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  1. Someone tell @Brock_Lesnar that cp closed lmfao

    1. holydreams


      Cp was better than eop haha

    2. Yaz


      CP was a dominant pure clan, EOP is on life support lmfao

  2. Someone tell @Brock_Lesnar to stop commenting, and that cp closed lmfao.

    1. Terror Spokesman

      Terror Spokesman

      They reopening as lvl 40s btw.

    2. Cody9204


      Someone tell this virgin solo king to get back to mowing his yard and that brock lesnar is a supremacy alias!

    3. Solo King
  3. 16 years and 270 pounds, very sad!

  4. What u said? U wanna c a big leak?? view eop forum 2mrw at 4st lol i give u some leak baby on debbs fat mom iraqi ass u fucked with the wrong clan my nigga tell danny he has 2hrs to figure it out or you're the 1st one getting smoked out ON GOD i know you're reading this lol i am fucking INSANE you stupid mother fuKCER u otehrf cuerk i know u c this lol u just readint IT LOL REPLY pUSSYYSYS aah

  5. BBM is in your head lmfao @holydreams

    1. Cody9204


      "ex-warlord of cd" but nobody in cd knows him. Who fak r he??

    2. Solo King
  6. Things are not looking good over at FOM HQ!

  7. why did u change your name ? we know its u deviants l0l

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    2. Cody9204


      Go mow the lawn, virgin.

    3. Solo King

      Solo King

      @Cody9204 bullied by jamz lmfao, stay mad loser.

    4. Cody9204


      Yep, Jamz did big bully job banning me from teamspeak.

  8. Things are not looking good at final ownage mains hq''s. !

  9. Not a good day 2 be tlp

  10. This gonna be 2 eas TLP, rip addy 2k15

  11. Hpc hmm

    1. messi


      lol stfu broccoli no1 cares.

    2. Solo King

      Solo King

      like no1 cares about ur rivalry vs eop

  12. Whilst you're sitting there on a troll account making images about me, I'm making money laughing at how pathetic your existence is lmfao Maybe you shouldn't have dropped out and actually got some qualifications and you wouldn't be spending the rest of your life trolling on online games :/

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    2. Dinoz


      lmfao ur a troll account reject

    3. Dinoz


      lmfao ur a troll account reject

    4. Dinoz


      lmfao ur a troll account reject

  13. Olympus remember, spam lmfao and @Preston did this 2 u

  14. "dont be proud of pulling 100 ppl in the lpc scene" Fkn dogs

  15. op ended in 20 min, gg was ez addy cant save u

  16. "Inu": yo if any of u guys wanna come 2 cp's trip as an invite pm chain is law cc big war today

    1. Solo King

      Solo King

      all aboard! big war!

  17. [16:41] i personally think u should get cancer irl

  18. cp and op are getting bullied, stop teaming lmfao u both fkn suck

  19. »Sat/11:00:37 PM« our members r really bad

  20. Heard Cp is losing 2 eop

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    2. Dinoz


      heard eop became a main clan

    3. T im

      T im

      eomains > cp mains

    4. Corn_husker


      Lol Eop won't accept preps vs RD and they talk about CP..

  21. Sat/11:00:37 PM« our members r really bad

  22. [2: 07pm] [CP]Victory: if u have 35 cp kids who r 90cb on u [2: 07pm] [CP]Victory: u cant rly do anything lol [2: 07pm] [CP]Victory: no1 can touch cp's quality

    1. Lionel


      ya better know it bby

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