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  1. Imagine, have a dad that cry's on sharkbrew Imagine having a child and still play runescape
  2. ChrisVision

    pure account Looking for a clan

  3. ChrisVision

    MISFITS VS IR 18 VS. 18 (2-0 IN SETS)

  4. ChrisVision

    Who wins these "rivalries"?

    You sure lmao?
  5. Looking at the eop propaganda they probably lost

  6. ChrisVision

    2v2 fullout?

    No 2v2 Sup vs ir Foe vs eop
  7. ChrisVision

    not counted Redemption | P2P Prep 3-0 vs Sovereign

    Yday They claimed to be #1 p2p LOL
  8. ChrisVision

    RD getting bullied?(again)

    fi is desperate
  9. Probally eop because they pull both 40s
  10. ChrisVision

    Better Action?

    Not sure if the action was because of sv or because Every clan Pulled decent and was hungery for Some Nice fights I think that other lpc's Like doom and Maybe Olympus should Go HPC asswel Only eop FI and sup didnt pull big this weekend
  11. I do see a 89 with green name ? Did you bring Some HPC invites Lol