Zenith Mountain Men to once again destroy the Pure Community and send Fatality back into another 6 Year Slump.





130 Zenith vs 110 Fatality + 70 Rage + 80 Legacy + 30 Mains.

7e672c28faa049e99c4ae5573209f1ef.png 2d85157c9003c3dd45c82356f0f5b6b2.png 94072197f60e7d7c29590fdce47f2bc0.png fce6365e2fcbaa8abb9bc8c2d3be00d9.png 8fae0396872dc5bc7203b91350a2cda6.png


We waited for 25 Minutes for Fatality to come out into the wilderness, They hid from us and would move every time we came close. We waited for them at GDZ and eventually rushed them from the north while they were at black knights fortress. We started instantly barraging through Fatality and smoking through them. We pushed them far northeast to GAP. Once at GAP we started barraging through them as we caught them in a massive barrage clump at GAP. We cleared them up and ran east and went north to GDZ and hit Fatalitys return squad from the east and started pushing them northwest towards the gate. We caught them in more massive clumps and started clearing them up. Rage & Apex & Supremacy & Legacy all joined in the fight however this didn't phase us, We stayed on Fatality and pushed them all around GDZ. Rage would be the first clan to 2V1 us with Fatality, We cleared them up northeast of GDZ and than turned around back on Fatality. We pushed Fatality all around the wilderness for the next 20 minutes before Legacy regrouped and came to hit  us from the north. We quickly turned on them and started smoking through them and within minutes cleared them up. We pushed Fatality far west on top of Spider Hill and than fully west into singles. Once they were at singles we pulled east with 100 Zenith Members and laughed at Fatality and logged out as the Kings of P2P.



First Clan In, Last Clan Out.

4a3fc816537af13ebd91eb3396a71e9f.png 64512735fdeeab3e86a562d3967e347d.png abf16b7faebfd8bbab5b89391c9f7fe4.png 2aeb8f89a3f6469dfdf117bb6b42e77f.png


We hopped to Fatality's world at Edge as they regrouped and lost 30 people after our first fight. We waited for them to go multi but of course they sat in singles. We waited for them spread at FOG and eventually they came from the east. Within seconds FI got in massive clumps around the lava and started getting blown up. Rage and Final Ownage Elites crashed but this didnt phase us. We stayed on Fatality and cleared them up north. Fatality teleported out and we cleared up FOE who was hitting us from the south near the teleport spot. We cleared them up than focused north on Rage. We started blowing up Rage and cleared them up. We spread at FOG and laughed at Fatality who vanished as quickly as it took them to come out.



Kings of CA. Legends of P2P.

4e83c994754ddb981aef5b8c181beb47.png 5f96b1b0a831efec993132993b468ea7.png 6545f1fdb5f62e55cbbe1a903adc7fef.png 6dda4c9570ce414e9346263ee500c5f3.png 203bb6b791cb75a72b4d1032c0681f4a.png




We hopped to Fatality's world and they would run from us when we started rushing them. We decided to let 5 of us teleport to CA so we could GWAS them from both sides. We baited them and they fell for it. We caught them in massive clumps north of CA and started GWASing the fuck out of them. As we learned yesterday Fatality's plan was to always have a clan on standby. Rage and Legacy both rushed us while we dominated Fatality at CA. We pushed FI far east and started clearing them up and pushing them north to corp once at corp we started focusing Legacy and cleared them up. We than turned around on Fatality and started barraging through them at pond. We pushed them back south and started clearing them up from there on. Fatality tried every tactic in Jamz playbook. 1. Use mains. (Didn't work) 2. Mass Returns (Didn't work) 3. Calling Clans (Didn't work). For the next 30 minutes we farmed Fatality as Jamz would awkwardly call movements while Fatality members would complain on teamspeak. Fatality dropped to no items, and 30 returning after 1 hour of fighting. Someone even resorted to mass ddosing our teamspeak and members, We never broke. After awhile it was only FI Leadership + Rage Leadership + Legacy Leadership + FOE Leadership in Fatality's Cape mass teleporting up.

At the 4 hour mark every pure clan left Fatality, It was only Zenith vs Fatality inside Chaos Altar. We started farming through them and barraging them mass returning after they got blown up. We spammed them and flamed and farmed them. We continued to barrage the fuck out of them and continued to clear them inside CA. Jamz isn't built for this.... neither is Fatality....If the pure community knows one thing its that Jamz hype is temporary, He has cancelled,left,closed every time when the going got tough. Today the going went tough, After 4 hours he broke and stopped returning on his pure. Just like every other clan Jamz has been apart of he brought his loser weak mentality on Fatality. After 5 Hours Fatality had 10 Returners left. From 110 their biggest pull in over 7 years and within 5 Hours there was only 10 Fatality returners (Jamz Era BTW). We fully cleared Fatality X10. We waited after clearing them and they didn't come back up we caught a spam and teleported to Edgeville ending with 100 Zenith.




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