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  1. Who would be in your dream team rank lineup? 2 Leaders, 2 High Councils, 1 Warlord, 2 Councils, 2 Officers Leaders cronic walli High Councils 17 borzor Warlord Jamz Councils Joey Mercy Officers iObs
  2. lmfao fucking armenian dog, legit useless in any clan. Broke in 1 weekend when he was council legit trash ass big talker lmfooooo also got kyped by AAQ Militant in eop ts and he faked having a ddos attack l000000000000000000000l @Jordan ratta
  3. Someone tell @Brock_Lesnar that cp closed lmfao

    1. holydreams


      Cp was better than eop haha

    2. Yaz


      CP was a dominant pure clan, EOP is on life support lmfao

  4. Someone tell @Brock_Lesnar to stop commenting, and that cp closed lmfao.

    1. Sliq


      They reopening as lvl 40s btw.

    2. Cody9204


      Someone tell this virgin solo king to get back to mowing his yard and that brock lesnar is a supremacy alias!

    3. Solo King
  5. 16 years and 270 pounds, very sad!

  6. What u said? U wanna c a big leak?? view eop forum 2mrw at 4st lol i give u some leak baby on debbs fat mom iraqi ass u fucked with the wrong clan my nigga tell danny he has 2hrs to figure it out or you're the 1st one getting smoked out ON GOD i know you're reading this lol i am fucking INSANE you stupid mother fuKCER u otehrf cuerk i know u c this lol u just readint IT LOL REPLY pUSSYYSYS aah

  7. BBM is in your head lmfao @holydreams

    1. Cody9204


      "ex-warlord of cd" but nobody in cd knows him. Who fak r he??

    2. Solo King
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