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  1. Fatality: “we can’t hit Z at ca they’re too low level” Fatality all week: “see you at gdz this weekend” What Fatality did all weekend: Stayed 10 and below wild, never once went above level 20 wild, talked all this shit to get dumped on, and now today they avoid their rivals LOLOL IMAGINE MASSING UP, BRINGING ALL YOUE RETIREDS AND ELDERS BACK, WASTE THEIR TIME IN ORDER FOR THEM TO NOT GET ANY ACTION FROM YOUR RIVAL LOLOL. Jamz era looking pretty sad already
  2. *when your clan loses in wilderness* ”prep me” *when your clan loses in wilderness* ”I’m declaring on Z” L0000000l
  3. Ur a moron. Keep slaving looking for leaks LOOOLOLOL
  4. “Zenith did it” Plays a victim and instantly points fingers man. Intel is not your best friend Jamz
  5. 50 second clip..... I’m done what are you idiots out to prove? Mass up retard l0l
  6. Np man. Gf’s. I was at LMS all morning tbf
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