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Sharkbrew 6v6 mini tournament


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Hello members of sharkbrew, we have decided to host a max cwa 6v6 tournament for the community.

This tournament will be a knock-out tournament, best of 5 rounds and every round will be attack on gate drop.

Sign up date will end on April 3rd, any clans that have not signed up by 10pm EST on that date will not be entered.

The start date of the tournament will be Monday April 10th, on that day we will release the KO map so you can find out who you are fighting. 

So if you are interested in signing your clan up please drop me a message. (RANKS ONLY)



Any clan that has not sat to 6 fighters 10 seconds before gate drop the other team is allowed leave the portal and a rechallenge will be done. 

It is going to be attack on gate drop every round, if you are not ready then that's on you.

Anyone who disconnects or loses there connection mid-fight that is on you and not for a mod to sort.

Anyone who is avoiding there opponents an automatic advance to the next round will be implemented or as we advance through the stages of the tournament the clan that was knocked out during the last round by the avoiding clan will take there spot. (BUT DISCRETION BY MODS CAN CHANGE THIS) 

If both clans are being unreasonable a mod will determine a fight date and time.

Any invites from other clans is not tolerated at all, it will be an instant DQ from the tournament if you are found to be bringing invites. If a mod is questioning certain players and you are refusing to give information regarding that user an investigation will happen. (ANY RANKS OR LEADERS BEING UNREASONABLE YOU WILL BE DQED)


* Crystal Bow/bofa
* nightmare staffs
* Venom
* Spears
* Defenders
* Hasta 
* Nightmare Staff
* Toxic Blowpipe
* Zammy Flames
* Granite Maul
* Mithril Seeds
* Vengeance Other 
*ancient gs
*dark bow
*dragon dagger
*ancient godsword
* osmumten fang
*blade of saeldor
*ghrazi rapier
*inq mace


This tournament is hosted by @lawi any questions or ideas for this coming tournament please reach out to him. 


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