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    Demais got a reaction from FLOWER in GORILLAS TAKE OVER #OG   
    og btw
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    Demais reacted to FLOWER in GORILLAS TAKE OVER #OG   
    On this Sunday onslaught massed up 40 gorillas and peaked at 42 for an extremely action packed sunday.
    got ourselves stuck in with all the big clans and caused havoc where ever we went.

    First of we started the fight of at boneyard fighting APEX we were up a couple but turned to be a good fight, before other clans decided to start crashing GF APEX

    Next up BLUNT PUREZ decided it was okay to flam us that bank so thanks to some good intel over at HARAMBE HQ we found them crashing a fight at CA so we decided to log right behind them and start picking them off one by one and I believe they were being by resistance from the other side but don't piss a gorilla off BP  

    Soon after that bit of action we found RAGE fighting up at west of sperm hill so we decided to log south and rush north we completely cleared TORMENT who were trying to hit the fight from the east got a clear on them before focusing our attention to rage.
    we found TORMENT hanging out near taverely gate getting ready to run south towards the action so as soon as they made the move we logged in right in front of them and stopped there movement in there tracks GF TORMENT.

    We decided to scout falador out and seen a tussle between HYDRA and CRITICAL DAMAGE so we decided to log in behind them both whilst they were fighting and start catching them both in clumps HYDRA teled and CD fought back really well but eventually LEGACY came from the north and sandwiched them so then we had a bit of a tussle with LY but eventually other clans came so we dipped.

    After that we found OUTRAGE chilling in falador park so we decided to log in behind them and go straight in with the melee push and killed a lot of them I believe another clan was coming from WEST and eventually they teleported out but I think the gorillas are gonna claim this one today jamz  

    Finally we found RESISTANCE and BLUNT PUREZ having some good action at bandit camp so we decided to crash it just like what they do to our fights all the time, logged in behind BP cleared them and then resistance gave us a good fight before LEGACY hit from the other side.

  3. Poggers
    Demais got a reaction from Pasco in Unbreakable - Quality Above All - 1-20 Defence(ish) - THE RETURN   
    Braden - ex-High Council of Final Ownage Elite
    High Council
    Pasco - ex-High Council of Final Ownage Elite
    Pizy - ex-Council of Final Ownage Elite
  4. Good Banter
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    Demais got a reaction from Scims in Undisputed vs. Onslaught - P2P Prep (2-1)   
    thx 4 big mini
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  7. Good Banter
  8. Good Banter
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    Demais got a reaction from AK 4U in $10 Kravings Begs Me To Save His Clan & Pull Him Out The Grave LMFAO   
    lmfao this is the man who said he would camp onslaught events and showed up once with a 2 man army
  10. Good Banter
  11. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to Austin in Apology Letter to Borzor 8pint and KG   
    when you post your RSN change to Fucat, and possibly a photo of donating to local Cat Shelter i will off. Topic was a good gesture but will indeed not be enough... Sorry Fucat!
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    Demais got a reaction from Jamz in wtf is this l00l   
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    Demais reacted to puppyslush in [Scammer Ban Evader] Triumphz aka satanic pure   

    This is a known serial scammer who join clans only to scam/chargeback your fellow clan mates. I urge all clan ranks to take note of his accounts and prevent him from joining your community.
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    Demais reacted to 'Jamie in ARROZ CLAN | Brazilian Community | PvM/PvP/Warring   
    don't let these salty foe kids bash your attempt of something good @Demaisbest of luck with this community you got going on 
  15. Good
  16. Poor Banter
    Demais got a reaction from Pkeru in Supremacy vs Fatality F2P Prep 3-0 [30v30]   
    grat big tiger clan
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    Demais reacted to Meulemans in warning to all clans   
    hahaha was vry easy
  18. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to Tannie in lol stop killing urself   
    apex i saw u pull 200 and u are very proud of it.
    do u have any idea by pulling this high, u are just killing urself.
    lmao nox i expected better from u than to lose a +40 f2p return fight???
  19. Good Banter
  20. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to 8pint in Apex v.s. Final Ownage - P2P Wildy Fullout - Final Ownage Perfected - 1/6/19   
    apex lost up 40 yesterday so decided to bring 100 invites today
    talk about shook
  21. Poor Banter
    Demais reacted to AK 4U in Warning to CD   
    You have my full attention and I don't allow desperate weak advantage seeking leeches into my scene
    We are many, expect us.
    Hopefully you pull more than 30 before closing and not getting stepped on by Envy v9
  22. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to Ham in EOP Closes - Jan 3rd 2019   
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    Demais reacted to Brap in Why does nobody post on here.   
    Pure scene is dying, looks like LPC might fall into the cycle mentality that xLPC has. Pure bracket clans are now reaping what they have sown over the past few years, it'll get a lot worse before it gets better.
  24. Poggers
    Demais reacted to Pedrolito in Arroz Clan vs Brazilian Clan World (PvP F2P)   
    Yesterday we setup a fight agaist the Brazilian Clan World. And this is the result 
    Arroz Starting - 

    Brazilian Clan World Starting - 55 ppl (165 opts) 
    Arroz Ending - 

    Brazilian Clan World Ending - Called Off 
    Prints : 

    War Video: 

    We are open for f2p fights, pm me with u want to setup something. 
  25. Good Banter
    Demais reacted to YOOITZKID in Why did IR ask FI for a full out?   
    wow eop, ir and apex all dead clans lmao 
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