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  1. Nice trip, especially the clean fight vs fi
  2. ChrisVision

    cwa Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite P2P Prep 2-1 [30v30]

    I wish apex did prep someone else then ir...
  3. ChrisVision

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    Apex is avoiding sup btw
  4. ChrisVision

    Close Calls

    Nice vid man
  5. ChrisVision

    EOP - What has been your experience?

    What did you smoke
  6. ChrisVision

    EOP - What has been your experience?

    Killing eop was fun and ez
  7. ChrisVision

    EOP Closes - Jan 3rd 2019

    Hopefully they wont try it again
  8. ChrisVision

    Apex vs IR F2P

    I wish ir had the balls to full out sup
  9. Imagine, have a dad that cry's on sharkbrew Imagine having a child and still play runescape