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  1. The one who gives rockman 20m will be remembered forever as savior of pure community. If no monies=more mains Also every topic u remove= +1 main
  2. wadda 5

    Fs teamspeak leak Ft #Theweb

    selling rockman ts leaks 20m piece pm me
  3. wadda 5

    gz rockman

    rockmen says ty monies
  4. wadda 5


    pm me
  5. wadda 5

    Peasant clans need to step up

    nope never been thats just bad banter from doom and other lpcs who get sniped by rockman
  6. vanquish already won the race for hpc Fatality
  7. wadda 5

    speak up lpcs

    easy monies rockman accept challenge
  8. wadda 5

    Is the RS community growing again?

    im not trolling. i wouldnt play but maybe new players would who never have. and obv they would be in different servers
  9. wadda 5

    Is the RS community growing again?

    when jagex releases osrs on android its gonna grow alot
  10. wadda 5

    Poor aao

  11. wadda 5

    pure/midweek Ruin Slams Chivalry Legion

    whip on the floor??? go pick it up