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  1. Nik

    Apex vs 410 P2p Mini [4-1 Rounds]

    hey i smell desperate wins from apex because no wins in conquest tourny @iObsession @Vitka @Moni @Pikey @17_
  2. Nik

    EOP vs SUP 15v15 P2P Mini 4-0

    hmmm @iObsession thought so right @Pikey
  3. Nik


  4. Nik

    EOP vs FO P2P Mini 2-1

    wei xiao pan winner
  5. Nik

    Phoenix vs UB 2-1

    @Gibbo ?
  6. Nik

    Deathmatch vs Misfits [2-1]

    my guy
  7. Nik

    Instinct vs Deathmatch | P2P Mini | 2-1 Perfected 2x

    i think i wonner
  8. Nik

    Instinct vs Deathmatch | P2P Mini | 2-1 Perfected 2x

    lmao another win another belt 2 timer ty
  9. what a day to be TI, didnt even need to try and still wonner
  10. ah yes wei xia tao carried again zzz
  11. Nik

    instinct v Fatality 2-0

    embarrasing from fi....
  12. Nik

    Ok everyone

    This is seriously a discussion/argument I have like 4 times a year. I need your help my fellow pure clanners Please vote accordingly. For all intensive purposes I am only talking about on Playstation 1.