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  1. Horizon


    ty 4 update friend!!!!!1
  2. Horizon

    Penguins Vs Misfits 15v15 P2P Miniwar 2-0 In Sets

    misfits still getting the smoke l
  3. misfit = sukr clan still lo

    some things never change

  4. ah yes, misfits still sukr clan nothing has changed ^.^
  5. Horizon

    Public Apology to Fom

    don't know what you're insinuating but all 3 of those clans were better than any clan you've ever been apart of.
  6. Horizon

    Which Clans leadership would be

    misfits quality of a topic.
  7. @Moni u idle in everyones teamspeak and expect not to get ddosed l0l

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    3. Jamer


      i agree lets idle in every ts and complain on sharkbrew as an admin when we get ddosed!!

    4. JoJo
  8. Horizon

    PX pay the ultimate price - closure

    why am I reading ur life story? You sound like a new bundle of twigs that just started clanning in 2013 lmfa000 how was I the most active in this rivalry? flaming the hell out of u guys on sharkbrew? l0l0l0l I've been inactive af working 40-50 hour weeks the past 2-3 months (reason why i've sat at elder) try again.
  9. Horizon

    PX pay the ultimate price - closure

    u didn't close brown sticky stuff btw (reason u made this topic) stay lurking on my beautiful forums brah
  10. Horizon

    PX pay the ultimate price - closure

    literally have been clanning more than most people, 10-11 years. u really think i'm gunna join foe? i'm already extremely inactive and work 40-50 hour weeks so the answer is no.
  11. Horizon

    PX pay the ultimate price - closure

    game is dead, clanning in 2k18 ROFL BTW BTW gg, thanks for the fun m8s Misfits forever in our shadows.