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  1. bruh this pic layout is so weird is it just me or his rs super detailed lol
  2. @Eevee look at the losers in the pics using mains 😂😂
  3. Borzor is my boy he aint the type to go easy on niggaa
  4. respect to them for even doing a p2p prep lol
  5. ye got speared but wasnt max was like 28m ish gf dudes (dont think this was u tho :p)
  6. looks cool gamer hm wud u charge for a utube thumanil,something rlly simple rob did my prev one
  7. Someone requested a betting pool for this prep so here it is https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=memberbetting&module=main&controller=events&page=1&id=16#event-20
  8. If u allow 20 defs with 1 defs it will be extremely unfair do 1-5 def accs and ill join in :]
  9. foo vs o foe had advantage when they massively overpulled due to them having wild over cwa but as pulls decrease it's moving in outrages direction until foe overpull by alot as they dont do cwa vs o cd vs ly strictly speaking cwa cd wants the prep but ly wont. IMO ly lack in quality and wud lose that regardless so only wild based decision ly is up due to opts alone rage vs sup sup overpulls (i think?) and won the prep so ye
  10. Gl, are u mainly f2p or p2p focused?
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