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  1. This has already been done by a main clan not funny twice
  2. Why is the person threatening these people blacked out? If this was a Zenith member/alt account, wouldn't these photos be unedited? Seems suss as fuck to me. 👎
  3. Fatality: The clan that cry's "paedophile", the clan that accepts "paedophile's"".

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    2. Z Danny

      Z Danny

      Ty for the heads up

    3. Yaz


      You’re in a pedo clan btw 

    4. Killer Kamal

      Killer Kamal

      Zenith won't be remembered for any achievements loool

  4. I highly doubt anyone in Fi would've stopped giving him shit if he didn't join Fi let's be real 👍
  5. I joined eop around the same month you did and it's pathetic as fuck to see you with them now considering how much we all hated them back in the day, that's what I think. 🤣
  6. @ProccyTufan joined Fi so he's okay now in their heads xD
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