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  1. [Poll] Clan Wars Maps

    Defender should get to pick
  2. banter
    Rare picture of ir leading their raw recruits in wildy

    ducklings killed ur clan l0l0l
  3. State of IR rn

  4. A Typical Supremacy Trip ~ TS Leak btw

    2k18 and sup is STILL dead LMFAOOOOO
  5. Slumpremacy Sodomized

    sup and px members r too scared to quote me btw.
  6. Slumpremacy Sodomized

    Sup ded px ded imagine being in an anti-IR alliance LOOOOOOL
  7. yikes so @Kim gives me a warning but allows this bias sb mods l0l
  8. imagine getting reduced to this on ur own topic l00000000000000000000000000000000000000l
  9. banter
    Things that can get you killed

    Sup-tier banter k9k stay making fake sb accs instead of improving ur clan l0l