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  1. Holy smokes fo, looks like rage was giving you an ass whooping on Saturday l0l @holydreamswtf?

  2. Brock_Lesnar

    CD will write down the history of pure clanning

    holy smokes legashit using mains nothing new here.
  3. Holy smokes, its Friday and I am ready to kill Legashit l000l, wannabe fake CP nerds. @holydreamshow are you? old buddy old friend!

  4. Brock_Lesnar

    Dear CD #2

    Lmfao happy that legashit is going to get smashed, wannabe cp turds
  5. Brock_Lesnar

    How many mains were on today?

    yikes paying 100m for 60mains ir is the cancer of the pure community
  6. ir is legit the shit stain of the pure community.
  7. Brock_Lesnar

    who is gonna win this years Anniversary

    Well by the looks of all the videos of last year ir got skullfucked. I don't see that changing this year
  8. Brock_Lesnar

    How long will legacy last?

    Legacy is ass. They are immitating cp and doing it badly. Leet tactics was shit and so is this dog shit clan
  9. @holydreams whats up with all the beef with fi?

    1. Pkeru


      Who else are they going to try to rival with loool

  10. Brock_Lesnar

    Congrats fi on this weekend

    glad fi destroyed wannabe cp this weekend lmfao. seriously leet tactics sam uninstall buddy all your clans are ass. fi ftw baby
  11. Legacy you are dogshit, you will never be like CP. I spit on you. Fatality skulledfucked you yday and will do it again today. Gl getting p2p on all them mains and lvl 3's you shitters.

  12. Fi skullfucked legacy
  13. Brock_Lesnar

    RoT Leader Nigga

  14. Brock_Lesnar

    midweek Fearless Spits on Team Revolution P2p Midweek 5/8/19

    10 Spartan pigs