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  1. Brock_Lesnar

    Things need to change. This can not continue.

    Welcome to the pure community retard. New scene same shit.
  2. Brock_Lesnar

    EOP back up?

    ded shit ass main infested clan, stay dead CX
  3. Brock_Lesnar

    Nice mains

    holy fuck asspex is ass l000l. 220 to 60 with 10+ mains doggy ass clan chatted shit now slumping to nothing l00l
  4. @holydreamswazzup rofl, @hotkeyingyour clan is still doggy buddy.

  5. Brock_Lesnar

    20 def movement?

    They have opening hype.......
  6. Brock_Lesnar

    Haz/Scims Scamming Accusations

    Holy fuck what a dog shit scamming clan ir is. @hotkeying you and your clan are the laughing stock of the purecommuity.
  7. Brock_Lesnar

    Whos your pick?

  8. Lmfao toxine chain and drunk made cp with a new skin cringe. Just reopen cp holy f
  9. @holydreamsyour amazing man. Taking on 3 clans at once holy foc l0l

  10. Brock_Lesnar

    fo needs Jamz back

    Didn't Asspex lose a full out to foc?
  11. Brock_Lesnar

    Apex is doomed

    Lmfao irl this guy is single handedly breaking dismantling asspex yikes LOL!