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  1. All i see is you bullied off your pure You gotta feed atleast 15 more members before they think about giving you special guest
  2. @K2P here's your current member list embedded below 👇

  3. I took apex gear and slapped them upside the head with their own p2p belt, mine now come get it
  4. No way is the guy below me avoiding rage rn 😂 @Elve Fatality has more belts then ur 12 man "mass" do better

  5. No way did zenith upload a losing midweek topic without any kill pics of Fatality 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭

  6. @Elveit doesn't feel like midweeks are getting spy hit, fight back
  7. Dailey reminder @orgasms didn't make it into either main clans 

  8. Dailey reminder @orgasms didn't make it into either main clans 

  9. Does all of apex cosplay females?

  10. Whats cap is your sub 80 Combat trips in 2021
  11. Horizon made a hider just to cry about fatality in the closet
  12. @orgasmsdally reminder you did NOT make the cut into either main clan

  13. Oh that's right you lost to supremacy in ft25s f2p 😭

  14. @Deserie @Nerdy 5 events 0 topics this week what the fuck happened 

  15. Don't be scared just click the button 

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