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  1. Sandnigger Virgins cleared by the Aryan Christian Minty girl army
  2. i make billions trading my snakeskin set for ur mystic. had a fight last night btw sv is dead
  3. enjoy fighting df2 for #8 p2p while my clan is out pking and making billions
  4. i would go community. zerk scene is dead no point in staying open
  5. yeah thats a pic of beast and imascaper at runefest
  6. nice DK quality kill pic LMFAO that looks like a 800k kill friend
  7. sv looking for every out of game advantage they can get but it wont save them LMFAO

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nike


      atleast u tried :Amusing:

    3. Moni


      Elaborate on out of game advantage 

    4. We1


      a jaja member actually crying about out of game tactics


  8. ok how about this one LMFAO (million more vids btw check our forums) YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE RAMS KISSING THE FLOOR LMFAO THATS UR LEADER
  9. try again 1. leyla isn't in jaja 2. this is extremely poor banter
  10. reopen fallen @Chalu

    1. Lankz


      he can barely keep nightmare open :\

  11. all you xlpc niggas r pussies #fallen was the last real xlpc
  12. u act like u didnt get BGSed mid fight l00000000l
  13. mfw my "8" people bgsed you midfightLOOOOOOOOOOL
  14. people remember how sv 3.0's opening pure trip they pulled 140 but they forget that the trip after that they pulled 65 l0000000000000000000l
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