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  1. looks like that you did your best. Gratz
  2. I'm tired to fight against clans has no balls. Hope you close now, The ricing clan part 2.
  3. hope you fight against WL soon, i think will be a great challenge for both sides. Congratz on your win.
  4. bad weekend to be TR being defeated by brazilians twice
  5. in the moment, TR officials are thinking why they kicked some members from WL, if they hadnt done it i think we could do a decent fight with even numbers yesterday. Wl rules baby, you got smashed. See you again, if you have some balls to fight again with us.
  6. Keep talking trash bro, this is only thing that you are good. Hope we can do more soon and will be a pleasure smash you again.
  7. bad weekend to you, TR. Hope you've been learn the lesson and keep quiet.
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