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  1. Why would you think that I'm trying to turn zenith against you? I'm just stating facts from what I see, unbiased opinion friend.
  2. Grats on your trip Apex, dislike for the weak propaganda in the topic, but a like deserved for smashing zenith your whole trip (according to your own pov)
  3. Well done Venom, grats on your first trip, and on the wins.
  4. Lmfao. I watched your pov yesterday once the topic was up, and it could be clearly seen how you cut off the video almost everytime FI rushes. And now you have removed the pov, no wonder l0l.
  5. Good job FI, nice povs. This looks like the real winning topic. Keep up the domination!
  6. I think it will be close, if fo can manage their pulls it can become an interesting rivalry. Hopefully without mains and only clean pure action. But my vote however goes to FI, I think that the quality is there and their members are some real shooters. For the past months Fatality have proven that they are not all talk, for example dominating several rivalries, bringing back fights down hug opts, smashing clans in clw etc. Looking forward to see how this situation evolves
  7. This looks like a desinformation campaign by FO, imagine having 3 clans to team up just have a chance against fatality at gdz, and then still fail to clear them. Not sure why you mention yesterdays trip either as it can be clearly seen from your own video on your own topic how you run from fatality everytime, even when matched. Fo has seen what FI did to Z, and Fo knows they are next in line. This topic reeks of desperation.
  8. I doubt Fatality ended because of you lol. You are literally running from FI your whole pov. Nonetheless, gj on your trip
  9. Good job on your trip FOE, looks like you had fun. Hopefully you can keep up the good pulls and offer some more competition to the scene
  10. Good job on your trip Fatality, looks like no other clan stood a chance against the green machine
  11. Imagine competing for #1 one month ago, but after getting consistently bullied during the last few weekends you have to resort to kill 1 itemers in order to gain even one bit of hype. Wow, sad. What's even more sad is that you need a main clan to help you with it, can't even do it alone. However, looks like you had fun based off your topic and all the spams, and that's what counts. Grats on your trip.
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