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  1. just quit already. probs gonna get closed by fatality again l0l
  2. Back on my bullshi, whos tryn to throw hands in the wildyerness

  3. Leettactics samir changed his clan name? My guess is they still suck if hes in charge!
  4. Is this a repost of 2017? yea two shit clans still going at it!
  5. Whos mahatma and walli, agreed about jamz though
  6. Everyone knows SV is already dominating eruption. you kids are just too easy for lord hitter, no need for propergander topics
  7. yea brown sticky stuff clan, fis the best suck me
  8. which one of you bundle of twigss finna pipe up with the inferno cape. probs a fatality member cause we have best quality. yea .

    1. Koed Beastly

      Koed Beastly

      Sarcasm is on point! 9.5/10

    2. Meet Them With Scims

      Meet Them With Scims












      â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–„ Fatality â–„â–‘â–‘â–‘â–▄▄▄▀░░░

    3. Meet Them With Scims
  9. what the fuck is there a profanity filter on sharkbrew when it's not even on rs. they trying to make us bitch made

    1. Godfather


      i got 16hr'd for calling someone a broccoli.

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