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  1. ★ Moni ★ Nawe ★ Stigi ★ Fib ★ Chad ★ Jug ★ Arro ★ Feasted ★
  2. Since the making of this topic he has been removed from "Team Brief" Be weary if you still clan w/this individual.
  3. Be weary of a individual that goes by the name of "Rapid". He's a known infernal cape scammer that goes around messaging individuals w/crazy rates trying to get upfront payment then bans the individual from the discord. Discord ID:
  4. I'm referencing these topics Updated Alias/Rsn's: Alias: "Brick" RSN: "Ty 4 Brief" Discord ID: Brick#7232 Please watch out for future scams if this individual joins your clan/team.
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