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  1. Kid Ur Leader Literally Looks Worse Than A Chimp. Stop Piping Up Before U Get Perm Ragged On The Weekends.
  2. ( they left r3 ) ( they left r3 ) ( they left r3 )
  3. kid you're fucking cringe you really scammed someone for $10 l0000000000000000000000000000000l
  4. Both garbage clans led by mega retards.
  5. @

    My intro

    I agree legacy is dogshit
  6. so...

    dogshit legacy is getting destroyed by arguably the worst clan of all time (fi) on the weekends

    hasnt won a single prep yet l0l

    and is being roasted by spastic aysix

    yikes rough times

    1. R4ngeTAP


      3-0 in p2p btw ain’t u a divine dog I closed you sit down

  7. No one has to take me serious. You've established yourself as the retard of the community. BTW pls stop repeating recycled statements u look cringe
  8. holy shit has legacy even won a prep yet @legacy dogs
  9. you know your clan is shit when even this retard throws shade l000000000000l
  10. no one wants to see your poverty loots looked like a shit rev trip btw
  11. daily reminder the cringe no life freaks in legacy still do teamspeak speeches in 2k19 :facepalm:

  12. Kid you've joined every clan in the game 3x and your first clan was phoenix please fuck off newfag no namer rofl
  14. are u going to keep repeating a recycled statement or r u going to acknowledge the fact that ur being led by a cringe e dater wetback???
  15. Kid your leader is a e dating wetback dont mention me no namer spastic
  16. hey guys im in dogshit legacy pls notice me

  17. @


    kid half your clan left because they realized how incompetent the ranks are, you have lost preps to low tier clans, and you resort to mains on the weekend ur clan is the epitome of dogshit
  18. gfx for two failed clans LMFAO why would any waste their time????? LOLLL
  19. Sam muted so his clan does not hear his cringy awkward immigrant family LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
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