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  1. [Poll] Clan Wars Maps

    Defender should get to pick
  2. ducklings killed ur clan l0l0l
  3. State of IR rn

  4. A Typical Supremacy Trip ~ TS Leak btw

    2k18 and sup is STILL dead LMFAOOOOO
  5. Slumpremacy Sodomized

    sup and px members r too scared to quote me btw.
  6. Slumpremacy Sodomized

    Sup ded px ded imagine being in an anti-IR alliance LOOOOOOL
  7. yikes so @Kim gives me a warning but allows this bias sb mods l0l
  8. imagine getting reduced to this on ur own topic l00000000000000000000000000000000000000l
  9. banter
    Things that can get you killed

    Sup-tier banter k9k stay making fake sb accs instead of improving ur clan l0l
  10. gz on being broken like ur clan l3l