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  1. good to see things around here haven't changd
  2. tlp even if we closed in july our peak was so high it was ridiculous and no one else made that big of an impact in 2016
  3. pm "malcriado" on irc to leak ur clans locs :-) 16m/weekend

    1. SKEEZ


      u dont even have enough gp to buy corn dogs let alone fund leaks

  4. its better than anything u have ever made lmao
  5. obese was never really relevant to tlp where r u getting this from lmao
  6. dont care help i got alzheimer's lol
  7. help i got alzheimer's lul
  8. ah yes 44 eop rushed us with 29 revenant so we dipped great screenshot
  9. http://ub-rs.com/community/ #UB ts.ub-rs.com 'UB RS' cc Snapchat: UnbreakableOSRS Instagram: https://www.instagra...nbreakablelmao/ Youtube: https://www.youtube....zHAq-78DfoctKbA Today Unbreakable entered the wilderness with around 30 dead gorillas, later peaking at around 35. Despite our low pull, we managed to smoke several clans throughout the day for very easy lootations. For our first hit of the day, we logged in at north east ruins and quickly ran north east by boneyard to kill Apex. We chased them east till all of Apex was cleared, along with any stragglers left behind by FOE and OP. Soon enough the wilderness with cleared with only us and FOE left, at which point we left to get a regroup. At this point we heard news of Supremacy and Rage fighting west of bandits, which we quickly pursued. Arriving north of the western wall of bandits, we pushed Rage south and gathered tons of loot from both Rage and Supremacy until FOE crashed from the east and EOP from the west. We turned our focus onto EOP, who we fought in single for a while. Realizing another fight was soon to break out in Al Kharid, we grabbed our glories and teled out with all our loot. Arriving in Al Kharid, we strategically positioned ourselves south of the gnome glider along the multi/single line. Hugging singles, we hopped into the PVP world and promptly gwas'd the FOC/EOP/OP members who clumped up in multi. For our next hit of the day, we heard there was a cluster going on around boneyard between Apex/FI/CP. We hopped east of ruins, only to log into FOE and EOP ragging each other in singles. We took a second to kill the brainless FOC members who had waddled across the multi line and then transitioned north east to kill the stragglers left behind by Apex. With everyone cleared, we teled out to regroup. To end our amazing trip off, we scouted out OP and Rage fighting inside of corp cave. We teled in and hopped in the north west corner and began to fight Rage. We quickly dropped their numbers, gathering tons of loot until EOP and mains crashed so teled out to regroup. At this point, the fight was mostly cleared up with only mains remaining and we decided to call it a day. Thanks for the action pure world. KINGSTON'S POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UobdMEmf-7Q 101 SINS' POV FUDOG'S POV https://youtu.be/JyKZSUgR6M8
  10. ? random number? https://youtu.be/-wCfdBUFkHY?t=263 u blind lol?
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