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  1. Brock_Lesnar

    pkri Fearless Friday pkri vs Apex

    asspex fucked l0l
  2. Brock_Lesnar

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    @hotkeyingyou still taking big L's buddy. Happy Easter.
  3. Happy Easter Foc :) didn't see you out yday @holydreamswhat have you done to foc?

  4. Cp bullied . Gratz Cd
  5. Ahh yes, after a long busy week slaving at my job and penetrating my girlfriend, I come on sharkbrew to flame the fuck out of @holydreamsand co. Foc still slumping lmfao, some things never change.

  6. Brock_Lesnar

    What happened?

    more clans the better, even if the clans that are opening are ass.
  7. Brock_Lesnar

    Regarding foe/rot situation

    This is good for the pure community tbh. Foc is cancer.
  8. Gratz fatality, legacy is shitty ass version of cp same as immortal. I'm embarrassed that these clans are tarnishing CP's legacy no pun intended.
  9. Brock_Lesnar

    midweek Legacy Friday Night Smoke Sesh ~ Ft. Apex

    Holy crap apex is awful lmfao
  10. It does feel embarrassing to see my mighty ex leader crumble to bunch of punk retards. Drunk is washed up now the fact he thinks 40v40 is a miniwar his brain is clearly malfunctioning @Immortals. I'm glad I didnt join wannabe Cp. [Cp]Drunk would never pussy out from a prep or call a prep a mini, holy ass. What have you done to my mighty ex leader [LT]Sam lmfao @Immortals
  11. @holydreamscome out, come out wherever you are!

    1. holydreams


      U know me bro, enjoy the show